Last year I was lucky enough to be selected to attend a ground breaking new event, the 1st Annual ShesConnected Conference in Toronto Ontario.  I truly didn’t know what to expect,  this is what I got:

*For the first time I was afforded the opportunity to meet face to face with some incredible bloggers and tweeters I had been interacting with and following in the cyber world.  An almost indescribable experience.

*I created the foundation of a support system like no other.  A group of like minded bloggers who are business savvy, intellectual, intelligent and influential in their fields.

*I was given the opportunity to meet with Brands.  The real people behind the big Brands, not the middle men, not the PR Reps.  I heard from the Brands themselves and they in turn heard from me.  With these interactions I was quickly able to determine which Brands were a better fit for me, my personality, style of writing and demographic.  I’m sure the Brands were also able to meet and create connections with bloggers who best fit their companys!

*Brands presented themselves, asked questions, and received answers. A valuable experience to see the social media world from their point of view.

*The day flew by. 

*Most bloggers left with a stack of business cards, new contacts, a bag of swag and smiles on their faces.

The Second Annual ShesConnected Conference in Toronto is fast approaching, September 29-30th,  and I am thrilled to be on board as an Advisor. 

My role as an Advisor has allowed me a unique inside peek at the planning of the ShesConnected Conference.  Here is my perspective, and some insider tips, on the conference coming up this September!   

*ShesConnected is the only conference of it’s kind.  It’s focus is truly on the relationship that can exist between blogger and brand.  It is about making connections.

*Last years Conference was able to accommodate 100 Canadian bloggers. This years event will be bigger and better!  ShesConnected will invite 200 women. This year the women will be selected with the help of the Brands.  This ensures a better fit, as well as a better experience for both Brand and Blogger. 

*Last year went by so fast! So many wonderful sponsors, so much to cover, so little time.  This year’s conference will be scheduled a little differently with a day and a half of events including lots of quality time for networking in smaller groups and communication between Bloggers and Brands.  Down time, food and fun will be squeezed in too!

ShesConnected is not trying to be like the other conferences that already exist.  This is a new and different experience aimed at connecting Brands and Bloggers in an authentic way.  Creating real relationships beneficial to all parties.  It is “a conference that brings brands and digital women together in a unique and interactive format.”  ShesConnected.  If you are a Canadian Blogger who gets excited at the idea of forging a strong relationship with a brand I encourage you to create a profile at and then apply to attend

After you have applied, you can also enter to win a ticket to go…with me!  Woo Hoo!  Enter Here.

Hope to see you there!


  1. It sounds like it was such a great event to attend!

  2. Sadly, I’m sure its only open to Canadians, sigh.

  3. Yes, this conference is in Canada. ShesConnected needs to do a US conference too!

  4. wow…sounds like you had a great time…and a great opportunity there…

  5. I wish I was a Canadian…then I could join!!


  6. Hi MM,

    Great contest, I am all signed up! Fingers Crossed, would be a great opportunity for a new blogger. Oh and to meet yourself and some amazing woman/ mama’s.

    Tammy M

  7. Very cool!

  8. Looking forward to meeting you at this year’s conference. Only 12 days to go… Yikes!

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