Pods N Peels Fundraising Program!

See that little badge over there on the right? It leads you straight to the PodNPeels website.  An incredible little company doing big things!  Please take a look at the following Press Release and consider what you can do to help your school and your environment.

Does your school need some extra money or an incentive to go litter-less?

Pods n Peels Ltd. is introducing a School Fundraising Program. Simply contact us to set up your school. When parents from your school purchase products on our website we will attribute 5% of each sale back to your school. It is a great win win. Parents get fantastic non toxic reusable lunch containers for themselves and their children and the school reduces waste and earns extra funds.

This program is meant to be very simple; we do most of the work from taking orders to delivery. Each school simply needs to get the message out about the importance of reducing lunch waste and keeping food healthy through reusable and non-toxic containers.

At the end of the program, we add up all of the sales from parents within your school and give back 5% of sales to the school.

Simple, effective and terrific for the environment

For more information, contact us at customerservice@podsnpeels.ca

Better for you, Better for the environment!

I’m still at BlogHer!  See you in a couple of days:)


  1. I can pipe in that the PodsNPeels products are AMAZING – I won a prize pack from your contest awhile back and EVERYTHING they sent is in high rotation.

    The products rock and you can tell they are great quality.. and a great price!

    On another note – I’ve been hearing a lot about wallet/purse thefts at BlogHer this week – be careful!

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  3. hope you are enjoying your trip.. Sorry I have not been by in a while.. Have a great night..

  4. So jealous you’re at blogher, looks like lots of peeps I follow are there. Sigh, home alone.

  5. Thanks! We are always looking for new programs like this for our school!

  6. Nice post,thanks for sharing..

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