Out of the Mouths of Babes

I will no longer be shopping for bathing suits with my 9 year old. When trying on bathing suits she exclaimed:

“Mom, look! You must have grown too! That bathing suit is way too small for you.”  Gut punch.  She’s right.  She grew up, I grew out. 

Ads are on TV right now for the movie “Final Destination 5”.  The commercial indicates the teens are systematically slaughtered one by one.  When my youngest caught a glance of this horror flicks preview she calmly asked; “Why is this commercial on before 9pm? Don’t they know kids are still up? Besides, why would anyone want to watch that movie.  Don’t adults know all those kids are going to die?”

My carpool driving has come in handy.  I now have the suburban girls definition of a Gangster:

“A boy, who wears his pants falling off his bum, smokes, and drops out of school.”  Have to love the innocence.

IMG_6276It was the end of Sweet Girls Baseball tournament. Her “bad news bears” style team had just lost 2 games in a row, were bumped out of the tourney, and were presented with their medals. Their medals for participation.  While most looked confused or disappointed, my sweet little thing danced off the field singing at the top of her lungs “Participated. Participated…oh yeah Participated”. Cheers and clapping followed.  From the parents.

I hope she never changes….

Nothing beats the giggles you can get, when you just stop and listen to what comes out of ….the mouths of babes.


  1. i so agree..
    some days.. i wish we could ALL have that innocence back!

  2. Haha. I love the gangster definition:)

  3. I totally agree with the thoughts on the movie…I can never watch movies that involve bad things happening to kids!

  4. smiles. too cute…i hope she can keep it as well…

  5. That is so awesome! Good for your daughter, I hope her teammates joined in the fun.

    And totally agree there is so much junk on TV just not worth watching.

  6. Oh, this made me smile so much. I love your girls!!!!

  7. yes indeed. Preserve that innocence!

  8. What comes out of the mouths of babes is a constant surprise and always fills me with delight!

  9. Aww, sweet. This totally made me smile. 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. She’s wise beyond her years when it comes to that movie!

  11. Oh, goodness, the participation thing would make a great family code word of encouragement and enthusiasm.

    “Okay, kiddo, get in there and PARTICIPATE.”
    “Wow, good job! You sure participated the heck out of that (whatever).”
    “I didn’t just play, I participated!”

    Love it!

  12. Awww so great!

  13. the stop and listen part is so important 🙂 your little girl is precious.

  14. These were so much fun to read! I love the way they think.

  15. Sometimes I am in awe of what my little Lulu says – and she is still TWO! I can only imagine how much better it will get!


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