The One Where I Flash The Lawn Boy


Note to self:

You live in the Suburbs, not a deserted island.  Occasionally there will be people who are close enough to your house that they will be able to see into your windows without even trying.  This is especially possible if your dear Hubby hires the lawn boy to do a little extra work.  

Dear Lawn Boy,

I am so sorry.  Blush.  I didn’t know you were in my backyard.  If I had known this I most certainly would not have been so bold as to take off my shirt and change my bra in the middle of the kitchen as you strode up onto the back deckEeek!  I apologize for the fright I must have given you, and trust me when I say you scared the hell out of me.  Never before have I darted so quickly behind the island in the kitchen, and this is the first time I have had to commando crawl in my own house…half nudie to find my shirt.  Sigh.  So now you know, this is what real women’s boobs look like.  Boobs that are 39 years old and have nursed 2 children.  Clearly I did not know you were there or I would have sucked it in  I am not that kind of desperate housewife.

Hope I can avoid you forever until you come back to cut the grass next week.


Ten colors of red, giggling and laughing while screaming at my Hubby for not telling me the lawn boy was coming early, ridiculously embarrassed, Married Cougar in the Suburbs.

*photo credit flickr


  1. OMGracious! That’s too funny. I did that to my mom one time… she wanted me to get something from the laundry room and I wouldn’t so she came downstairs in a teddy and some poor guy had just walked up onto the front porch… we had a glass front door. Whoops!

  2. hehe…i remember this one…you made his day i am sure…smiles.

  3. I shall never forget this post!!!!!

  4. Absolutely hilarious!!! It’s always so much more fun to laugh when things like this happen to someone else!

  5. LOL!

    So what happens when you see him now? I’m guessing a lot of careful eye contact-averting.

  6. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh! Poor terrified little high schooler 🙂

  7. That is a great story! I’m betting you made his day and that he’s telling all his pals about it as we speak!

  8. lol..
    i so remember this one!!!
    hope your having a blast!!

  9. Too funny!

  10. I haven’t laughed this hard in a ling time. This totally sounds like something I would do! So embarrassing! Live the way you write.

  11. Did this happen again?!? I thought I remember this post before.

  12. O.M.G. I give you credit for being able to laugh at such a horrifying experience! 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh! I would have died. And yea- doesn’t it suck what nursing and age do to our boobs??

  14. Love this. Thank you for the giggle and the fabulous imagery!

  15. he he – i bet that made the pool boy jealous! 😀

  16. EEK!! How embarrassing!! And a little Desperate Housewife like. 🙂

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