I Survived BlogHer 2011

Where do I start?

When I made my plans for BlogHer’11 over a year ago it was kind of a lark? Yes, I wanted to go. No, I didn’t think I had any business going to a conference that was a full day of travel from my home. San Diego? Seriously, shouldn’t I be a much better, bigger blogger to go to an event like this?

Then, my plans began to take on momentum, a life of their own. Before I knew it, I was making a real honest commitment to go. Then I was in, both feet baby.

I was thrilled to be there and able to represent ShesConnected and 3M Canada.

What did I expect from BlogHer? I had no idea. This is what I got.

Four days of overwhelming, exhausting, enriching, amazing, dancing, bonding, laughing, good old quality girl time.

I think I could write seven posts about all that is BlogHer. Instead, I have decided share my most memorable moments, hopefully re-cap the laughter, the quick lessons and the love.

My first day in San Diego was spent at a Procter & Gamble event. We heard speakers passionate about their products, got sneak previews of the new and not yet released, played some 21 at a wrap-up party, and oh yeah I got myself some new curly hair! BlogHerPGHairCurls*I am a straight hair girl, or I was until sweet Bridget Brager did my hair! (and yes Bridget it lasted all day and all night!)

Of course, there were the parties. Parties at BlogHer, well they are legendary! So first, about the parties!

There was the party put on by the incredibly talented and savvy women of Mom Central. Canadians! Here I am with Sarah on the left and Shelagh @practicalmum on the right! BlogHerMCPartySarahBlogHerMCPartyShelagh

At this party, I felt like I had come home.

The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite Party Um, we played with toys, talked to toy reps, ate cupcakes and did I mention played with toys? All while dressed up in party dresses and heels. Who gets to do this? (My girls are so happy I went to this one!)

There was a rooftop party hosted by the Clever Girls! (Have not done this much party hopping since University…for the record, already getting tired) Know who I met there? The @SuferWife and oh yah LadyGaga. (well her double anyway!)

BlogHerCleverGirlsSuferWife BlogHerCleverGirlsLadyGaga

The SoftCup Party that started with an extended Pedi cab ride to a location where I was supposed to meet Mario Lopez, but here is the thing. I spent that party hanging out with practicalmum, ListentoLena, FacesbyFarah, and MyOrganizedChaos. We were on a beautiful rooftop patio overlooking the city, eating and laughing…about dimples, and oh yes, you guessed it, periods. Ha! Never did meet Mario!

BlogHerPediCab BlogHerSoftCups

There were parties with CheeseBurgHers, and parties with Giant Unicorn cakes. There was almost always dancing, and there was even a party where I had the privilege of meeting Jane Lynch! Squee! Glee! (pun totally intended)

BlogHerCake BlogHerJaneLynch1

There were Keynote speakers to listen and learn from, and dozens of sessions to attend. Frankly, some sessions were better then others, but there really was something there for everyone.

There was the extensive exhibit hall with it’s overwhelming number of companies wanting to show you their wares. Some stops were more fun then others! BlogHerExhibits

I learned: It’s okay to turn down a party invite. To pace myself. To schedule down time. (an hour by the pool can help re-charge you for the night ahead!) To pack bandages (have you heard of NexCare liquid bandage spary…it’s genius), Advil and Visine. To be prepared for the unexpected. To be flexible and go with the flow! You never know when sharing a cab will introduce you to a new friend, or taking that phone call will lead you to a new opportunity! To have a PIC. You know, a Partner In Crime, a reliable friend makes it more fun!

The common thread among all of these events, were all the wonderful people. “Big” bloggers, “small” bloggers even peeps who don’t blog but know a good conference when they see it. All together to learn, to grow, to connect.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted out of BlogHer, but I am thrilled with what I got. I laughed, I learned, and made some new friends. Who could ask for more then that?

PS Umm take a camera and then bore all your readers with all the pictures. Not bored yet? You will be, many more pics to come!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  2. Looks like a great time. I hope to go someday.

  3. Love the curls! Looks like it was great!

  4. Your hair is fab!! I heard the conference is in NYC next year. I want to go (but worry I will miss the entire thing because I want to visit the rest of the city so bad!). 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a blast!

  6. Looks like an incredible time! I have said for the past 3 years that I was going to MAKE IT HAPPEN, and then for one reason or another, I haven’t. After reading what amazing fun everyone had, I feel that I cannot miss another year without certain death due to envy. Glad you had fun, can’t wait to read more!!

    The Subfertile Frugalista

  7. You don’t post nearly enough pictures of yourself. You are a hottie!

  8. you looks great!!
    and i’m super jealous, looks like an amazing time!!

  9. Hear, Hear – what Kristina P said!

    I found out BlogHer is in NYC next year and I plan to go. Woo hoo!

    Great recap – now I want to go even more. (Did you wear the shoes you bought in Paris)?

  10. Love the hairdo…you looked like you had a blast. Glad you took the time away and enjoyed yourself.
    Jane Lynch??? LOVE her!!!!

  11. so cool…so would live to go to a blog conference sometime…if nothing else jsut to meet the people…

  12. Sounds awesome!! I’m most jealous that you met Jane Lynch. 🙂

  13. What a great time! You met Jane Lynch? You lucky face!

    I’m glad you had fun.

  14. Looks like you had a great time.

  15. Glad to hear you had an amazing time – I don’t think anyone could NOT at a great event like that!

    And you rock the curly hair! 🙂

  16. Wow! Super, super jealous. Both of your hair and the fact you went! 😉 Glad you had such a good time. One day, maybe, I’ll make it out there.

  17. Your hair looks super super cute curly!

  18. LOVE the curly hair!!!! Sounds like a great time!

  19. Wow what a lovely post!

  20. Yay, you!

    And perhaps someday for me. *sigh*

  21. Oh how fun!! I would LOVE to go to one of those blogging conventions someday, that sounds like a blast. Good on you for making it!

  22. Looks like a great time, glad you took the chance!

  23. Looks like you had fun! Wish I could have been there to meet my twitter twin!

  24. looks like you had a fun time. you’re fabulous with your new curly hair too!

  25. wasn’t fun at all, was it? 😉

    love the curly hair.

  26. Looks and sounds like it was perfect. So glad you got to go!

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