I Shush My Kids-Rewind



Saved my favourite show of all time, The Amazing Race, on the good ole PVR to share with my little brood. That little brood would NOT shut up!

I shushed them.

Calmly explained…no talkie during Mama’s favourite show.

Attempting a phone conversation with bff. Little girls screaming in the background.

I shushed them.

Not cool little ones. We all know you don’t bug Mama when she is chatting with Aunt Julie long distance. Aunt Julie has the BEST gossip. Not that I ever gossip cause that would be evil.

Stealing a quiet moment with my Hubby, girls don’t seem to care. They were all interrupty and in our faces!

I shushed them.

Do they not realize how lucky they are that they have parents that still want ummm quiet time together?

Party of four little girls downstairs sounds like a mosh pit.

I shushed them.

Having severe case of play date regret. No escape.

I Shushed so much today I need some lip balm but hey, at least I didn’t tell them to SHUT UP!!! I didn’t even think about telling those little creatures to shutty and go to their rooms and leave me alone cause my head hurt and I needed QUIET. Sigh. Bad Mama.

Apparently to survive life in the suburbs, shushing is required.

Oh, and note to self, baking the kids some double chocolate cupcakes following the aforementioned shushing, relieves much of the Mama guilt.


  1. haha…i need to create some mama guilt so i can get some sweets…smiles.

  2. We all shush. It comes with the territory. Let yourself off the hook, mama. 🙂

  3. Very cute and funny. I find myself constantly reminding my two little ones to watch their volume.

  4. Yes if you have kept it to sush and not anything more “dramatic” you are doing great 🙂

  5. ahhh..
    it never hurt anyone..

  6. I’m sure the cupcakes helped. I think the next time the girls are engrossed in one of their shows you need to bug them often!

  7. Shushing is all part of being a mom so don’t feel guilty!

  8. Its a mothers right to shush!!

  9. I shush so much the word has lost all meaning in my house! :s

  10. I will remember the cupcake tip next time I do some shushing of my own….likely later today. 🙂

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