1 Step Forward 3 Steps Back

I get up in the morning and the day takes an immediate downward spiral.  Why oh why did I step on the scales today? More importantly. How does a stupid number have this kind of power?

Go to get dressed and find my missing black shirt.  Smile returns.  Black is very slimming. 

Time to carpool.  Kids are so very very loud.  Um, should have stopped for coffee first, would have helped because I swear to you I hit EVERY red light.

Come home and check twitter.  Look at all the happy little messages.  Feeling brighter again.

Open an e-mail from a PR company.  Oh getting excited, this looks like a great pitch until…seriously?  They will reward me for creating a post (which I take seriously and work hard at) by sending me some beautiful high res images which I can use for free?  Insulting!

Take out my anger on the laundry.  Feeling like a domestic diva. Kitchen clean, laundry pile getting smaller.  (this is all I can ask for, I will never be caught up) Start folding towels and every single towel smells musty? Wet dogish?  Sigh.  Back to the start. 

Make a super nutritious lunch for the kiddos.  Nobody eats it.  Why did I bother?

By the middle of the afternoon children are starving and cranky.  Say yes to giant freezies …just to shut them up. 

Bathe the dog, and then she comes in the house and rolls all over the freshly vacuumed carpet.  Grr and gross.

This is how my day goes.  One step forward, three steps back.  Never really getting ahead, not feeling very accomplished, cloudy moments followed by bright spots of sunshine.  Don’t start feeling sorry for me, these are not the ramblings of a depressed stay at home Mama.  This is just the truth. What is really going on in the Suburbs.  Next time you greet your nearest work at home Mama, flash her a smile, buy her a coffee, tell her you love her, it just might help her gain that one step. 


  1. Oh I love you Stephanie! And of course I’ve been there too (perhaps again today?) so I’m sending lots of hugs (coffee?) your way.

  2. I know that feeling.

  3. Aw, I would get you that coffee in a heartbeat! This post kind of just reminds me to try to be a little kinder to everyone…you never know what sort of day someone is having! Hope your day gets better quickly.:)

  4. OH I can relate to you on so many counts. Love reading your posts. I am looking at a hug pile of laundry to fold, humm about 6 loads. Procrastinating. Sending you lot’s of COFFEE. I am on #4 it’s 9:30am.

  5. Oh, how I can relate!

  6. Oh goodness, well at least there are occasional steps forward, it could be worse!

  7. I work outside the home but your day sounds eerily familiar to mine, especially the part about no one eating lunch. I swear I should just let them starve, I bet then they’ll eat what I make them!

  8. Will do!

  9. smiles. will do…it is def not an easy job at all…though much needed…

  10. I feel your pain and I avoid the scale unless I am feeling very “light” that morning! 🙂

  11. I give props to the work at home moms that can keep up. Stay strong and hang in there!

  12. Oh, you are so loved. AND UNDERSTOOD!!!!

  13. Sounds pretty normal! Wish I could make you Queen for a day or maybe a week!

  14. Lots of hugs! That sounds like EVERY mom’s day – whether she works outside the home or in!

  15. I assure you that you are NOT alone in the back and forth. I promise you that.

  16. Sounds like my daily life too. Hope tomorrow is better for both of us.

  17. Yep, you hit this right on. Everyone in a very rare while there will be a miracle day where you make it two or three steps forward…but like I said, a miracle.

  18. Yep…right there with you!

  19. Lol! How did you know that is how I feel during the day! It is so true. As moms we take many steps forward but then many steps back- its hard work. Love this post!

  20. AMEN! No matter how much I do, it seems like I never get ahead…so true! **hugs**


  21. lovely post I read a few you are so funny 🙂 I feel similar regards to somedays and clothes well said
    following you on google friends
    nice to meet you
    #kindermom 🙂

  22. I am so needing love these days. I’m actually walking backwards. For miles.

  23. Oh man! That is my pet peeve when it comes to just cleaning the carpet!

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