I Might Be A Hypochondriac?

I am sure because my big toe is stiff and oddly white on top it is broken.  Other reasons I’m sure it’s broken, cause it’s numb and uncomfortable and hurts when I wear my favourite shoes and my favourite shoes can’t be wrong!  That toe, she is broken. Oh and maybe because I dropped the heavy side rail part of a crib on it?

I am positive that super scary spider with HAIR that just skirted across the deck was a Brown Recluse.  Girls! Poisonous! Danger! (totally normal reaction)

I felt a sick sense of relief when I compared legs with my sister around the pool yesterday.  Her sunspots look just like mine and have been checked out by a Doctor.  No more need to prowl the skin cancer sites on google.  I’m in the clear on this one baby!

I have NUMEROUS “doctor.com”, “diagnose your bad self” type sites marked as favourites and I sneak on them when my Hubby isn’t looking.  These sites are good for no one. Every diagnosis ends with…seek immediate medical attention!  Can’t one of these sites just once tell me; You have a common cough due to cold. Go to bed and drink some tea. Make your Husband look after the kids.

I need my Hubby to reassure and remind me that my chest muscles (yes I said chest muscles..they are somewhere under where my boobs are supposed to be) HURT because I choose to try and out run the rain with a big ass, over filled, grocery cart at Costco.  I am NOT having a heart attack.  I am just a dumb ass.  Perhaps if I’d just said no to the 10lb jar of pickles and 5 lb bag of of chocolate chips I could have made that turn with the cart without re-injuring that old muscle strain and rib injury.  Again, dumb ass.

Every sore throat could be strep.  An upset stomach in the family means it’s time to break out the Lysol and cancel all play dates, and I truly believe Purel and Vitamin C are a Mama’s best friend.  So yeah, if these things make me a hypochondriac, I have decided to embrace it. 

It’s just one part of the crazy that makes me who I  am. 

Still love me?


  1. Haha, thank you for the smile! I say just go with it, it adds spice to the lives of those around you I’m sure.:)

  2. Those websites really should be banned. 🙂
    I have lung cancer and mini-strokes weekly. :0

  3. Of course we still love you! Everyone has their crazy. Mine makes for a very amusing story that I WILL NOT post on my blog!

    Hey, it’s always better to err on the side of caution, no?

  4. smiles. if i believed everything i read on the web…oh my…smiles.

  5. It can be so easy to get into those sites & try to self diagnose! Thanks for the giggle this morning

  6. We are JUST alike. I am the biggest hypocondriac ever. I worry all the time, about everything, and severe worries are the absolute worst. It is really never ending!

  7. Of course! Life would be boring if we weren’t freaking out all the time. 🙂

  8. OF COURSE I still love you!!!

    That’s EXACTLY why I DON’T go on those sites. I KNOW that I would instantly be convinced that I had every single thing I read about!

  9. Do NOT read the websites!

    It’s exactly like reading What to Expect when you were pregnant: Have a headache? Could be a brain tumor! A little spotting? Clearly you’re having an ectopic pregnancy!! Quick! Panic!! Now!!!

  10. HA! Those websites are just no good for ya. But I google them all of the time!

  11. I feel ya! Because I rarely get sick, when I do I go off the deep end with self diagnosis. Also, I never think chicken is cooked enough and I make my husband reassure me every. single. time. that it is in fact fully cooked 🙂

  12. Still love you. I totally agree about the Lysol and the vitamin C.

  13. Yes, it sounds a lot like me!

  14. Amen to that, sista! A woman after my own heart 🙂

  15. Sounds just about right to me! I’ve been trying to diagnose my cat this week, so it doesn’t just apply to oneself, even to pets over at this end of the province. 😛

  16. Haha, I totally do some of those same things. I’m all over web md!

  17. Oh man, I laughed when I read this post! Sounds like me! Just tonight I made my husband reassure me that I’m not having a heart attack, because my chest muscles hurt from carrying around my almost 2 year old!! ha ha! I removed all those Dr. websites from my access!! Thanks for the smiles!

  18. lol. I totally still love ya! 🙂

  19. LOL you are the best!

  20. i’m like you…i worry about everything.


    p.s. thanks so much for the lovely comment!

  21. i’m like you…i worry about everything.


    p.s. thanks so much for the lovely comment!

  22. Of course! and for the record, Im all for the super size bottle of vitamin C!!

  23. That’s so funny. I’m kind of the opposite. No, I do NOT have a huge hairy lesion growing out of my head. It’s just a pimple. Either way, we’re all crazy!

  24. Yes, you’re crazy. But I still love you!

  25. I fixed my hypochondria by removing those WebMD bookmarks. Oddly it went away…hmmm…
    PS: Enjoy Blogher! (-:

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