Found In My Back Yard

Finally, a day when all four of us could just sit in the backyard and enjoy the pool!  The first day this summer when all the stars aligned and the entire family was home at once!  The weather, ridiculously hot, dictated that a full blown pool day was in order.  Got the girls in their suits.  Applied the required sunscreen. Towels. Patio Chairs. Books. Drinks. Pool Floats. Cue relaxation.



Mom, look at that pretty bird!”

Uh huh”…I responded.  “Just wait a few more minutes until your sunscreen is dry, then you can go in the pool okay.

No, Mom seriously, that bird is really green.”

Green? I looked up and saw….

someone’s poor little pet Budgie wilted in the heat, trying desperately to get a drink out of our salt water pool.  Poor dumb bird.  Looked like he’d been on his own for a while.

We scooped him up and…

Budgie Budgie2

put him in our cat carrier.  Ironic?

He has been fed, watered and the girls spent the afternoon e-mailing everyone they know and plastering posters around the neighbourhood. (I’m ignoring the one response I got asking me if I was sure it wasn’t a wild bird with just really pretty colours.  Ahh I know I’m blonde, but the breeders band around one leg and the fact that we were able to easily CATCH it, pretty much convinces me it is NOT a wild bird.)

It’s been four days since we took this creature in.  Yes, a fun adventure for the girls and they feel a little heroic, but here is my question?  How long do we have to keep this bird, in our home with a dog and a cat, before we can pass him along to the Human Society?

My girls are already too attached! Anybody want a new pet?

*UPDATE—Little birdie has a new home! She (yes, now I know it is a she) has gone to live with a lovely family with another Budgie friend! Happy Ending:)


  1. You may be able to take it to wildlife and rescue, even though it’s not wild.

  2. Anonymous says:

    contact your local pet shop (not a big chain) they took a albino corn snake that I found in the yard or even the local vets offices they may know someone who would like to add to there family of birds and you would know that it would be well cared for 🙂

  3. It was great you helped the bird but I can see the kids getting attached. Good luck finding its home.

  4. ugh oh i think you are in trouble already…ha…

  5. I think you might have a new pet bird!

  6. yikes!
    i am SO not into birds as pets.. he is a beauty though.. sending you good luck finding an owner!
    is he driving your cat crazy.. i know if i had him in my house bella would be BESIDE HERSELF!!

  7. Time to upgrade to a bird carrier – it’s so cute…I wish it could be taught to be wild though.

  8. Any time our dog has wandered off I go directly to the SPCA to find her. The owner of the bird may be doing the same thing so you should call them to give them your number in case the owners are looking for him/her. Good luck:)

  9. Can you believe that I have found two of these…one in our yard here and one in our TX yard. I found a home for them each….
    I would call your local humane society though, they should have an answer for you.
    good luck.

  10. I wonder how far they can fly? There is a poster up in my hood about a bird like that one that went missing maybe 2 weeks ago…. I’m in the GTA…..

  11. Good luck finding its new home.

  12. My aunt and uncle always had Budgies. Maybe you should keep him.
    I had a bird for 13 years and enjoyed her. I hope you can find the owner. So glad you were able to catch him and help him out.

  13. You might as well go ahead and buy a cage…. 😉

  14. Yep, looks as though you have a new pet, huh?! And yeah, I am pretty sure I agree that you are smart enough to realize what a tame bird vs. wild one is!

  15. Oh lord … I love it in a cat carrier … lol 🙂

    You better take to the human society soon or you’ll be having a bird too 🙂

  16. It’s very kind of you to rescue the bird no matter what you decide to do with it!

  17. Wow, what an awesome rescue! I hope you find his owners soon!

  18. Birds do not belong at the humane society. There are many bird rescue facilities around. Can a vet not track down the owner by the breeder ring on the ankle?

  19. I can’t believe someone asked if you weren’t sure it is wild! I wonder if someone moved and just let it go?

  20. I like Emmy’s answer. Also, maybe they just got tired of it, of buying food for it etc.

  21. How nice of you! Little bird was very lucky to land in your yard!

  22. I love “poor dumb bird” 🙂 Glad it found a home. I bet youre glad it wasn’t yours 🙂

  23. it’s sweet of you and the girls to tend to the bird when it needed help…way to go!

  24. That bird is so lucky you found (and successfully captured) it! Poor little thing!

    You totally earned a mom badge with domestic pet rescue. 🙂

  25. I’m sure the bird was happy for the rescue…, I’m scared of birds, I’m always waiting for them to bite me.

  26. How cool that you got to rescue that little gal. She is a cutie. Glad she has a new home!

  27. How cool that you got to rescue that little gal. She is a cutie. Glad she has a new home!

  28. Pretty bird, nice it has a new home. Sweet that you guys took it in and took care of it. Glad for the happy ending.
    I just spent time catching up a bit. Sleep overs are worth it, even with the whiny the next day. Just remember the night before.
    Cool water filteration system, good luck to whomever wins.
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  29. It’s a pretty bird!!

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