Dempster’s® Thin Bagels – Review

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am a carbaholic.  I can admit it, I am addicted to bread, muffins, crackers, pasta, potatoes, and bagels.  Oh yes, bagels.  Bagels covered with gobs of cream cheese, melted peanut butter, havarti, with tuna or salmon, as mini pizzas!! You get the idea.  I like my bagels.  That’s why when I was asked if I would like to try Dempster’s® Thin Bagels and be given the opportunity to share them with my friends and family, I jumped all over it. 

Have you seen these skinny babies hiding on your grocery store shelves?Dempster's® Thin Bagels - White with WholeGrains

I ran to the store and picked up a pack.  Here are my thoughts on these 100 Calorie little wonders. 

*Number1, Uh, they are only 100 calories! All of the fabulous carb satisfaction and only a fraction of the calorie intake. 

*They toast up beautifully.  I love a little crunch.

*My girls loved them and I felt good giving them Dempster’s® Thin Bagels.  With regular bagels, my daughters would be stuffed in the morning, barely getting through all that dough.  Thanks to the thin bagels, there was room for a more balanced breakfast at the beginning of the day.  The Dempster’s® Thin Bagels are more manageable and left room for fruit and milk with the morning meal. 

*I also loved the variety of flavours!  Plain, Multigrain and Cinnamon Raisin.  Yum.  

Dempster’s® Thin Bagels - MultigrainDempster’s® Thin Bagels - Cinnamon Raisin




The verdict from my Friends and Family, an A+ all around! 

Next time you are out shopping keep a look our for Dempster’s® Thin Bagels – your kids (and your thighs) will thank you!


Disclosure: I received coupons in exchange for this post.  This post would have occurred weeks ago had their not been a postal strike. Thanks to Canada Post for getting that lost mail delivered. Pictures courtesy of


  1. Aren’t these the best?! I’ve been eating them for years now (different brand here) and I love them! I now have my sister hooked on them, too. Yum!

  2. These are delicious. I love the cinnamon and raisin ones.

  3. I have never tried them. Congratulations on getting to test them out : ) YUM!

  4. We don’t have that brand here but I do love the thin bagles. Same thing with the Sandwich Rounds!

  5. nice…we love a good bagel…even my boys and we make pizzas…

  6. I don’t know that brand but I have tried thin bagels and love them.. like you said a bit of crunch is great. As a fellow carb addict they serve a purpose.

    I will look for this brand

  7. I eat something similar made by Thomas, the English Muffin people. Dempsters must be a Canadian brand. Better then the great big fat bagels that bloat.

  8. They sound and look GOOD! Happy Sunday!

  9. I LOVE the thin bagels! I’m a carb-aholic too except I’ve been on a no-carb diet these last few weeks, so at BlogHer? Imma eat CARBS!

  10. How is it I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years and I just now found out your name is Stephanie? I guess we never refer to ourselves by name very often in this form of social media.

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