Complaints I Heard In My Own Back Yard

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Oh the dog days of summer.  Joy, peace and quiet happiness right?  Then why is it that what I am hearing from the group of little people who have invaded my back yard sounds something more like this:

-Mom, there’s a bug in the pool.

-Get it!!

-I can’t get that stupid bug out it is super creepy!  It’s alive!

-My towel is too small.

-These sandals hurt my feet.

-This sunscreen smells like bug spray. Pew. Wait, what does bug spray smell like again?

-The towels will not stay up in the fort!

-I don’t like my book.

-I’m hungry.

-Can’t we please go in the pool YET!

-The water is cold!

-I have to pee.

-A stupid bug bit me.

-We want the sprinkler now.

-The Elmo sprinkler cut me!

-I need a band-aid. Can I get a band-aid?

-I’m hungry.

-I don’t like this nectarine thing.

-I’m hungry.

-Mom, we really want freezies.

-Opps, I accidently took the wrong colour freezie, I forgot I don’t like this kind. 

-Mom! (yes, my name is now a complaint. Sigh)

-I can’t find my baseball.

-She’s touching me!

-They started it.

-It’s our turn on the floats!  The little girls are hogging them.

-I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat.

-I don’t want to get out of the pool.

Ahh the long blissful days of summer.  Magical isn’t?


  1. Eek, if only we could click ourselves away for an hour or two and come back to a clean house, bathed kids and dinner on the table.

  2. Try to remember that back-to-school season will soon be upon us! 🙂

  3. Sound painfully familiar.

  4. ohh wow all those comments totally cracked me up! Soo funny!

  5. It could be worse, it could be teen age boys saying, “I’m hungry… can I have a few more burgers…”

  6. i think i tensed up just reading it…

  7. Yikes! Well summer is only 3 months long right? LOL!

  8. well..
    my goodness!

  9. So, they’re having a great time?

  10. I think our backyards are somehow connected and it is actually MY kids you are hearing! 😉

  11. so familiar…. here’s a comment I heard yesterday..”I need a band aid, I don’t care what color as long as it’s a florescent one!!”. Really???

  12. I don’t remember summer vacations when I was a child coming with a cruise director like they do now. Also, love the lanterns in your trees – so festive!

  13. Haha. Sorry, but I had to chuckle at this. Now talk to me in a few years when this is my reality and I probably won’t be laughing anymore.

  14. Hehe oh these kids, I can talk until I’m blue your lucky you have what you have but they don’t even listen to a word!

    Somedays I’m tempted to take it all away … lol

  15. ahhhah so funny. MOM!!!!!!! I still do this to my mom haha!

  16. haha..what about..”Im boorred!”..

  17. Ick! No matter the season the statements that set me off are the ones that start with, “I want..” no please, not even a pleasing tone- just a flat out demand. Le sigh 😉

  18. Anonymous says:

    LOL…this is why so many mothers turn to the bottle. 🙂

  19. Today I am grateful my kids go to year round school and will be returning next week. I have heard all of those complaints and more today. I wanted to scream if I heard me name one more time.

  20. Wow, this sounds so much like my own life!! LOL

  21. I had to laugh at your post. 🙂 Only, instead of the long blissful days of summer – it reminded me of the long – sometimes blissful – days of school with my students!

  22. LOL sounds like my usual days but actually today wasn’t like that, hence the title of my post, Beautiful Day! LOL

  23. Yep sounds like my house!

  24. Yes! Sweet blissful summer..

    When does school start again?!

  25. oh the “they started it” makes me crazy!!

  26. Oh my! I love swimming and having a pool but I think that would make me wish I didn’t have a pool.

  27. This is so hilarious! I did a post today about this same very thing! Too funny!

  28. LOl this is funny.

    @Ali, your flourescent band-aid one cracked me up LOL

  29. Definitely sounds like summer.
    Enjoy! You will long for these moments someday.

  30. It’s like music to your ears. Not.

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