These Shoes Are Made For?

…well, maybe for blogging about, because they sure aren’t made for walking!

Shoes2  Shoes

While in Paris my Hubby convinced me twisted my rubber arm that YES, I absolutely had to buy these Christian Louboutin’s! Oh how I love them.  Umm, but total truth, they have ridiculously high heels and are kind of ouchy:)  Those are 4 inch heels on top of a 1 inch platform!  It’s okay though!  It turns out these shoes that come with their own red carpet, they hurt everyone’s feet!  Christian Louboutin himself told Vogue “I hate the whole concept of comfort“.

So fashion before function it is.  I’m okay with that.  I am going to wear my gorgeous shoes while blogging, sitting vacuuming, baking and maybe even to a wedding or two.  I’m sure my Hubby can handle standing next to a 6”1” blonde! 

God Bless that little man who created these wickedly fabulous impractical shoes.  I heart you.  Mwah!

(oh and kisses to my Hubby for the best 40th birthday ever)


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  1. Those shoes are fantastic. I can’t believe how tall they are. I bet they make your legs look great!

  2. those are fierce!

  3. smiles. oh they do the trick…nice heels…

  4. Fabulous shoes! You don’t necessarily have to go out to have a good time in those shoes! 😉

  5. They are amazing, now you have to take them put to dinner so other can enjoy them.

  6. They are gorgeous…I think I love your hubby too!!!!!

  7. OMG they are awesome!

  8. OMG they are awesome!

  9. All I can say is “Sexy” Wow.. Sweet husband..

  10. We stopped in a Christian Louboutin store in Vegas just because I had never seen one in person. Holy high heels is right!

  11. Those are some serious Eff Me pumps!

  12. Those look like all kinds of ouch.

  13. Ouch. Good thing those shoes are so ridiculously fabulous. Because they don’t look comfy at all.

  14. Gorgeous! So jealous.

  15. My jaw is kind of on the ground that your husband encouraged you to buy them!

    But then again, one comes to Paris to buy shoes, bags and perfume.

    (and chocolate, and scarves, and cashmere …)

  16. I was gifted with an amazing pair of Louis Vuitton boots that also have the 4 inch heel. I say they are my sitting shoes. I may need help getting from the car to the table and then back again but while I’m there I feel like a milion bucks:)

  17. Totally jealous!!! Love, LOVE those shoes!

  18. oh boy! my poor feet and legs wouldn’t last three steps in those!

    better you than me, enjoy!

  19. I have to agree those shoes are meant for either sitting or standing but not walking! I tried one on for size and I couldn’t even walk, now they have 5inches of those killer heels!
    But cheers to you for pulling that off. I surely can’t, I will just have to admire them from afar, my knees just can’t take it.
    Nice blog by the way, I really enjoy reading about you and your adventures as a woman and a mother. Cheers to you, and your enthusiasm is very contagious!

  20. These are fierce, girl, fierce! 🙂 Love the color. I could actually use the additional inches. With them on, I won’t feel like a midget anymore.

    Belated birthday greetings!

  21. wow! you know what, i think your husband wanted you to have that for self defense…why, the heels could pass as deadly weapons…lol…
    kidding aside, they’re are just gorgeous! I like the color too. xo

  22. You are sooo lucky! I love those shoes but their too expensive for me!

  23. Those are fabulous shoes!

  24. I have a pair of Steve Maddens ( a huge splurge for me) that have 4 inch heels and a 1/2 inch platform that are worn for one reason and one reason only. Sitting.

  25. they may not be made for walking but they are nice aren’t they?


  26. Meeeoooowww.

  27. Those are gorgeous!

  28. I love him. I am so glad my husband never minds me towering over him.

  29. Those shoes are so fantastic that you best be making sure you are buried in them!!

  30. I am in love with those shoes!!!!

  31. Best husband ever, hands down!

  32. They are beautiful but OMG I would fall over for sure! That was very sweet of him.

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