Passive Aggressive Letters…

It’s time.  It’s over due. 

Time for another Passive Aggressive Letter.  With Love…

Dear Sweet Girl Helping Us Out In The Tile Store,

Yes.  You have boobs.  All girls do.  Yours do happen to be exceptionally large.  This is not something that I usually find overly distracting. Today however, I felt like a dude. I could not stop looking at your boobs!   A little advice from one babe to another. When you work in a great big cold building, and have great big boobs, and one of those boob points east and the other points west, it might be better if you put on a bra. 

Just Sayin.


The Girl Who May Have Talked To Your Boobs.


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  1. Definitely sounds distracting. LOL

  2. Haha! I love it! 🙂

    Ditto with the low-rise jeans and the thong hanging out of the back, with the tattoo just above…!

  3. Ew…I’ve never been a “big boob” gal. Don’t get all the fuss.

    Bra, please!

  4. That is awesome! Was she by any chance with her sister – Girls Whose Butt Crack is Showing? Because she works at our big box hardware store.

  5. Who can stop staring at boobs like that? If it happens to women, men are helpless!

  6. I totally know what you’re talking about! It’s the worst when the East and West, hell even the North and South are obvious!

    I think boobs are a waste, more of a pain in the butt! I know guys love ’em Hubby will back me up on that. But to me just a reason to spend ridiculous prices on bras and such.


  7. WOW. 😉

  8. i am sorry were you saying something…i got distracted there…

  9. Haha. Nice!

  10. OMG! You are hilarious! I always like to tell them that I got a black eye from getting smacked as an innocent bystander walking down the hall. Yes, please restrain them with a bra.

  11. Hahaha!! Thank you for the belly laugh! 🙂

  12. Haha. Sometimes it’s impossible not to look 😉

  13. LMAO!!!! Bras are always better.

  14. Oh my! That would be a scary sight!

  15. This cracked me up!!!!

  16. I totally just fell in love with you .

  17. Ha thanks for the laugh today! I hope a friend of hers can really let her know this important lesson 🙂

  18. Sick! i love it! Dude, why did you not get a picture? Go back!

  19. i agree, bra please!

  20. Sometimes you just can’t help but look!

  21. Just imagine the men in the tile store that day!!! Too funny.

  22. Ahahaaa! I love this!! Thanks for sharing!! LOL

  23. She wasn’t wearing a bra?! Good grief, as a bigger boobed lady, I just can’t imagine going out in public, let alone work, without a bra.
    I don’t blame you for being distracted 🙂

  24. I’m thinking the Tile Dept. is a busy place with Betty Boob bouncing bra-less. She can get away with it now while she’s young. Give her 20 years. She won’t need a bra for them, she’ll need a belt!

  25. That’s just plain wrong. What kind of message was she trying to send? She’s in the wrong line of work…with that kind of “mindset” she should be waitressing. She’d make loads in tips without wearing a bra.

  26. One points east and one points west… Hahaha.

  27. I kept staring at this other mom’s chest because her shirt was so white – I mean bright white. (How does she get it that white?). She kept discreetly looking down and brushing her shirt off, thinking there was something on it. I felt stupid for not telling her why I was looking at her shirt – she must have thought I swung both ways or something.

  28. I commented on your Passive Aggressive Letters post – and laughed until it hurt 🙂

    sbabij2 at shaw dot ca

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