My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Have you seen this train wreck  show?

It started as a British Documentary following the lives of “travellers” or “gypsies” and their affinity for outrageous weddings and over the top dresses.

GypsyWedding GypsyWedding2

Some of the finer points:

Rarely do the young girls have more then a Grade 6 education.  Never mind that they dress like tarts.

The girls main goal in life is to get married.  If you are not a Bride by the time you are 16-19, you are considered old.  It’s shameful and embarrassing to be single by your 20th birthday.

You must always do what your man child tells you.  Always.

Teen boys practice “Grabbing”.  This is where they grab girls against their will and kiss them. Hard.

Marrying your cousin. Acceptable.

If your Wedding Dress leaves a scar, you have a lifetime of bragging rights.

22778 Ep 101. Deliverables. Gag.

This is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post but how on earth can I post these pictures without voicing an opinion?

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, it’s turned into a bit of a side show.  Poking fun at their way of life, revealing the yuck and slimy underbelly of their lives with very little focus on their traditions and beliefs. 

My vote, enough already.


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  1. Sounds repulsive.

  2. yep never seen it and already over it…

  3. I’ve seen a few episodes. It’s sad to me. In the last show I watched the girl getting married had never spent a moment away from her parents in her entire short life. They probably have to keep them so close because they dress them like hookers at such a young age…just sayin’, but still sad .

  4. Is it wrong that I now want to see a few episodes? I mean, I totally agree that it sounds like a repulsive train wreck, but I have a hard time resisting train wrecks….

  5. Ew…what has become of our society???

  6. I saw about 20 minutes of one episode, and NEVER AGAIN. Barf.

  7. What is going on with TLC?!?! They had some wacked out shows on lately! Ish!

  8. That show is like a train wreck. I can’t stop watching. The 22 year old who was an “old bride?” The girl who thought all the big, over the top dresses were too much…but then hers had a 22 ft train?? The girl who had a battery operated dress??


  9. Ew. Ew.

    And? Ew.

  10. I’ve seen the show about 3-4 times. I can honestly say at first it was out of interest. But as you say, they do poke fun at them, meanwhile I’m pointing and laughing at those poor girls trying to walk down the isle with these dresses.

    Come check out whats going on at my place, I think you’ll like it!


  11. I have never even heard of it. Though now like a train wreck I want to check it out.

  12. I think I saw a commercial for this reality show before but it just flew over my head. There are just so many outrageous reality shows nowadays.

  13. I admit I watched it. Troubling, to say the least. I like the vibrant colors, but going to the zoo to see a peacock seems like less of a trainwreck. Ugh.

  14. Hmm. This might be the most disgusting show, EVER. Seriously, who lets idiots like this on television?

  15. I am addicted to that show. Yep, total train wreck. I find it so weird that they let the girls dress and dance so provocatively (even very young ones), yet they have such strict rules about them being alone with boys.

  16. well, that there just makes me glad I am only addicted to extreme couponing right now! Ick.

  17. Confession time,,,
    I love it!! I can’t help but tune in and see what is going to happen..
    It’s a train wreck and everyone knows that they can’t drive by without looking!!
    To me,, it is mostly curiosity, and amazement… I joked the other day and said that my next wedding would be a “gypsy” wedding.. My hubby said he’d even come to see it!! LOL
    Sorry girls,, I love it!

  18. I haven’t seen it but I did see a preview and it looks CRAZY! I might have to finally give in and watch it!

  19. I can’t watch anymore trainwreck TV. The Bachelorette has finally done me in!

  20. I haven’t watched an episode of this show…wow this is interesting…will definitely google this one. thanks for the info modern mom.

  21. I get bring myself to watch it – it’s right up there with Toddlers & Tiaras. Gross.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I watch it all the time. Yes some of their traditions are over the top to me. But as one male on the show pointed out, some of our traditions are over the top to them. For them we are the sluts and weirdos. They don’t have sex outside of marriage. When your married your married to only that person. If a female is seen with a bunch of boys alone, she is labeled a slut. As for the dresses, well who doesn’t want to fell like a princess on her wedding day? Though the dress with the lights were a bit overboard. But she loved it, so tah hell with what others think. Its her wedding day!!

    Then there is also the other side of the show. How would you guys like to have your wedding reception at an animal shelter, just because your a traveler. There was a 12 year old boy who watched as his parent’s mobile home was knocked down by bulldozers, because of who they were. Maybe you should open your eyes, and watch with an open mind.

  23. I haven’t seen it and thanks for the warning.

  24. i have seen this show and its like my guilty pleasure! i love to hate it. i cant help but watch it… its just like the jersey shore for me i cant help but watch it!:P

  25. Ok what I don’t understand about their lifestyle is, girls are supposed to be pure, can’t have sex before marriage… yet, it is completely acceptable to dress completely sleazy at parties (at such a young age)… seems contradictory to me! Also, the grabbing thing is just so wrong… I think a guy should “woo” a girl, not just grab her against her will and kiss her.

  26. I haven’t watched it…but this made me want to see it : )

  27. My daughter introduced me to this show and I think I sat there watching it with my mouth wide open in disbelief!

    There really are no words.

    Anne Taylor

  28. WOW! Groose really!

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