A Sometimes Super Hero Mama

There are some days when I really feel like I know what I’m doing.  You know, I feel like I have got my “stuff” together.  Manage to feed the kids a breakfast that includes fruit.  Get them off to school without drama and dressed in clothes that we all deem appropriate.  This means stain free and kind of matchy for me, sort of cool for them.  Throughout the day I manage to squeeze in some volunteer hours, a load of laundry, grocery shopping, coffee with a girlfriend, and even have time to prepare a real home cooked meal.  The after school chaos seems organized and controlled.  Everyone gets to their activities, children are singing and happy, car does not run out of gas.  I can fix scraped knees with the power of my love(and a band-aid).  I solve all their little problems with ninja type quickness.  All of this and I get everyone to bed and still find time to ummm converse with my Hubby?  This my friends is the work of a domestic goddess.  Life is good.

..but then there are those other days.  One of the girls is in tears before they even make it down for breakfast. Breakfast by the way consists of the third peanut butter sandwich of the week.  As I gaze at my gorgeous youngest daughters blond hair I’m seriously considering throwing baby powder at her to hide the greasy.  After four reminders to get a move on I finally Snap at them that if they “don’t get the lead out they are going to be late late late”.  Not my best parenting moment.  After they stomp their way out the door I realize the oldest has forgotten her lunch, and her homework.  Have a little cry as I get dressed and drive the forgotten crap to school.  Feeling like I am the embodiment of the perfect parent fail.  Arrive home, take-out coffee in hand, (caffeine = survival) take a deep breath and try to distract myself by paying the bills on line.  This is when the computer announces it has a virus and starts installing crazy dirty pictures?  I freak out and shut the whole damn thing down. Call a girlfriend to commiserate and no one is home.  Sulk and go and do laundry.  Good thing because I find some putrid stinky  forgotten towels in the washer that clearly needs to be run through or thrown out again.  Leave the laundry room and promptly step in cat throw up.  Clean that up and cry some more.  Why did I give up my job again?  Wander from room to room looking at one disaster after another.  Second deep breath and get to work at my glamorous “job”.

When the kids get home complete homework battles, have fights about the necessity of showers and finish the days carpool crazies.  Look at the clock and pray for bedtime to arrive.  Tuck the little monsters sweeties in and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.  Oh and the Hubby?  He better not even think about trying to find some “alone time” with me. I am NOT in the mood.  This day sucks.

So why do I accept this job of Mom?  Why do I get up every morning and plaster that smile on my face?  Why do I try and find the joy in every day?  Simply, because the good outweighs the bad.  The beautiful outweighs the ugly and the gifts are far greater then any struggle. 

I will continue to wipe tears, give hugs, dry hair, do homework, cook, clean, love, cuddle, learn and play because when it comes right down to it there is no harder or more rewarding job in the world.  I’m blessed to have this career of Mom and can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

This is what is really going on in the Suburbs. Some days you are a struggling to survive, other days you feel like a Superhero.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Domestic Goddess’ out there.  I wish you all better days. 

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  1. this is so nice, i can really relate. the good and bad day. I wish I was back home where we had househelp that can do all chores and you watching tv relaxing after a day’s work.
    happy mom’s day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! I totally hear you on your entire post! 🙂

  3. Well said. Even when it is hard and crazy, the good always outweighs, doesn’t it?
    And, really? Peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast? That sounds wonderful to me!

  4. Great post. You are right, the good makes it all worth it. Happy mothers day!

  5. Love this post. You are an amazing mother! I hope you have a great day, and you get spoiled, with love and happiness today…its your day!

    Happy Mother’s day!


  6. Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favorite bloggers! 🙂

  7. cool post 🙂


  8. smiles. a mothers job is never done and certainly not easy…happy mothers day!

  9. You have just managed to write eveything that I was feeling just the other day! Some days are like a roller coaster but I still would NEVER trade it in for another job…EVER!

  10. You have just managed to write eveything that I was feeling just the other day! Some days are like a roller coaster but I still would NEVER trade it in for another job…EVER!

  11. Awesome post and definitely true!
    Happy Mother’s Day.

  12. You’ve described motherhood perfectly!! I think we can all relate.

  13. I understand exactly how once you think you have everything going the right way it instantly blows up in your face!!. Such is life, have a great mother’s day

  14. Happy Mom’s day Modern Mom!:-) I am a member of this fabulous, not-so-secret society of moms…and you know what, even if I have loads of laundry to do, lots of things to pick up, even if I’m branded “lion” by my boys (esp on those bad days)…i’d still choose this job, that is, momhood. xo

    Awesome post!

  16. Aw, well-written, my dear! You truly have a way with words and know how to shed a little humor in your posts. I totally feel the same way, all though those superhero days seem few and far between. Thank goodness you have a drive-thru Starbucks in the suburbs!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  17. I could not have written it better myself. At least we can sit down and laugh when all goes pear shaped and know that we are not in it alone.

  18. You nailed it right on the head. Super hero and super loser! This post is so true and honest and pure. I love it and thanks for writing it!

  19. Happy Mothers Day girl. I so feel you on this!

  20. I just love when you write these brutally honest posts..because i am that peanut butter breakkie mom that snaps 🙁
    Love ya!
    oh! and thanks for droppin’ some love in on my blog! 🙂

    @orangeheromama / Home of OHM

  21. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! From everything I’ve read, you are a GREAT mom!

  22. Too true. Love the way you write.

  23. So true. When the days are good we think it will last forever and then bam, along comes the next day and it’s pure crap. We’re lucky women to be able to chose to do this though:)

  24. “Mom,” to me, is the single most respect-deserving occupations on the planet! Well done you! I hope you had a great day!

  25. I probably have more of the sucky mom days than the domestic diva days. I just have to remember to love it NOW because it’s slipping by so fast.

  26. You are singing to the choir girlfriend!!! 🙂
    I, like you, also love that the GOOD days outweigh the bad days. Glad you had a good mama’s day.

  27. There’s no way it can all be good, but yeah, some of those days are downright rotten.

  28. Those good days you talk about? Rarely happen here. I feel like I never have my act together.

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