Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

For the first time ever I am joining the fabulous women over at 5 Minutes for Mom as they host their legendry Ultimate Blog Party!  A chance to virtually party with bloggers from all over from the comfort of our very own homes. (and I don’t have to get my roots touched up first)

If it’s your first time here, welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by.  Here’s a little bit about me.  IMG_5724 

I’m Canadian , yes, that is me wearing a “tuque”.  You must embrace hats in the winter in Canada.  I’ve been happily married for almost 15 years and am the proud Mama to two amazing girls.  I started my blog in late 2009 because I needed a place to vent about what was really going on behind the closed and often competitive doors of the suburbs. Too often Mama’s feel the pressure to be the “perfect wife” and the “perfect Mama” when reality is there is no such thing!

At How To Survive Life In The Suburbs I take a quirky look at how a real Mama survives the trials and tribulations of real life. The good, the bad, the sad and often the very humorous.  I fess up to some of my most embarrassing moments, um like the time I nearly sent a naughty picture out into the world, I make confessions about what I really do during a day, and curse the scales just like every other Mama in the world.  I throw in a couple of giveaways to take the pressure off all that emoting and over sharing. 

I truly hope you will follow along, and think about joining me on my facebook fanpage and over on twitter where I tweet as SassyModernMom!

None of us are perfect, and there is comfort in that knowledge and in taking this journey together!


  1. Hi, just stopping by from the UBP.

    Great post! I can totally understand the pressure of the suburban dream and I love that this blog is your forum for discussing that.

    I’m excited to now be a follower of How to Survive Life in the Suburbs =) I’d love if you’d follow AnnaBean as well:



  2. Yay a blog party! Party Party wooo wooo wooo! Lol

  3. Cute picture and well said about mommyhood. Now following you. Hope it’s getting warmer up there. http://tvstake.blogspot.com

  4. Ah, so much snow!! when is our spring going to truly begin. Other than that, lovely photo, you are beautiful!

    P.s love reading your blog!


  5. I love reading your blog! And love the honesty of it. I’ve been noticing a lot lately that in real life friends are not that honest therefore I play the same game with them and it’s so weird. This is why I love reading blogs of strong women that let us in to their REAL life and the blog world gets to stick together! 🙂 Hope you have an awesome day!

  6. Steph, it’s amazing how you’ve grown this blog in such a relatively short time–I’m a total underachiever compared to you! Plus, you’re absolutely gorgeous…


  7. ha. have fun with the party…she is def worth the follow ladies…

  8. You are absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen a picture of you.

    Have a super week!

  9. you party animal…of course you are in Canada where M.N. has forgotten to take a peek at the calendar (give her a shove in a snowbank, I am coming up in 3 weeks)

    Def worth reading ladies (and gentlemen)! Funny girl our ModernMom 😉

  10. Thanks Danica:) I decided it was time to come of hiding…a little bit:)

  11. Welcome to the UBP! 🙂 Did you enjoy the extra snow blast we got yesterday… I had to dig out my toques. lol

    Shasher’s Life

  12. Hey ModernMom. Found you at the 5 Minutes for Mom Facebook group, and meandered over to say ahoy. Nice place you have here! I will definitely be back, and will be linking so I can keep up. Please come and visit Not Quite Dead Yet when you have an hour or so to spare. 🙂 And leave a hello somewhere!

  13. I always love reading your posts. I can’t believe you ever complain about the way you look. Even in your winter gear, you’re beautiful!!

  14. Look at you- posting another pic of yourself. You are so darling.

  15. I just started following you on Twitter!

  16. Very cool blog!! That picture of your is beautiful also : ) Found you on the UBP, love this party. Hope you can check out my blog:


  17. I love that picture of you! Gorgeous you, and red and white and very Canadian, too! Loved meeting you this and can’t wait till we do it all over again at BlogHer and BlissDom! xo

  18. Hello from UBP…have a great week!

  19. How very fun! I wish I was up for a party today….far too much going on.

    Instead, I’ll just say this – if you are new here go ahead and click the follow button!

  20. Hi, I’m Rachel! Just stopping by from UBP (and a new follower of yours on Twitter). That picture of you makes me miss snow… I’m in North Carolina and we haven’t seen snow since Christmas.

    Anyhow, hope to see you over at http://www.upperbottom.com and at the twitter party tonight!


  21. I love reading your reasons for starting this blog!! Love your blog!! xx

  22. LOVE your blog name. I live in Canada too. I’m from Calgary. I’m following you all over the place now. Hope to see you around lots.

    Merry from Merry With Children (http://merrywithchildren.com) and Merry120 on Twitter.

  23. Hi There!! Stopping by from the UBP’11 – beautiful blog!!

  24. Great idea. You look so cute in the frozen tundra in your adorable hat. I live in them all winter, too!

  25. Great post ! New follower via blog party. Hope you will follow me too @ http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/2011/04/day-298-ultimate-blog-party.html

  26. Okay Mrs…you are one hot mama! So happy you decided to blog. xo

  27. hi via UBP. we mamas have to stick together. (and also, somehow, become the incredible women we were created to be, while keeping our families clean, healthy, on the right track, and creating moments of giddy fun and happy content…. no problem.)
    happy to be a follower,

  28. You look adorable in that tuque!

  29. Just stopping on over from the UBP11 to party with you!! LOL.



  30. Loving this party. I have am trying to read as many blogs as I can. I have already found some jewels.
    I would love to read every single one…Everyone has a story.
    Hope you will stop by…I have some extra giveaways that require nothing but a comment…


  31. Hey there! I am your new follower and like your facebook page!! Like your blog a lot!!!

  32. Hi! I’m belatedly stopping by from the UBP. Nice to meet you!

    I have two blogs, and I’d love for you to stop by when you get a minute. We’re giving away a $100 Visa gift card at Giveaway Corner. Thanks!

    http://giveawaycorner.blogspot.com/ (A free giveaway every weekday)
    http://anne-somekindofwonderful.blogspot.com/ (Family blog)

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