Things My Kids Learned This Week..The Hard Way

I have “the sick” that will not go away.  This has come with two blessings.  So far, knock on wood, my kids remain sick free, and two I have lost 3 pounds. 

My fabulous flu insert layer of sarcasm has afforded my kids the opportunity to learn some new things this week, the hard way.

->Yes the bagel is not toasted enough after one “round” through the toaster. The lesson, two rounds through equals burnt bagel….one and half, just right.

->Yes, they really can make their own lunches, but even with me green to the gills I will be making sure it contains more fruit then junk. Good try little ladies.

->Shockingly, laundry does not do itself! You can’t find socks? Turns out there is no laundry fairy.  Mom does that stuff.  Huh.

->If you stick your finger too far up your nose and pick, it will bleed. Like, a lot.   (Not so much sick related, but one of them learned this the hard way this week..I won’t say which one)

->My kids have figured out how to manipulate me. Yes, when I am lying on the couch, I can be convinced that since they emptied the dishwasher they deserve 2 Girl Guide Cookies.  That is rookie Mom stuff, we all know if they want two cookies they have to sweep the floor too!

I better get better soon before these kids figure out how to take over the world!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. They learned some good lessons this week though.

  2. wait- laundry doesn’t do itself? What? No way! LOL! So sorry your still sick- hope you get better soon! Sick or not you always make me belly laugh- love the part about must sweep the floor for the cookies not just do the dishwasher! LOL!

  3. Sorry to hear you are so sick! Feel better soon!

  4. That’s excellent! Amazing what they CAN do. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Get better soon. I am sorry that you have been laid out by the sickness 🙁

    Good lessons for the girls…when you are feelings better perhaps we should go over the cookie limit again?.?.?. 🙂

  6. Sorry you cant shake “the sick”!! I hate when the weather turns nicer and I’m stuck inside feeling badly!

  7. Your laundry fairy must be on holiday with my laundry fairy ha! Feel better!!!!

  8. I was going to wish you better, but with a 3 pounds loss, maybe not! 🙂

  9. ROFL!! That is classic I love it! I hope you feel better soon and fast for the sake of the world lol!

  10. My kids have totally learned that laundry lesson as well. Actually, they almost learned the hard way about cleaning the toilet when I almost took the toilet out last week in a fit of anger. Luckily for them, the bolts were too tight.

  11. Get better, soon!

    Sorry your laundry fairy was on vacation … maybe she should teach the kids what to do while she is out of town?!

  12. Yep, you need to get better and quick! Although they’re learning some pretty good things here. 🙂

  13. What? I’ll never get a cookie now!

    I suggest after you feel better you fake it for one more day. I mean, really they are learning so much!!

  14. Hope you feel better soon!!! No one really knows how much we do untill we aren’t able to do it!!!!!

  15. lol.. hate that your sick… sending well wishes your way!!

  16. I’m still holding out hope for the laundry fairy.

  17. Feel better lady!!!

  18. LOL This is great! Even the nose bleed part!

    Feel better girl!

  19. I hope that you feel better soon! Good for you, having them pick up the reins a bit. My kids have been making their own breakfast and packing their own lunches for a couple of years now. I need to be out the door by 7:00 am and just can’t do it all myself.

    I’ve also taught my daughter to do laundry – bonus!! (don’t even have to give up my cookies for it either)

  20. I have learned that children will remember those lessons learned the hard way! Hope you feel better soon!

  21. Lessons abound.
    I hope you get better soon!!!

  22. what laundry doesn’t get done by itself???? : )

  23. Sending well wishes your way! Hope you feel better soon.

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  24. Feel better soon! I was sick a month ago and it lasted an unusually long time. It’s rough but on the bright side it does make other people aware of the amount of work you do on an average week around the house!

  25. a couple of weekends ago, i was out of commission with migraines for about 3 days. my house looked like a tornado came through. well… i have 3 boys…that’s two sons and a husband.

  26. Get well real soon, mama! xo

  27. Do get better soon! However, my big question here is: where the Girl Guide cookies the mint ones? ‘Cause if so, they’d have to do a whole lot more than empty the dishwasher for THOSE!

  28. I hope you feel better!

  29. It’s amazing at the realization that comes when mom isn’t feeling well enough to do laundry. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better!!

  30. I am sure you were just getting all your sick out before your big trip where you will be completely and utterly HEALTHY!

  31. Hope your better now. Hopefully they learned how awesome mom is!

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