Save A Bull Ride A Cowboy!

Yes, I said that.  In my quest to get my sexy back.  Hubby and I took our date night to a place it has never been before.

P8120253 The PBR Baby!

We went to see some professional bull riding!  Oh, and did I mention there were ummm cowboys there?  Lots of them.

Doing this…P8120266

We cheered.  We yelled.  We laughed.  It was all good.  Want to spice up your dating/love life a bit?  Try a different kind of date where it is impossible to talk about the kids every 60 seconds.  It helps!

PS Cowboys are babies. Like 22 year old boys!  Cause the old Cowboys are all broken  I’m thankful I have my very own “Cowboy”, with a little salt and pepper sneaking into his hair, at home.  What?  He has the hat, it counts and is way hotter.  Just sayin.

What out of the ordinary date nights have you arranged lately?  I need some more ideas!


  1. Love the song, save a horse, ride a coboy!

  2. Great idea. Definitely helpful to try different things.

  3. I have nothing to contribute to this think tank. My groom and are boring daters. Dinner and a movie…yadda, yadda, yadda.


    I would contribute a large lump sum of cash to see photo evidence of your hubs and you riding mechanical bulls on your next date night. Yee haw! 🙂

  4. Love that song and those 2 guys- they hacen’t done anything lately but he is so sweet and nice on the Apprentice!

  5. Roller Derby! Best people watching ever. Totally serious.

    Cooking class, our local cullinary institute has a lot of really fun classes and it was fun to make something together.

    Our favorite dinner date is to a sushi restraunt that has a train that goes round the bar area carrying the sushi, its a fun way to try a lot of different types of sushi and the atmosphere is really great too. That ones not so much “different” but its a delicious!

  6. nice…been a while since i took my wife to the bull ring on a date…it can be fun though…and love me some big n rich…smiles.

  7. Date night what’s a date night? That looks like so much fun!

  8. It wasn’t lately because it is currently baseball season, but….

    One night soon after having baby number 4 we were broke, but in need of some alone time. My husband took me to sonic for a Vanilla Coke and then for a walk arond the lake. He hates to walk and I knew he had done it just for me. We got to hold hands and talk and not worry about spending too much money!!
    (Bull riding ROCKS!)

  9. I do enjoy a rough and rugged cowboy; however seeing the bulls and critters being rode turns me off. 🙁
    I know, I am lame.
    How come salt and pepper looks good on men only???

  10. My boyfriend and I went out on a limb and went to a random comedy show last weekend. He was a little nervous because he didn’t know the comedians well but it turned out to be one of the funniest events we’d ever been to!

    I wonder if they have PBR’s in California…that could be our next date night too!

  11. i’ve never been to anything such as this.. can you believe it…
    and dougs even oklahoma ALL THE WAY.. grew up on rodeos and such!!!

  12. This would come in as a close second to sex, for my husband. He LOVES bull riding.

  13. Are they really ALL that young? Oh man!!! That would be a really fun date to go on!

  14. What a super fun date! LW and I need to try something different. 🙂

    I actually had a friend who was a PBR. He made tons of money and is now retired at the ripe old age of 40.

  15. Well that certainly is a different date night! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone. I was a little surprised to see this because for some reason I had the idea you were in the suburbs of Toronto? I don’t know there are many cowboys there though.

  16. Oh I am about 2 hours outside of Toronto! This was a traveling PBR SHOW!

  17. My husband’s cousin does this. Although I have never BEEN to one of his shows? I can guess with a degree of accuracy of about .0000000001 that I know the type of people you see based on him.

  18. hmmmmm…..can you define this word “date?” We haven’t had one in about 16 years (and how old is Man-Child now? Oh that’s right – 16)…..

  19. LOL I agree that the older, grey streaked cowboys are much sexier. 😉 Hmmm…have you guys tried something fun like an Arcade or Laser Tag? Hubs and I did that once and we had a blast!

  20. That would be such a fun time!!! Glad you had a great date night!

  21. Wow, Sounds like you had a great time, thats amazing! Every now and then you need a date night! 🙂


  22. My hubby took me to Forks today…3 hour drive up and a 3 hour drive home…that’s what I call true love and a fantastic date. Then we came home and went out to dinner before the kids come home tomorrow. 🙂

  23. I have my very own hot cowboy…I get the attraction!

  24. I am wildly jealous – that sounds like a fun date!

    Somehow I think the upcoming Junior Rodeo is not quite the same… watching 4-year olds fall off of sheep is a wee bit different, no? 🙂

  25. Sounds fun. We’re about to head off for the weekend. Alone! For the first time since our first son was born. Woohoo!

  26. Sounds like a fun time. So glad your putting sparks into your relationship!

  27. Way to spice it up baby! We definitely don’t have that option (unless we go to Spain).

  28. Sounds fun!! I would give you a date night idea but we haven’t had one in at least a YEAR. Sad, but true.

  29. I love a good Rodeo.. DD and I are thinking we might renew our vows in Vegas just for fun, hows that for a different date night?

  30. I LOVE the PBR. (I often root for the bulls, but I love me those cute cowboys…they are uber polite)

    Cooking classes can be a lot of fun, and if the instructor knows you are on date night a lot of times the eating table is set up away from the others…

  31. kathy downey says:

    There’s nothing wrong with riding a cowboy,when the song came out i got hubby i hat !!!

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