Next Holiday I Want To Be The Dad

EasterEggsA Dad’s Role at Easter:

-Participate in Easter Egg Hunt activities

-Shower for dinner

-Get dressed


-Show up for dinner

That is all.

Mom’s Role at Easter:

-Weeks before Easter co-ordinate with sister, Mother, Mother In Law, Sister In Law, possibly cousins. Find dates that will work for a minimum of two Easter celebrations.  Dates must not conflict with extra curricular activities of the six cousins or with any other family member schedules.

-Minimum of two weeks out start picking up “little things” for Easter from treats to socks to menu necessities.

-Create menu plan for meal you are hosting or dishes you are taking to multiple Easter feasts. 

-Take children shopping for appropriate Easter outfits.

-Forgot to buy shoes.  Go shopping again.  Pre-teen will be all kinds of thrilled about this.  Sigh. 

-Week of Easter brave WalMart along with thousands of other last minute Mom’s to stock up on Easter Egg Hunt supplies and baskets.  Suffer sticker shock at price of baskets stuffed with sad looking floppy eared bunnies and eggs that should be embarrassed to try and pass themselves off as chocolate.

-Create your own beautiful but pricy basket of joy and then give that damn bunny all the credit for delivering the perfect Easter morning. 

Easter dinner is two hours away.  Force the kinds into the shower and re-live the same argument that drying one’s hair after the shower is truly part of the “having a shower experience”.  (every single time!)

-Present Easter outfit number one for dinner number one.

-Go to get dressed yourself.  Realize you forgot yourself in the Easter Clothes shop of 2011.  Try on six pairs of pants before you find one pair that is acceptable. Destroy closet in the process….another mess for later.

Check on girls. They have both altered their outfits to make them more “comfortable”.  Decide to Let. It. Go.

Have they brushed their teeth? No.

Have they brushed their hair? No.

Are they wearing clean socks, any socks? No!  Of course not, they can’t find socks. Ever.

Have an internal scream and go in search of back up.  Where is Hubby? 


Deep breath.

Count my blessings.

Next year, playing the role of Daddy, will be me.


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  1. Isn’t that just the truth, lol!

  2. My dad dressed up as the Easter bunny every year. 🙂

  3. Truer words have never been written. I think I’m gonna Go Dad for all the major holidays.

  4. Finally the truth is out there! (I haven’t showered since Good Friday)

  5. Amen.
    And that goes for every holiday.

  6. Yeah, somehow mom’s get the short end of the stick; don’t they? Other than all the drama leading up to it, I hope you had a great Easter.

  7. Rings a bell. I just don’t get it.

    You’ll absolutely LOVE my post today. Check it out if you have a moment, please.

    Happy Monday. I think you deserve a nap today.

  8. So true, SO true. Good news is Mothers day right around the bend.

  9. you actually made him take a shower? that sounds too much like work…smiles. and thank you for all you did to make easter special….

  10. Yes, Yes and YES! And does anyone ever realize what we do? No. I once left all this up to the hubby. I had to go back and use a mind-eraser so that the kids weren’t permanently scarred….

  11. ummm.. try every holiday I would like to be the dad. They do nothing and particpate in everything and they are done with their job as soon as the family leaves. The rest is all on us! Hope you had a great easter!

  12. Ya my hubby’s role yesterday was, sleep in while I watch Sam, wake up and eat breakfast, go for a walk with Sam and I. Go buy a video game, get lunch with Sam and I, take a nap while I get Sam down and watch her when she wakes up. Then play his new game the rest of the day. He didn’t change one diaper all day. Must be nice.

  13. Loved this post! So damn true.

  14. Tell me about it! We actually got in a fight yesterday because I was sooo pissed. He slept until NOON!!! I swear where the hell would men be without us!

  15. I totally had this same thought yesterday! Why are holidays so hard on the moms?

  16. omg, this is so true! I feel like I need a vacation after these kinds of holidays!


  17. oh man do I look forward to be a mommy one day! hahaa

  18. Oh don’t I know it! I was building baskets & putting out Easter eggs at 1 am! Hubby is blissfully sleeping, WTH!?

  19. A-FRICKIN-MEN!!!
    He can’t figure out why I am so tired out..DUH!
    I’ve done EVERYTHING! Well, he did the dishes, and the driving, i’ll give him that…BUT STILL!!!
    And then not to mention throwing in the logistics of being a family with ex’s/old family/new family..who’s going where and when and when they’re coming back and how they’re getting here etc etc.
    I am soooo thankful that tomorrow is school and also that they’re heading to their dads for 2 days..i will be SLEEPING for the next 2 days! *do not disturb!* 😀

  20. what is it with men?! why can’t they NOTICE that something needs doing and just DO IT. Why do they have to be nagged off a chair to help and then we feel like complete nags and they want a round of applause for having assisted…and don’t get me going on the Bunny, Tooth fairy and Santa getting all the up front credit. Deep Breath! (any chance your next post could make me feel slightly less stressed …I am so in the moment with this one!)

  21. Amazing how much work it takes to pull Easter off isn’t it? Next time, leave him a list of “to-dos”? 🙂

  22. Oh I hadn’t thought of it this way- you are so right! Definitely not fair

  23. Oh you silly girl. 🙂 It will get easier, I swear. SOON, they will sleep in and ask? “Did we even color eggs this year?”

  24. I just came over from It’s Just the World I know, and I’m so glad I did! I can relate to this post, and I don’t even have any kids! It’s just the months of preparation that go into all Holidays for we women that gets to me too! And celebrating with both sides of the family (and both our parents are divorced), can make it less than fun. I’ve taken to running away to FL (my dad lives there) every Christmas just so I don’t feel like I’m running a marathon each year!

  25. oh no.. that must have been a day for you.. I was lucky we went to a brunch.. I just had to get things ready before we left.. Have a great night..

  26. That seems like everyday life doesn’t it?
    My responsibilities versus his are like 80-20. The odd thing? When I’m back to work, I work the same amount as he does…I got the shit end of the stick.

  27. This rings so true it makes me giggle, but you know what, I tried to take a year off this year… we went to the beach, so our celebration stuff was pretty minimal… no big dinner or fancy outfits… and I missed it! It didn’t feel like Easter!

  28. So funny! I love how the girls have no socks to wear! Oh, and the pricey basket…yup, I think I spent $100 on chocolate. Effin Easter bunny…
    Hilarious post Steph!

  29. Haha, such a funny read! At the same time, completely true, I see how this occurs in my family!

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  30. You were the first connection I made when I joined the blogging world a few months ago. This post reminds me why I keep coming back for more 🙂

    I wanted to let you know that I received an Award and listed you in a pay-it-forward section of my post.

    “Versatile Blogger Award”

    Congrats on having a great site,

  31. hmm, maybe i’ll tell my hubby, too.
    even if it’s not easter, it’s good to make husbands “housebands”…

  32. Yikes. When you write it all out like that, it’s completely frightening!

  33. I recommend moving. Since we moved to Van we have no family obligations at holiday time. It’s completely stress free in comparison because I don’t care less if they have socks on:)

  34. Do what my mom did one year. She pretended to forget about it. Then when my sister and I got upset, she left the house and my father had to deal with us. When he confronted her (she was gone for 5 hours)she said she was going to forget all the holidays because she was EXHAUSTED FROM ALL THE PLANNING.

    He helped her on every subsequent holiday.

  35. OMG, hilarious! Funny how that sounds exactly like MY Easter as well! Except replace your husbands “nap” with my husbands “ESPN”.
    Love your blog! Found you from DHousemommy!
    Steph from

  36. Dads have it so easy!

  37. Uh, yup. Sounds about right! Sigh.

  38. That’s why when you get to be 59 like me you will feel like I do:

    I’M DONE!!! Can’t keep doing it.

    Do you read Alexis:

  39. NO KIDDING! That sounds like every dad I know 🙂

    and I stumbled your blog today…now that I know about stumble, I figured I should stumble my favorites so others can find them.

  40. My youngest will be 11 in a few days, but I’m still past the Easter routine. Guess I’ve cheated child number 3 out of her last year of bunnies, baskets, etc.

    But, did it all, too. Except the dinner; the husband is our Sunday cook.

    Why do we love holidays? Or do we? LOL

  41. Who are you kidding, that’s EVERY freakin holiday…. LOL

    Men have it so easy.

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