Must Buy Ugly Shoes

Yes, I’m babbling about shoes again. 
I am on a quest, a quest for the perfect pair of shoes.  Usually shoes and quest do not end up in the same sentence for me.  It’s not normally an ordeal, or something that requires internet searches or even that much thought.  My usual “go to’s” are something pretty, a bit of a heel, and that matches the latest little black dress.  However this is  a different kind of hunt.  I must put function BEFORE fashion.  I am on a quest for walking shoes, sensible shoes, for Paris. 
The requirements.  They can not be old ladyish, they can not be ugly.  Seriously, I know I have a problem, I like the pretty, but this one time I MUST use my brain!  I need arch support, comfort, and something fairly light.  I’m still recovering from a back injury and as much as I’d love to walk the cobble stone pathways of Paris in some killer heels, practicality must win out. 
Le Sigh.Rockport Cross Lace Black K56435
I found this pair at Rockport  Meh.  They are okay, but Rockports are supposed to be comfy so for now, this is a maybe?  
Go France suggests that these Merrels will take you from hiking to cocktail?
Seriously? The hiking I can see..the cocktail um no.

Um these?  These are highly recommended Sofft Shoes from the Sears sight.  Not gonna happen.  I think my Granny has some of these. No offence to Granny’s everywhere.

These are the ecco womens vibrations shoes. 
Ecco Womens Vibration II black zip walking shoes

I was starting to think these were kinda cute until Hubby piped up with a quick “veto” .  Just find some sketchers!

So, I looked….
Flash - Crazy Cool
Turns out there are a lot of shoes that claim to be “comfy” and I just don’t have the time to go and see, let alone break in a couple of pairs of shoes.  Especially when all I am really dreaming about are these:

Oh what I wouldn’t do for some Louboutin’s!
So I need your help!  Please please, what are your favourite non-granny, non-ugly but super comfy kinda cool walking shoes?  Tell me and then I will shut up about it already.


  1. I like the 2nd (strappy?) pair of Sketchers. They’re pretty girly looking, don’t you think? The other ones, not so much…

  2. There are some adorable Aerosoles out there in a ton of styles. And yes, it is extremely important to wear proper shoes if you want to enjoy your vacation. I made the mistake of bringing impractical shoes on my honeymoon and ended only using my marble bathtub in Venice to soak my blistered feet!

    Enjoy Paris–so jealous!

  3. Aerosoles have some with heels, some with kitten-type heels that are very comfortable and have a slight pointed toe (The “snub-nosed granny shoe” look kills me…I have short, stubby legs, and Stacy and Clinton are always admonishing people like me to at least wear a flat with a bit of a point.

    That’s the best I can come up with…I have some of those Skechers…they just don’t feel sexy at all.

  4. i have chucks that i wear…dont recommend hiking in them though…have a nice pair of nunn bush…prob not helping you naming out mens shoes…sorry…

  5. Those are so amusing samples! Try looking at something like Clark’s or Merrell’s–both have some surprisingly cute, comfortable options. Good luck with your search!

  6. Get a pair of the glitter TOMS! 🙂

    I am the worst at giving sensible shoe advice..I’m always the one suffering with swollen feet from walking in the WRONG shoes.

  7. Born is always a good bet for that type of shoe…let us know what you come up with!

  8. Born is always a good bet for that type of shoe…let us know what you come up with!

  9. I walked all over Paris (in the day… my Loubs won out at night) with my classic black low cut Converse. I put in a pharmacy insole in them for arch support and they were perfect!

  10. You KNOW what I’m going to tell you! Get the Tory Burch Reva black flats! SO COMFORTABLE. AND! Simply adorable. So, so pretty.

    Otherwise, I’d go with a wedge heel, because I find those just as comfy as flats! 🙂

    Good Luck and Happy SHOPPPING!

  11. i totally recommend the skechers shape ups. so cushy and comfy. i love them!

  12. The last time I was in the UK I wore some Steve Maddens that looked pretty similiar to the first pair of sketchers, no S on the side but just plain black, very unobtrusive.
    I realized that basically my shoes were just kind of “there” not really drawing much attn, so I focused my attention on my jewelry and making sure the rest of my outfit drew attn (not in a creepy or bad way), keep the attention on your upper half and your jewelry and you wont notice that your shoes are being practical and *hopefully* comfy.
    I’d totally rock the 2nd paif of sketchers with skirts or shorts.

  13. Oh, I love those heels.
    I have horrible feet, so I must wear kinda ugly shoes most of the time. My cross to bear.
    I love the sketchers though…cute and not so ugly!!!

  14. skechers has many choices and try naturalizer, too!

  15. Of the ones you have here, I like the Mary Jane style Sketchers the best. When we went to England and Ireland I too was on a comfy shoe quest. I ended up with light gray New Balance meshy walking shoes.
    Also, I say, buy the heels too, you’ll need to get dressed up for a francy pants dinner at least once or twice on the trip, right?! 🙂

  16. TOMS? ANything other than what you showed us!!

  17. Ugh, what a problem. I have a pair of Rieker shoes and a pair of Ecco and they are both cute and super duper comfy. You can get either of these brands at high end shoe stores. Good luck. I’m totally with you, I’d rather be wearing the heels but I’ve been to Paris and I do think you’re doing the right thing:)

  18. I don’t really own any sensible shoes, so I have no advice. Those Sketcher Mary Janes are kinda cute and I hear they are comfy.

  19. If you look at my perfect day and pain post you will see why I am sooo not qualified to answer this question but I will say, the French ladies dress well you want a bit of style in that comfy. I’m generally for cotton slip ons. They are sort of like ballet pumps, usually take me miles. Today I tried walking about 3 miles in a pair that look like the green and black ones and I have the worst blister I have ever ever had, oh foolish me.

  20. My sister had a pair of shoes like the strappy skechers and they hurt her feet. (Just wanted to throw that out there in case it’s like that for everyone.) I wish I could help, but I have no clue! I like the heels too! he he! Sorry!

    Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

  21. I’m a flip flop girl, so I am no help!

  22. I can’t help, because I always go for Dansko Clogs, but those are better for standing on your feet all day rather than actually walking. Let us know what you decide!

  23. I have sketchers similar to the black ones that you posted. They are super comfy, I wear them to work when I have a crazy running around kind of day and have never had blisters or other issues.
    Good luck!

  24. YAY you got the buttons up! I have 3 pairs of shoes, is that sad?

  25. I tend to choose the comfy over the sexy so I’m no help here. But I’d love to check out what other people suggest.

  26. Yes! I got the buttons up as designed and created by the wonderful Erin from the comment above! (she does all kinds of fab design work and you can find all her information on my facebook fan page!)

  27. Aerosoles are always a smart choice! Happy shopping and remember… they do sell shoes in Paris too… 😀

  28. I seldom go anywhere without my Birkenstock shoes. They will be going to Paris with me along with my next favorite which is Born.

    • I agree. Birkenstocks are comfortable and fashionable 🙂
      You’d get away with wearing them in any trendy cafe for a cocktail too!

  29. The most comfy shoes I’ve ever tried on were Finn Comfort. They have some cute styles (and some not so cute.)
    I also like Naot.

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