How To Survive Sex In The Suburbs

Okay, so maybe it’s just me, but I am tired.  It’s supposed to be spring here in Canada, but I think I have only seen the sun once in the past week, and the dirty piles of grey snow in the mall parking lots just finally melted last week. Yuck.  All of this is making me feel blah and definitely NOT like the sexy Mama I pretend to be. So here is my question.  Why is it that the weather appears to have had no affect on the men folk or the world? 
It seems in the suburbs it doesn’t matter if we have lived in perpetual darkness for weeks, if the kids have been ill for days on end, if we are all sleep deprived and grumpy, if there is stress or anger vibrating through the house ….men are always “in the mood”!
I love my Hubby so very much, I really do, but let’s be honest as a women I just can’t be “in the mood” all the time!  So how will I survive this um difference in interest between husband and wife?  Maybe I need some retail therapy, maybe I need some gentle help!! 
I always try and be all kinds of honest so I will confess, I find myself wondering, after almost 15 years of marriage could it be time be to do a little shopping here?
Sex toys store
Better start of slow!  EdenFantasys sells a set of Beeswax aromatherapy candles that are something I could see myself ordering from this couple friendly site. 
Beeswax aromatherapy candle in tin
I like the idea of these Mood enhancing candles in little travel tins each with their own distinct smell to help soothe your mind, body and soul.   With smells like Tranquility, Sensuality, Clarity, Uplifting,  Relaxing,  and Well Being we could be on the right track! 

If that fails I guess I could get myself the Romantic candle which has the added bonus of pheromones?  Wow!  Who knew?  Then throw in the Bed of Roses kit!  That ought to do it!
I will keep my eyes open for a  “Ready or not, I’m getting my sexy back” candle. Until then perhaps I should also open a bottle of wine. 
I always look better in the mirror and am clearly much sexier when I have had a big glass of cold chardonnay!  Ha!
Fess up.  What is the bravest or wildest thing you have done to get your sexy back?  Feeling brave enough to share?

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  1. too ashamed to share ……. but it works!! it’s just finding the time (ie kid free time) to do even that – having said that websites like the one you mention definitely have their place in our sexlife – off to the website now to do some ordering ………

  2. The bravest/wildest thing I ever did to get my sexy back? Hmmm…that would probably be when, at the ripe old age of 33, I got myself a boy toy of 22. He was around for several years, actually. Yeah…that was interesting. It was also quite a while ago, and he still comes sniffing around once in while. Talk about an ego boost!

  3. OH MY GOD, I can’t say. I can’t. Okay, what the heck… It has something to do with hair removal.

    I struggle to understand men most of the time. I mean, REALLY struggle. But this one, really perplexes me.

    He doesn’t hesitate to put the moves on when we are in a hotel room in which my son is sleeping in the next bed literally one foot from us. Then says something stupid like, “He’s sleeping. He won’t hear us.”

    It’s constant (You’re right!)! Hands on the butt, hands on the boob. It doesn’t matter what is going on around us! Oh, Modern Mom, PLEASE make it stop!

    Use alcohol. It works every time. 🙂

    Let us know if you order any whips and chains, handcuffs, candles, etc…

    This could get interesting.

  4. Not too wild…I’m a typical suburbanite myself…but my groom – unbeknownst to me – once made a little shopping excursion to a – ummm – grown ups’ store and came back with a few interesting purchases. Just knowing that he set foot in one of those places surprised/intrigued/sort of completely turned me on. 🙂

  5. Kid free time is the best aphrodisiac.

  6. Wow what a sexy post for sure.. Right now my sexy is all gone since I have my baby bump. I hope to get a sexy body and have fun later.. Right now that is just not going to happen.. come by today and see the pics and you will understand.. Have an amazing day..

  7. we just got a box from there the other week…won it on a blog and yes it works…smiles.

  8. A weekend away, just the two of you, is what I’d recommend. 🙂

  9. I find it hard to be in the mood at night after Sam is in bed. My arm is in a lot of pain and I’m exhausted. Most of the time we have to do it during the day which only happens once or twice a week these days 😛

  10. Wine and music do it for me±

  11. i’m much too shy to share!
    but.. i do wish you luck, lol

  12. Wine, running (I know strange, but, when I exercise I feel sexier) and music. One dance and I’m a new woman.

    On a funny note, when I started dating my husband he used to light a candle when we got back to his place after dinner/dancing, but he would always say “I’m not trying to be romantic, my place smells”. for real.

  13. Getting Rid of the Husband TOTALLY got my sexy back. OK I know that doesn’t count. When I was married (20 long years) sexy included alcohol or I couldn’t tolerate him. Now that I am divorced (but with an awesome boyfriend) I ALWAYS wear awesome underwear/bras. Even if I’m not going to see him. It just makes me feel good knowing “I have a secret.” And sometimes sharing my secret with him in a funny place where he can’t yet act on it? Very tantilizing!!

  14. I’m a fan of going the wine route but just the right amount. One drop too much and I’m sound asleep when my head hits the pillow:)

  15. Sexy? LOL I am lucky if I get to shower and shave my legs…

  16. When I get my sexy back, you’ll be the first to know! I find myself looking at men on the street, but when I look at my man, all I think is: “When is he going to fix my brakes?”
    Great post for Eden Fantasys!

  17. I’m STILL trying to get my sexy back! LOL!

  18. I never had my sexy!

  19. Ooh lala! Fun stuff…hubby and I don’t really have low times, but we are still newlyweds 🙂 one day, I’ll need to ask for tips (so I’ll probably check back for great ideas from this post)

  20. Good luck in that department!

  21. I can’t keep it PG or even R so I won’t share.

  22. I think..a second, third, fourth…. honeymoon will help…

  23. Paris brings back the sexy like nothing else baby!

    (unless you live here, of course, and then it’s – if you’ll do the dishes, I’ll …”

    he he he

  24. Is it me or is “real spring” getting stingier with each passing year? it barely lasts a couple weeks now… snow, slush, cold, rain, nice a bit, then bam! humid heat and mosquitoes!

    retail therapy is always a good answer 😉

  25. I knew I’d enjoy reading the comments. 🙂

  26. OMG I had more fun reading the comments than I did facebook chatting with my girlfriends to see what they said…

    I love the one with the guy lighting the candle b/c his place smelled. HILARIOUS!

    My friends said:

    -a weekend away
    -drink… heavily
    -call your ex boyfriend for a hookup since that was the one thing they had in common
    -flirt… a lot
    -go without underwear… and let him know

    Me??? eeeh… until I FEEL sexy… I don’t want sex. I’m in weight loss mode and have a 15 month old that co-sleeps. Sex is dead in my house until I shed about 30 pounds 😉

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