Time To Get My Sexy Back

It’s 11:49pm on a Tuesday night and I’m finally crawling into bed. Was I out at some fabulous party? No. A romantic dinner with the Hubby? Um can’t remember the last time we had one of those. So why am I still up? I just HAD to finish those last three loads of laundry, pay the tax bill, put the dishes away, and close the cupboard doors. Who walks out of the kitchen and leaves the kitchen doors open anyway?
As I try to decide if I have enough energy to wash the mascara running down my cheeks, I catch a glimpse of someone in the mirror. Who is that woman with her hair tied in a knot, a defeated look and raccoon eyes? Shockingly, it’s me!
I’m sportin’ a navy blue tank top, and beige and white pinstripe PJ bottoms with an elastic waist. What the hell kind of outfit is that?
So I start to think. When did I start letting myself go? I’m amazed to think my Hubby still thinks this “package” is attractive. He must really love me. The thing is, I don’t really love me, not this picture of me, not like this.
Time for a big fat reality check. Life is short. My 40th Birthday is around the corner and I just issued a warning to that worn out Mama in the mirror. I’m taking my sexy back. Time to make myself a priority, be a little less serious and have a lot more fun!
The first thing that has to go. The ugo PJ’s. Time to replace them with something a little sweet, a little sexy! Time for shopping. I am sure this can spice things up! I just spent more time then I care to admit trying to figure out which little baby doll set is going to replace the frumpy PJ’s. There is some serious cuteness going on over there…among other things! Something for the mild Mama all the way to wild Mama!
Note to self. Forty will not be frumpy, it will be fabulous.
A question for you….Am I the only one who has looked in the mirror and been shocked to see a stranger staring back? How did you get your sexy back?
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  1. You are not alone!! I too see someone I don’t recognize in the mirror. Scary!

    When I see that girl in the mirror I try to remind myself the reason I look like that.. cuz I am super girl and super girl can’t always look like a hottie… LOL!! She has the world to save and sometimes her makeup smears, her clothes don’t match, her hair is a mess.. it is all in a days work 😉 Saving the world isn’t an easy feat 😉

    Hold your chin up, and give yourself some alone time 🙂 A bath, a walk, a movie or reading a risky book. Taking a step back from time to time helps bring your inner sexy back 🙂 Of course Edenfantasys can help too.. LOL


  2. Your not alone in the least. I can very clearly recall my wake up moment. At 32 I found myself feeling more like 52. Being overweight was dragging me down. Go out and buy yourself some new clothes, nothing frumpy. Get a new haircut and paint your nails. The next thing to do is tidy up your bedroom. Make it feel a little sexier by removing things that don’t belong there and bringing in some candles.
    It’s so easy to stop pampering yourself when other people need so much of you. But when I realized was that if I didn’t care for myself first more often there wouldn’t be anything left of me for them. It’s taken me over a year now but today I’m 33 and feel more like I’m 30!

  3. me,too, sometimes i don’t recognize myself anymore-with dark circles under my eyes, dry skin, looked tired and exhausted.
    my son told the other day-“mom, i like you better when you’re wearing makeup.” See, even my son does not like my plain look.
    you’re right time to get sexy!

  4. YOU GO GIRL! I Like your attitude 🙂

  5. just got a box from them in the mail yesterday…hehe…

    take it back!

  6. I scare myself sometimes when I catch myself walking by a mirror. That’s at 54. I think 40 didn’t scare me too much. As for the sexy part, with three boys in the house, I had a hard time feeling such. Now when all three were gone, we didn’t take the time for the sexy nightgown. Good luck. Your sexy will return – as the kids get older.

  7. No, you are not alone and kudos to you for making a commitment to get your sexy back!

    I’m not a fan of my mirror image, cute pjs or not, I need to lose the weight around my middle, then I’ll have my sexy back…

  8. You are definitely not alone! I am so with you on getting sexy back! I’m pretty sure you never really lost it but I get your point. 😉

  9. Sexy and warm weather go hand in hand. It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re bundled up like an Eskimo.
    I just had a horrible shopping week-end spent muttering in dressing rooms and coming up empty handed. When the weather warms up, I’ll get out there walking every day. It takes me generally about two weeks every Spring to firm up.

  10. Personally I think elastic waist pants are going to be THE fashion item for 2012. 🙂 Although I highly recommend them for nighttime use. And, oh yeah, you bet have I had some “OMG” mirror moments. And not for the better.

  11. This happens to me at least once a week. IT is mostly MIND over Matter!!!! You can do it.

  12. and i say.. good luck to you!
    me.. yep! i still be wearing the same on ole jammy pants.. less of course it might be a ‘special’ night…. lol

  13. All your titles look so good I didn’t know where to start in catching up on your blog. But oh can I relate.

    I am starting small. I put nail polish on again. I also bought the new trendy shoes (neutral with open toes) even if they almost look granny-ish. I found some flattering clothes. I take vitamins so at least my skin and hair look good. The weight and food is always the hardest of course. Oh! I go running once a week now.

  14. Wow what an eye opening post! I agree about getting our sexy back!!

  15. I swear this will work…take some Zumba classes. The sexy Latin moves will help you get your sexy back!

  16. Get your sexy back! And if it’s on sale, buy two!

  17. When I turned 40 I had that same shocking realization when I looked in the mirror or looked at a picture of me. So I joined the gym, got a trainer, changed my diet and lost 45 over the summer. Now I love what I see when I look in the mirror. 41 never felt so sexy!

  18. I didn’t know they had baby doll sets! Go figure!

  19. Is it bad that I haven’t even knocked over the 25 age marker and feel like I’ve totally lost my sexy? Being a mom, especially a mom with any sort of job or responsibility, is taxing and exhausting. Grab the bull by the horns and take back your sexy!! 🙂

  20. Oh yes, I definitely relate!

  21. But I love my PJs! But I know what you mean, we all need to feel sexy now and then. Go you!

  22. I’ll let you know when I get it back.

  23. I only ever wear my PJs when hubby works away but I still have those mirror moments. I try but life seems to take over my me-time. Deforestation is often required on my areas that should only need a simple wax!

  24. I do not think I will have my Sexy back until I am done having this baby. I put on my baby bathing suit and saw a whale instead.. Glad you got yours back..

    Have a nice night..

  25. Good luck!!! I love my jammies, but not always the lazy person wearing them with dark circles under her eyes.

  26. I love it!!! When I was feeling like I was living in my jammies/lounge sloth wear, I made a “jammies only at bed time rule.” I wear sweatpants when hanging at home, but cute fitted ones and as soon as they get a hole or stain they are banished to the donate pile. Same for t-shirts- cute and fitted and banished when tarnished.*

    Mascara and lip glass always.

    *unless I’m largely pregnant as I am now. At that point I just wear what fits 🙂

  27. You go girl! No you are not the only one and I’m still trying to get it back. At 59 it’s pretty hard to find!!!

  28. Just loved this post you know why? because you are beautifullll and you have those days too!! as do I.. but I have figured it out recently and you are too I see… its a state of mind! feel it and it will shine through… your beauty is always there but you gotta embrace it a little more.. and your doing a great job starting.. and JUST so all you 40 plus ladies out there know… im 22 and I promise you I am more jealous of older ladies that look and MOST importantly feel good than the ladies my age… something about the older ladies that feel good makes me wanna skip my age now and be their age… not many older women realise how much of a privledge it is to be that age… just embrace your beauty modern momm cause you DEF have it:)

  29. Wow must say I loved this post! so true of so many of us women needing to take our sexy back. But fortunately for me I have always been conscious of this…..no one has ever guessed my right age as yet (and no they never thought I was older than my real age :))

    So girls let’s really work on getting our sexy back


  30. I think the overwhelming theme here in the comments is you are not along and might I dare say you are not alone again! I feel the same way sometimes. Let see how to get your sexy back? Not sure but if you find out please let us all know! LOL!

  31. I was told from my father all the time that I wasn’t pretty. So it’s always been hard for me to look in the mirror and like what I see.

  32. Oh yes. I feel like that every night! My uniform when I get home is PJ pants and a sweatshirt….it’s just so comfortable! Good thing my husbd dressed the same while at home ;). Definite props to you for taking your sexy back, though! Well done!! xx

  33. I need to get my sexy back!

  34. I have missed reading your blog! I definitely have felt this way recently. The hubby is being deployed and the goal is to get this tub o lard off before he gets back. I started tanning a little so I don’t look like the undead and spruced up the ‘do.

  35. Yep I realised I needed to make some changes, stop being so mumsy and start being a little bit glamourous again, Im feeling fit and healthy and starting to look special again. Have to say my husby is a happy man!!

  36. Good for you! I need to get me some sassy wear. I think we’re all guilty of letting ourselves go. Life gets in the way and we’re last on the list.

  37. Yes, I’ve seen that scary look. It’s called the “I have children look.”

    Sexy will be back on a regular basis when the last one leaves for college.

  38. I spent the past year losing twelve pounds. I did it by tapering my eating (big breakfast, big lunch) throughout the day and cutting out most carbs at my small portion supper. It was so satisfying to watch the weight drop on the scale! I feel so much better about the way my clothes fit, about my energy level, and just that I did it in a way that cost me nothing but some self-discipline. And once my stomach shrunk a bit I wasn’t even hungry after supper anyway. It does feel good to be the size I was seven years ago, even though I am 41.
    Have a great weekend.

  39. I traded in comfort for style ages ago and never looked back 😉

    Mind you, I try not to look in the mirror too often lest I get depressed and angst-ridden. Yes my thighs are too fat and I have a muffin top. Wrinkles and various lumps and bruises from farm work. and I smell like barn more often than not.

    Bah, I’m happy so who cares? 😉

  40. K, let me just tell you that I hope I look as good as you do at 40! Whether or not you feel sexy I think you look great but at the same time I know that it’s important for a woman to know and feel for herself that she looks great 🙂

  41. I feel the same way lately and I just turned 30. I rarely take the time to do my hair or makeup anymore, I just throw on whatever shirt and jeans and my mommy pouch is looking bigger than ever lately due to late night snacking. I have got to do something about it

  42. kathy downey says:

    I don’t recognize myself anymore and it can become upsetting if finally i have found myself again with the help of my hubby and life is in a happy place again.

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