South Beaching It

Sadly not the actual beach…the diet.  Kind of. Except for the part where I cheat on it.  Constantly.

I’m eating egg whites and peppers.  I want a big fat chocolate chip muffin.

I’m snacking on celery.  What cruel God created celery? What I want is freshly baked cookies and coffee with cream.

I’m choking down enough green salad to choke a horse.  I want a big fat juicy burger with a side of greasy fries and mayo to dip them in.

For dinner it’s a chicken breast, goat cheese, tomato and asparagus.  Should be more then enough but I’m still obsessing about the damn cookie.

Starting the south beach diet today seemed like a great idea last night, but right about now I would trade my favourite pair of shoes for a bowl of popcorn and a coke. 

Sigh.  I hate skinny people and the creators of all thing chocolate.

Screw it.  I’m eating a cookie.

If you have any great South Beach Diet tips feel free to pass them along.  I have the feeling I’m going to need all the help I can get.



  1. You poor thing! Don’t torture yourself like that. Have you ever heard of clean eating? Google it. It’s really worth it. The principle is to eat unprocessed foods and foods which you can read (and know) what each ingredient is. I put the whole family on it. It’s been 2 weeks now and I have lost 1 lbs a week.

  2. Celery is completely evil. Even with peanut butter.

  3. For me the best answer to losing weight is exercise. I’m always starving if i restrict my diet and then i just fail.

    now, if i could only get my butt in gear.

  4. Good luck. I love my carbs but probably should try South Beach again.

  5. the secret-more movements! you can it everything you want as long as you will burn it. Walking is the best. Less tv, less sitting and eating. try it…

  6. The salmon with rosemary garlic and olive oil recipe for phase one is one of my favorites ever, I make it a few time a month. I am obsessed with peanut butter the way you are with chocolate and I seem to remember rewarding myself with a spoonful of pb at the end of a long day.
    The “dessert” of the fat free ricotta and vanilla is actually pretty good, the texture and consistency reminds me of vanilla flavored greek yogurt.

    I should probably dig out my SB cookbook and start it up again….I am adddicted to carbs though, so seriously addicted.

  7. Can you think of yourself as the newest member of The Real Housewives of Miami? (except much smarter and prettier – and without all that horrible plastic surgery!)

    I wasn’t sure if you were going to say you wanted to eat your shoes.

    I’ve never specifically done South Beach, but I’ve done A LOT of diets…you’re in the detox stage…can you reward yourself with some sort of non-food item for the next week? By then the sugar should be out of your system, and the cravings should start to settle down.

    Hang in there – I’m in a bit of a detox mode myself…

  8. Oh how i hear you! I have a dr appt in 7 days..i’ve had 2 mo to lose even just a LITTLE bit of weight, to show her that i am working on it…I think i have gained 2 lbs 🙁

    I am NOT a happy camper over here!!

  9. I hate dieting, too. I have done Atkins too many times to count and I’m always miserable, yet it’s the only diet that works SO AMAZINGLY. Same with South Beach. Good Luck. Argh. By the way, you look great. So there.

  10. even the thought of celery makes me gag…best wishes for the new lifestyle…

  11. It’s 10 a.m. and now all I want is a juicy burger. With cheese and mushrooms and bacon.

    Damn you, woman! 🙂

  12. you dip your fried in mayo???
    me have noooo good diet tips, i am a horrendous dieter… lol

    … but, good luck to you!!!

  13. Good luck with it!

    I like the clean eating program…dont feel so deprived or the new Weight Watchers Points Plus is great too!

  14. No words of encouragement because I have no hints….I couldn’t do the southbeach…I like my carbs.

    I will say good luck! You can do it.

  15. I too agree that clean eating is the way to go…and I will take that a step further because I also do not eat any animal products of any kind (at least I try not to, sometimes dairy finds it’s way into my tummy). A cookie won’t be your downfall – but the whole package might be so just stay away from doing that! 🙂

  16. I did that diet – kinda sorta – a long while back. I don’t recall losing anything though. I can’t cut carbs – I just can’t. But I do recall that you are allowed to have chocolate covered strawberries while on the South Beach.

  17. I lived through the ’90’s diet craze of low-fat carbs. Remember Snackwells? Yeah. That’s what I’m talkin ’bout.

    Which is why I’m still a carb girl to this very day. Forget South Beach, girlfriend. Have a loaded baked potato with me.

  18. I got nothing over here. I am the poster child for lack of willpower and cheating!

  19. No hints, just wishing you luck! Your dinner actually sounds pretty good 🙂 (I am pregnant and I have not even begun to cook our dinner, so just about anything sounds good)

  20. I know you can do it.. You can still have a treat…

  21. You are getting alot of great feed back!

    It is extremely hard to loose weight! Although, our number 1 problem is calling it a DIET!

    Try thinking of it as a life style change! It is hard, and I struggle with loosing 5 pounds! But if you put your mind to it, you can honestly achieve it. I LOVE COFFEE AND COKE, I NEED TO HAVE like two coffees a day, and a coke with my meals! Although, I read a book called skinny bitch (pretty interesting), and around the same time, lent started so I gave up both! It’s been two weeks and I have not had either (except coke once, at the movies lol) but it wasn’t easy, but now I manage when I see other people drink coke, or coffee.

    Try doing things in phases! I know you love your coffee! A recent study mentioned that coffee can actually help break down fat lol.


  22. All this post did was make me hungry.

  23. I’m with Shell. Now I have to go eat another powdered donut.

  24. I stink at following diets. I rebel against rules in general so if I know I can’t eat something, I want it even more than I would have normally.

    But good luck! I’m really no help, am I?

  25. Man, I lived to cheat on diets. Lived. Whenever you tell me i CAN’T have something, it doubles my NEED for it!

  26. I have zero South Beach recipes. Sorry. I dont diet, just try to follow the moderation philosophy and try to exercise daily. I certainly wish food didn’t make is gain weight. It’s so much fun to eat! 🙂

  27. I have zero South Beach recipes. Sorry. I dont diet, just try to follow the moderation philosophy and try to exercise daily. I certainly wish food didn’t make is gain weight. It’s so much fun to eat! 🙂

  28. First of all, celery isn’t actually food, so there’s that. Also, I hate to break it to you but you ARE one of those skinny people dude.

    Here is my South Beach tip, and I’ve done it and plan on it again – get used to eating A LOT of chicken.

  29. I wouldn’t last 10 minutes on this diet, though I do like celery. Wishing you luck from the sidelines!

  30. I hear your pain. I was going to start Dukan yesterday but with raging PMS and a snow day for the kids I decided to start today.

    I REALLY want a piece of toast but hanging in. I’m going to be busy with “Spring” cleaning to distract me LOL
    Good Luck!

  31. I tried that diet and failed miserably on it. ACK

    Good luck to you!

  32. I have no advise to pass on, but celery? Yuck! Salad? Yuck! I know I wouls be so miserable dieting; if I’m feeling a little too heavy I tend to exercise more. I just have willpower whatsoever when it comes to my food!

  33. Pahaha! I tried to diet last week…mainly just cutting calories and excercising. I made it a week with only 1300- calories a day. And then I caved and ate a Cheeseburger. I said screw it, too. The cookies are so much better than all that healthy stuff. Good luck! 🙂

  34. I hate diets. They always make me feel like I am missing something…and I am.
    I find that if I exercise each day…a bit of cardio and some weights, I feel it in a week or so on my clothes. I just have to do it….

  35. I am not a diet person at all but I tried this a couple of months ago. I couldn’t stick with it no matter what. Lost a couple of pounds but that was it. I did find an awesome website for recipes (SB and other) that I still use all the time though…Kalyn’s Kitchen. Check it out and maybe she can help keep you on track:)

  36. Modern Mom…don’t torture yourself…you don’t deserve it. After your heroic acts at the mall, your grievances, and your flooded basement, you thought of undergoing the south beach diet? and besides, you’re gorgeous already…you can easily fit into one of Express’ bikinis (that’s my recent write up –which I couldn’t honestly pull through, so I got the photo of a model with a wrap around, lol).
    Suggestion: Have a Hawaiian Spring Break, and eat the yummiest macadamia chocolates and coffee there.

  37. Oh I feel your pain… and then the kids wanted ice cream… I totally caved. But, I have a day off tomorrow, so that means an extra hour of yoga this week!

  38. I feel your pain, sista friend. Hope you enjoyed your cookie. Tomorrow is another day.

  39. The only diet I have been able to do is WW…lost 32 pounds 7 years ago and I am working on 30 once again…although I am down some already.

    You can do WW free by downloading apps if you have an ipod/iphone. The best part you can eat anything, you just need to make sure you have the points…and all fruits and veggies are 0 points! 🙂

    BTW…all the pics I have seen of you, you look fantastic…so no need to diet girl.

  40. I don’t think I could do it! I love carbs!!!

  41. as someone who lost 100 lbs in less than 9 months I can tell you that I did it without one of the fab diets. I will look forward to how this works for you!!! Here is what I did….

    Secrets from the personal trainer and nutritionist: 1 oz of water X your weight (sounds hard but it isn’t, just don’t forget to subtract as you lose — seriously, I am the dork that almost drown myself because I forgot).

    Eat breakfast!!! Eat a well balanced lunch of foods you enjoy, try to balance your portions and eat slow — it will fill you up. Snack 2 hours after breakfast and 2 hours after lunch and eat a small dinner and do not eat 4 hours before you go to bed.

    CHEAT at least once a week — chocolate, fried foods, whatever your weakness….make sure you allow it once a week, just make sure that is the day you work out.

    Work out at least 3 times a week — make sure as you are working out you add a different workout every few weeks so you don’t get bored and give up.

  42. My husband and I did South Beach about six years ago. I thought it was a great diet. Do you have the book? Anyway I am planning on doing it again. I had lost over 40 pounds at the time. The less carbs you eat the less you desire, this is the honest truth. Give it time.
    Our biggest mistake was starting to get pizza again on Friday nights and we just fell away from it. Do it, it works!

  43. Sometimes if you cut some things it can still work. Like if you eat peanut butter on the celery (for instance) but skip the cookie.

    But I am the worst person ever to give diet advice.

  44. kathy downey says:

    All the food you wished you had i want it,just had rice and pineapple ham oh so delicious

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