My List Of Grievances

Maybe it’s because I’m suffering from a raging case of PMS, but lately, a whole bunch of people have been Ticking Me Off!!

1) The Stuck Up Mama at the Kiss N’ Ride DROP OFF who PARKS her car.  Hello?  It is drop off only!  Who do you think you are that you can mess up the works for the rest of the entire school by parking you snotty little self in the no parking zone creating a traffic jam equivalent to rush hour.  MOVE already.

2) The self important man at the Starbucks drive thru ordering EIGHT coffee’s??  Seriously dude EIGHT?  The rest of us are getting one or two!  Park you car, go inside and place your order.  You just know one of those eight coffee’s is going to get lost in translation through the crackly speaker anyway.  Plus the drive-thru line is now out onto the road!  I think there should be a max order of 4 allowed.  Just Saying.

3) At the drive-thru line up at the bank.  I believe it is courteous to do maybe one or perhaps two transactions.  Dude, once you have monopolized the machine for 8 minutes it is time to move along.  For reals.

4) 40 km per hr in a 60.  Gas is on the right.

5) Baby it’s not just Oprah that thinks texting and driving is a bad idea.  Here in Ontario it is the law.  You swerving into my lane….especially when I have my kids in the car…makes me want to stick my head out the window like a dog and yell at you to GET OFF YOUR PHONE, YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT.  (but I didn’t, I just shook my head)

Now that I look at my list, I think what I have going on is just a good old fashioned case of road rage.  So if you see a blonde shaking her fist and screaming from inside her SUV, don’t worry it’s just another Suburban Mama who has had it already with the crappy drivers. 


  1. Last week, some woman blew right through a red light at a busy intersection while texting. I threw my arm in the air and started screaming (LIKE she could hear me anyway). You know what I said, “You are not that important!” (Funny, we think alike.) In all seriousness, she could have killed someone. Texting and driving is one of my biggest “driver” pet peeves!

    Don’t even get me started on the slow drivers in the fast lane. Clueless.

    The woman who has to “love her kid up” everytime she drops him/her off really needs to cut the act. We all love our kids. That is just so rude!

    Rudeness abound, my friend. I’ve learned most people only care about themselves in this world. It’s very unfortunate. 🙁

  2. Number 2 on your list is INSANE! Eight drinks? The drive thru? Moron.

    Was this all in one day?

  3. I’m with you on ALL those things! Except I’m guilty of tweeting and driving. SOMETIMES. Like when I’m stopped at a red light! I swear! I also think there should be way more Starbucks drive-thru’s. There are just not enough!

  4. Oh my sounds like you need to change your route….or they need to go back to driving school. I have no idea why there is always That Mother who thinks the rules don’t apply to her!!!! Hang in there!!!

  5. I think you’re speaking for all of us here! Go get ’em.

  6. ok, staying off the roads today…i hear you though, particularly at the line for the bank…that is just my luck….

  7. Ah, you practice the fine art of restraint, I would and have yelled at texting wankers that drive dangerously.

  8. Ummm…things can only go up from here, right? 🙂

    Happy Monday…and keep the faith, my friend. xo

  9. I get irritated when I’m behind anyone in the DT line who is ordering for 200 people. GO INSIDE!!

  10. Funny- I just posted “my top ten piss-me-offers” last week you should read them I think you may find more to bitch about that.
    #1- would send me over the moon

  11. WE’ve had the WORST problem with parkers in our school parking lot at the school I work at. I mean, I don’t know how many passive aggressive notes we can send home to those parents!

  12. yea… for some reason, when i’m in a vechicle, my rage skyrockets!!!

    you. are. not. alone!!

  13. I’m trying not to laugh too much cause Sam’s asleep on my chest but this was awesome! I don’t have the school issues yet but ya RR kinda is in my blood, worse when Sams not in the car.

  14. Oh, I have such road rage, too!

  15. I have mirrored every single one of these emotions in the last week! Sometimes you just want to ram your car into something! LOL!

  16. Maybe it’s spring fever cause right now I”m compiling a list of complaints against people I hate as well and they’re not all car related. Feels good to vent though and I always love to hear you rant. It’s a good time for me!!

  17. Check, check, check, umm, check! I agree with them all! But let me add one to your list – Drive-thru windows are for people who KNOW what they want to order. The rest of us behind you don’t have time for you to decide what “might” be good.

  18. lol, i feel the same way!

    i always wished i had one of those speed racer cars with cool gadgets. my car would have a big giant hammer that would crush the offending car with just a press of a button.

  19. I agree with every single thing on your list. One thing that really bothers be here in NYC is when people use the elevator instead of the stairs and see me waiting with a stroller!

  20. I agree with all of them!!!

  21. Oh gosh every single one of those things are big pet peeves of mine. Especially texting or checking emails while driving. And i’m ashamed to say that ever since my husband became surgically glued to his iphone, he is now a culprit. It drives me crazy and every time I get mad and say something he comes back with he knows what he’s doing and everything is okay. Yeah right, that’s what they all think! Ugh. Why don’t people get how dangerous that is?

  22. Parkers in the drop off/pick up lane used to make me crazy! So glad I dont have to deal with that any more!

  23. Me too! Me too! Nope, not PMS…just common sense!!

  24. Hahaha!! I found myself nodding in agreement to every single one of these. Especially the texting and driving one. Seriously. No one is that important. Get over yourself. 🙂

  25. Oh, don’t get me started on bad drivers! We live off a road with a elementary school and lots of homes and neighborhoods. The speed limit on this little windy road is 30 MPH. I usually try to keep it between 30-35 MPH but I feel like I’m constantly being tailgated along this stretch. Hello, kid’s playing and I’m not getting a ticket so you can get somewhere 1 or 2 minutes faster.

  26. Your starbucks is bumping!

    And, seriously, I think these all boil down to people thinking they are more important than anybody else. Jerks!

  27. I hear ya!!! I don’t think I have your restraint, I am the chic who yells at others — more lately though. I need to find my zen place 🙂

  28. I agree with your whole list.

  29. i would cut tehe guy with the eight coffees. just saying.

  30. i would cut tehe guy with the eight coffees. just saying.

  31. Oh know it is great to get it all out. Yeah. I understand!

  32. drive through coffee? drive through bank? Blimey!

  33. I think that we’re twins separated at birth! I’m generally a fairly calm person but put me behind the wheel and an impatient road-rage monster comes out, shaking her fist at every rude person in sight!

  34. Oh, you would have kicked (horse) butt back in olden days before cars were invented! LOL!

    Have you ever seen this video?

    LOL! 😀

  35. On my banks window it says if you have more than three transactions you have to go inside. And oh the Parkers in the pick up lane, I have thought many choice words about a few of them at my sons school.

  36. It’s okay I have the same problem – especially with other people using drive-thru services when they really don’t need to (and I do because it’s minus ten and I have two kids in the car). Just remember to breathe…

  37. 8 orders of coffee? seriously? tsk!tsk!tsk!

  38. I feel the exact same way as I gesticulated at a lady going 45 on the 403 south because IT LOOKED LIKE IT MIGHT SNOW. Regarding those Starbucks drive thrus, they are an excellent idea, but slow slow slow. Once I got trapped for 15 minutes in one until I got out of the car and fetched my coffee from the window myself.

  39. kathy downey says:

    It’s very unfortunate that we live in a World with some(many) STUPID people who text and drive….

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