Lysol Give Away Winner

Lysol  It was my true pleasure to host this giveaway for Lysol!

Thanks to all who entered.

I put all the numbers into the magic random generator and the lucky winner is…… Number  19!

Lysol Winner

Congratulations to Suzanne who said 19

My son is only 13 months so I haven’t had to nag or plead yet since I’m the one washing him. He does clap his hands and get excited though (probably because he knows it’s time to play after, haha)

Please contact me at in the next 72 hours with your full mailing address.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

*A little note.  My apologies if I seem absent lately.  My house has failed me.  Mother Nature unleashed a torrential rain storm while at the same time let the sun shine just enough to encourage the mountains of snow to melt.  My poor basement could not withstand the onslaught.  She flooded.  Sigh.  I need cute boots.

I’m dealing with renovators, hepa filters, plumbers, insurance agents and all that jazz. Hope to be back soon! 


  1. ugh sorry about the flooding..hope not too much damage…

  2. Oh good lord – your poor basement, your poor nerves! 😮

    Mother Nature has been having a grand ol’time messing with us this year, hasn’t she…

    I hope you have good insurance?


  3. Ughhhhh, hopefully you’ll get things dried out soon.

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