Look What My Kids Did Yesterday

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Look at what my kids did yesterday!  Snow Angels!!  Seriously.  I’m a good Canadian girl and these wee angels are cute and all, but I truly hope we have seen the last snow angel of the year.  Good grief..enough already.


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  1. They are cute! But yikes – you still have snow?!

  2. Although I’m also cursing the never-ending winter here, those are some pretty sweet looking snow angels! Nice work, kids!

  3. for real…ugh…i lost 40 degrees traveling from home to NYC this weekend…i want them back…smiles.

  4. Those are just about the prettiest snow angels I’ve seen though! Mine never looked so lovely!

    But yeah….enough with the snow!

  5. impressive work

  6. Yuck snow. I was whining because it’s noet going to reach 40 degrees once while I’m on spring break, but at least we don’t have snow.

  7. We got snow too. Fortunately, not nearly enough for snow angels.

  8. We made sand angels on the beach.
    Do you hate me now???

  9. Nice angels 🙂 Our snow is slowly disappearing and what is left is dirty and ugly. Our winter hasn’t been terrible but I still can’t wait to see the last of it melt away. Bring on spring!

  10. at least snow is clean and bright, it could be dull, grey, wet, cold, damp and dirty…guess what we got?!!! :0)

  11. Oh, great job kids!!

  12. I could not agree more. It is melting here, which makes my heart happy.

  13. I agree…where is the warmth??

  14. Love the Angels but I am with you on no more snow..

  15. I totally hear you, it is nuts! I’m so done!

  16. really cute snow angels…but bring on spring!!!

  17. No snow but 14 degrees here last night. Can we have spring now????

  18. ohhh don’t wish it away it’s beautiful.. we have six inches of pollen here. :0(

  19. argghh Yuk, I honestly don’t know how you do it.

  20. you’re right enough with the snow.

  21. so pretty… but yikes! no more snow already!

  22. ughhh. Hope that snow melts soon.

  23. UGh. We had snow this weekend too. Thankfully not enough to make any snow angels, but enough to cover the ground. SO OVER IT!

  24. Snow angels are my favorite!!

  25. we had snow yesterday too!:(
    oh well…

  26. Those are cute but I’m totally over the snow. BRING THE SPRING!

  27. Yikes, I had to scroll past that picture fast! don’t want any jinks.

  28. I still love snow angels. I never get sick of them.

  29. kathy downey says:

    We enjoy making snow angels

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