I Ran Away

72 hours ago I went downstairs and discovered. Water.

Lots and lots of water.  Water where it should not be.

There might have been some cursing.  Sweet Girl didn’t know Mommies said those words.  Sorry kiddo.

People” were called. All of these “people”….the plumbers, the restoration men, the insurance guy, they all had bad news.  Every sentence ended with dollar figures.  Big ones.  One condescending jack ass older gentleman kept asking to speak to my Husband instead of me.  Did I step into a time warp?  Is this 1950?  Did he want me to get my Daddy too? 

So I did what any self respecting Mama in the suburbs would do.  I cried a little, then packed my bags, grabbed my kids and ran away to a cabin in the woods.  Take that you leaky piece of crap house. 

I have traded this rug torn out, belongings trashed, destroyed basement, stuffed with ear-splitting de-humidifiers and hepa filters….

IMG_5695 IMG_5696 

For this……

IMG_5707 IMG_5697

My kids are on school break for a week, and I’m hiding up here until Hubby and that old man fix my house!

Hope you all have a fabulous, healthy safe and happy week.

Mwah!  I will miss you!


*I wrote this post before the natural disaster occurred in Japan.  My prayers are thoughts are with the people of Japan as well as their families and friends….


  1. ugh. nice escape…hope you have a great week….

  2. I would have run away too! I hope you enjoy your time away..and are able to return to a peaceful (put back together home)!

  3. why are these happenning? last wednesday night our furnace broke. and my kids had been sick before it happen.

    hope it will be fixed soon. what’s that light brown thing? sand?

  4. Oh Gosh! That’s awful! I hope they get it fixed quick and you can come home.

  5. Oh, Sista, I hope you enjoy the hell outta yourself!!! You surely deserve it.

  6. Oh no! That happened to a friend of mine . . . who forgot to renew her home insurance . . . which was due a week before it all happened – yikes! I hope everything gets sorted out for you sooner rather than later.

    The situation in Japan is horrific, it really is.

  7. Hmmm. The light brown thing? Not sure which part of the picture you are talking about. If you click on the pics they do enlarge and you can see a lot of torn up carpet. Perhaps you are looking at one of the fans they brought in?

  8. Ughhh good luck! I am so scared to walk down to my basement once the snow starts to melt-I don’t want to be the one to discover all the water that I know will be there. Have a great vacation!

  9. Dude…that sucks. I’m on a venture of my own involving 4 figures…. new air conditioner for my bedroom. The other one died last year… it sucks. But it’s a necessary evil in Texas.

    Good luck – enjoy your break!

  10. My female brain cannot understand what has happened to your basement. One moment… I’ll put my husband on…

  11. Oh, I am so sorry for yoU! These unexpected ones with big $$$ are the worst, aren’t they?

  12. Let the men deal with the mess, good move girl! Perhaps the old chap wasn’t being sexist, perhaps a blessed relief break for you was exactly what he had in mind! (Am I being too generous again?!!)

  13. I wish I could run away too. I still have water in my basement. Enjoy the break.

  14. Oh no! Yup, I would have run away too. Stupid houses – there’s always something going on with them!

  15. Glad you were able to get away!

  16. Enjoy your break! I hope everything is all pretty & fixed up with you get back!

  17. Run Bambi, Run!!!!

  18. Sounds like a good idea! Stay warm and dry!

  19. What a nightmare! Glad you were able to escape!

  20. Good work on escaping – what else is there to do!!

  21. That is NOT good. Enjoy your breather though.

  22. I don’t think we get enough time away. I know I don’t 😛

  23. Oh that stinks! I hope you have a relaxing week and that all will be in good working order when you return.

  24. The Japan thing kind of puts a little water in the basement into perspective, doesn’t it? Hope hubby and condescending guy get it all sorted out soon. Have a nice stay in the woods with your kids. xo d

  25. I LOL’d at the man asking to speak to your husband, I work in insurance and get that attitude a lot when I deal with contractors. (who of course can’t tell me outright they think I’m incapable of dealing with the issue, so they speak very slowly and offer to use small words.)

  26. That looks like a wonderful place to escape to! Enjoy your break!

  27. New follower thanks for following me and now I’m returning the favor, cute blog!!!

  28. Okay, you call it a cabin and I call it a beautiful home in the woods. I bet your week turns out to be a fabulous one and then you’ll be happy for the water:) Enjoy!

  29. I like where you escaped, but I hate that you had to escape for that reason! 🙁

  30. reason number 9,421 why I do not miss owning my own home. Apartment living really does have its perks.

    Enjoy the get-away and don’t stress that brain trying to sort it all out lil missy — UGH, can we kick condescending jerk in the knee???

  31. so sorry to hear this.

  32. Sounds like a great reason to escape!

  33. Yuck.

    Enjoy your week off…. 😉

  34. I would have done the same thing, babes.

    Good on you for taking those lemons and making a nice cold drink!

    By the way, disasters happening elsewhere do not diminish ours. You don’t have to apologize for anything 🙂

  35. I would have packed my bags too!
    Hope it all get fixed quickly.

  36. I would have packed my bags too!
    Hope it all get fixed quickly.

  37. we ran away when it happened to us but we don’t have a basement.. the water went right through the one and only main floor. enjoy the break.

  38. That sucks. I would have run away, too.

    I can’t stand when things like that happen to the house or car. It’s just not a fun way to spend money.

    Wishing everything turns out okay and you still have some change left in the bank. The monstrosity of snow this year is downright ridiculous. Seriously, I look out my window and think it’s never going to melt. Well, not until July anyway.

    Chin up, my friend. Enjoy your time in the “Big Woods.”

  39. That sucks!! (And for the record I would have cried a little, too). It looks like you’ve really made lemonade out of the whole situation, though. Looks like a wonderful place to hide out!! (PS – is there really still snow up there??)

  40. You made the right decision! Running away!

  41. Wow. What a beautiful place to escape to! Hope you enjoy your week and get your basement all cleaned out and fixed!

  42. No way! Oh I am so sorry- that really stinks and I wish I could help but no fixit man am I! I will be thinking of ya though!

  43. I will run away too, far away to a place with a beach and a laptop 🙂

  44. So lucky that you got to run away to someplace beautiful (and relaxing, I hope.)
    That old man sounds like a complete turd.

  45. Hi! I came across your blog through twitter. Nice to e-meet you!

    Ugh, home reno emergencies suck! It’s one thing to plan ahead but another to be completely blindsided. I hope you guys get through it with minimal pain.

    It struck a chord with me because I am the Community Manager for Homestars.com. Our site is for people in your situation – they need to find a REPUTABLE contractor. Ours is a social media site where you can read the ratings and reviews of companies that other home owners have written about them.

    Check it out; I know you already found someone to help out but you may need to hire someone to do some other work. Or, you can always write a review about the person you hired for this situation (hopefully, for your sake, it’s a good one!)

    commmunity manager

  46. I’m so glad you had somewhere to go. There are only a few things worse than a wet basement. I hope it is fixed soon!

  47. Smart girl. Have a great time.

  48. Oh no! What a pain. Glad you were able to get away though. Good luck with the clean up.

  49. Oh no!! I hope everything can get fixed and taken care of before you have to get back!

  50. That little disaster looks like a blessing in disguise because I would love to be with you in that cute cabin.

  51. Oh, sorry! Hope it’s not too big a deal. Enjoy your time off!!

  52. Sorry to hear you have to deal with this, hope you get your house fixed soon!
    Though the place you are staying looks quite nice as well. 🙂

  53. Ugh been there done that! Our basement at our old house flooded twice! we had to tare down a wall cause it was soaked!

  54. Oh no! Hope it’s all better now! But, your ‘break’ home? Stunning! Hope you and your girls had the best time!

  55. kathy downey says:

    wow,i would hate that happening,so glad it’s behind you

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