Nosey Much? Since You Asked…

Apparently I am narcissistic enough to think that the hundred 5 or 6 or so enquires mean you all really want to know what the heck happened?  So here it goes…

A wrap up of sorts of the latest drama from my little corner of the Suburbs. 

The coveted house we tried to purchase in Florida. 

FloridaActually, this is the third vacation home we have put a FULL price offer on.  This one though, I was excited about.  Our offer was accepted by the seller then…rejected by the bank.  We surrender.  We quit.  This is some kind of sign.  It’s decided, from now on we will only be causing trouble in these Suburbs up here in Canada, nothing in Florida.  You just have to tell us three times we are not welcome.  We are all kinds of smart like that.

Baseball and Summer Camps with Nice Enough Girl, and her Mama that I simply can’t stand!  I decided to eat the guilt along with a bunch of antacids for the ulcer I am surely creating.  My SweetGirl will never know that Nice Enough Girls Pushy Mama was “accidentally” left off all e-mails and correspondence when it came to coordinating camps and Baseball.  I am surely going to hell….Do you think Pepcid or Rolaids is looking to sponsor a blogger?

The emotive Good Enough To Touch Her Boobs But Not Good Enough To Go To My BFF Wedding.  Yah, want to know what I did?  I whined on my blog, cried in my pillow and then in my proudest moment, I got all passive aggressive and weepy with my bestie.   I told her it broke my heart to think of her standing up there at the alter all alone, that if she decided she needed me I could make plans to fly down south and be there with her in an instant!  She said “Awe Thanks”.  Seriously.  In other words, she didn’t take the bait.  No invite for me.  She got married without a single one of her friends present.  I still love her and hope she doesn’t look back one day and regret her decision.  Sigh. 

Oh yes!  The time we set the bedroom on fire and had to haul this baby downstairs in the middle of the night in nothing but our gitch.  Fabulous.  Not at all embarrassing. FirePlaceWe lived without a fireplace in our bedroom for about a month.  We were cold.  This is Canada people!  We replaced that dangerous piece of crap electric fireplace with a brand new shiny one! Pray for us. 

So there you go, more then you could have ever wanted to know.  As long as you keep coming back to read my sordid tales and embarrassing confessions, I will keep dishing them out.

Thanks for listening.  It is so much cheaper then therapy!




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  1. I don’t get the short sale thing. The bank sets the asking price when the house is put on the market and then rejects it when someone is willing to pay it? NO wonder our market is in such a mess.
    Oh and I’m about to put my house up for short sale, should I just shoot myself now?

  2. You know I love your blog. 😉 I’ll vote for you!

  3. You are hilarious. I don’t even know how to respond except your making me laugh out loud now and I love to laugh in the mornings. It gets my blood flowing! Oh and love that vaca house. Too bad you didn’t get it because i would have made myself a regular there!

  4. So sorry about the house! The banks have swung from one extreme to the other.

    Keep the stories coming…highly entertaining. I’m off to vote!

  5. The whole house thing can be SO fustrating! Ive been there 🙁 Hang in there girl!

  6. ugh…maybe soon enough the economy will change and you can get that house…i’ll toss you a vote…smiles.

  7. It isn’t you, not by a long shot. If the country is coming out of a recession, the news hasn’t reached the deep South yet.

  8. Good to get caught up.

    I am going to have to go read now about the BFF and the boob????

  9. The banks in Florida are not making any friends. {we have been fighting almost 2 years about a land mortgage}
    I forgot about the fireplace…oy. Best of luck.
    Forget the mommy guilt, you do enough good stuff to make up for that ONE LITTLE THING!

  10. Short sales are so weird. If you have a bank owned home, it takes 2 days to hear from the bank. Why not the same on a short sale?

  11. Sorry to hear about the house – it’s so disappointing when that happens. There’ll be other, better houses.

  12. Just voted for you…good luck!

    Thanks for all the updates. The disappointment over the Florida house is making me sympathize more than the missed wedding invite from the friend.

    You can tell what my priorities are. lol

  13. Thank you. Loose ends and unfinished business make me nervous. 🙂

    I want that fireplace. Fire hazard, Schmire hazard.

  14. I’d forgotten all about the Fire! Don’t you do central heating in Canada? You know the hot water in radiators thing?

  15. I love this post. Whether it’s a blog or a tv show I hate loose ends. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  16. That’s why we rent here in Florida, the banks are stupid! There is such a vast inventory but they won’t do anything about it. So annoying!

  17. I still can’t believe you weren’t invited to the wedding. I feel your pain.

  18. YEAH! So glad you left her name off the list. Is that so bad of me? Hmm now I am feeling guilty too 🙂

    Missed the wedding one, going to read that post now.

  19. Suck on some antacids (is that what you use for ulcers?) lol…Good luck with the fireplace…When searching for our new home I looked at a house with a fireplace in it…love it=)

    Brittany is awesome…I almost can’t stomach Rachael though, what about you?

    I’m adding you to my tag from yesterday…Come get it and enjoy=)

  20. I love that you came back and tidied all this up for me. It’s all been in the back of my brain – wondering whatever happened with….

    Glad you left Pushy Mom off the email list. No one needs that kind of drama.

  21. Obviously the banks are mental. Totally. Oh, and I’m sorry your friend didnt take the hint!

  22. Prilosec is probably still sponsoring people to do whatever they want. Some find that it works even better than Rolaids!

  23. I’m glad your house didn’t burn down with that thing! Speaking of houses, sorry you didn’t get your Florida home. 🙁 I can’t believe they rejected a full price offer!

  24. here in the states they have an infomercial for these faux fireplaces made by amish people. allegedly (per the infomercial) they are super safe and can heat up a room to 1 billion degrees while saving 3 trillion dollars on heating costs.
    um. maybe not exactly that much… i was only half listening. 😛

  25. OMG!!! You are hilarious, how could you not be love for your “tell it how it is” self!! I’m so glad you stopped by to say hi from Tammy & Deb’s link up, because I’m really looking forward to seeing your antics!!

  26. We did want to know! And now we do.

    P.S. We are crazy here in Florida. Try not to take it personally. 🙂

  27. I forgot about that fireplace story. Too funny!

  28. hi, new to the site, thanks.

  29. All the fun people will be in hell with ya. Probably most of your blogging friends. 🙂 So glad you didn’t torch the house with that thing, and good luck with the new one!

  30. I was dying to know what you did about Nice Enough girl!! totally agree btw 🙂
    I was also wondering about the FL house 🙂

  31. I am so sorry about the house. The housing market is such crap, but when someone wants to actually purchase a house, they can’t. Makes no sense.

    I just stopped by to like you…good luck!

  32. I can’t speak for the state of Florida, but as an American, I welcome you here!! What a sham.

  33. I wondered what happened with your friend. I’m sorry that she didn’t decide to have you guys go down.

  34. Here I go again with my directness. I would have asked my friend why she didn’t invite me. I probably would have said it half joking and half crying though, which might be a little passive aggressive too.

    And Florida – I thought they’d be paying people to buy real estate, not turning them down!

  35. Really sorry about the house, it is so pretty. I’m in Florida right now with my family for 17 days, only 7 of them left. Hope your have a nice Sunday.

  36. You make me laugh

  37. kathy downey says:

    you always give me a good chuckle

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