How Mom Bloggers Can Save The World!

Have you ever felt isolated and alone?  Have you ever spent an entire day with NO one to talk to?  The baby doesn’t count.  She just gurgles and cries, smells funky and if your lucky, giggles and smiles. Ever had a day when you have gone through every contact in your phone book and no one is home?  It’s just you and Oprah honey and sometimes that’s just not enough.

Being a Mama is truly the hardest job in the world. When I took my first maternity leave I felt….alone.  I walked that baby of mine to the park every day.  Seeking out the other Mama’s in the neighbourhood, looking for some kind of connection.  I joined playgroups and was forced to hold hands with other Mama’s in a circle.  Awkward.  Not for me.  Sometimes social outings were to the grocery store, my only adult conversation with the cashier.  Sigh.  Being at home with a baby all day made me a bit of an attention whore.  I couldn’t wait for my Hubby to get home at 6pm. 

Fast forward a few years.  I’ve morphed through the stages of Career Girl, to working Mama, ultimately choosing to stay home with my two amazing girls.  It has been the most rewarding job, and at times the most isolating experience of my life.  Plans, friends, appointments, life in general is planned around these little creatures.  Fabulous…but sometimes challenging. 

Then I found blogging.   A place where I could vent my frustrations, talk about the little joys, even chirp out my panicked worries over twitter. Yes!  I found an entire world of women, an entire tribe of like minded peeps in my very same situation!  I found that  connection I didn’t even know I needed.  A community. 

Now, I can lose HOURS to reading blogs and researching fabulous sites!  Dare I say that through blogging I have made friends?  It’s true!  Not only that but I now have the ultimate in resources for all things Mommy.

At any moment I have access to thousands of Mommy approved opinions on childcare, medical advice, health resources and simply old fashioned “I’ve been there” comfort from new found friends. 

Need a healthy food recipe?  Look up a trusted Mom Blogger.

Need advice on bullying?  Search the Mom Bloggers.

Need a laugh.  Mom Blogger.

Which vitamins to try?  Why not ask the Mom Bloggers.

Is that available in Canada?  Ask a Mom Blogger!

Through my blogging I have found a group of women who I may not know personally, but I do know have experience and have been where I am. 

Will Mom Bloggers save the world?  Maybe not, but they will make it a little bit more interesting and pleasant place to play for a while.  I am convinced Mom bloggers have made a positive impact on every person that has taken the jump into the crazy welcoming bloggy world!   Thanks to each and every one of you.DdropsDisclosure:  This post was written as an entry into the Ddrops Company contest for sponsorship to Blissdom Canada 2011.  You can find me on twitter as @SassyModernMom  , join my facebook page here, or my facebook fan page here.  Thanks to Ddrops for this opportunity. 



  1. SO well written!!! and one I think lots of people can relate too!

  2. I totally agree with you. Blogging can be sanity saving at times.

  3. Oh I so relate! I was actually just thinking about this today…lately I have not actually spoken to a soul…it does get lonely. I know I also feel that sense of connection through blogging…I have come to really appreciate that community because for now at least, it’s the most real I’ve got!!:) And I have to say I agree, I can’t really stand the organized sort of mommy\ baby play groups…

    Thanks for such a really fabulous post! You are wonderful to share this and let us know we are not alone!

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. nice. though not a mom blogger…i agree there is a great community that can be found online…

  5. Thank you for sharing this delightful post and your beautiful photo. You are a babe, tell Dh he’s one lucky dude, which I am sure he Totally Knows!!!
    Blogging is a delightful community and I am privileged to have found your blog and appreciate you, MM.

  6. Great post, love your blog. You just described my mat leave to a “T”.

    I hope you win, you deserve it!

  7. Back at you girlfriend.

  8. Thanks for coming by…I can relate here but as you saw on my blog today, blogging and fb’ing can make ya wanna rip the hair straight from your head!!!! lol

  9. i <3 blogging

    i’m also following back

  10. so right now i sort of work from home. i don’t have the added stress of a little nugget to take care of, but i do sometimes think to myself “i love my dogs, but i REALLY wish there was someone i could chat with (well, someone i could chat with that would chat back)right now!” and then i remember TWITTER! and BLOGGING BUDDIES! they really do keep you sane sometimes 🙂

    good luck in your contest! and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  11. Thanks for entering our Ddrops Bliss contest. This is a great post. Maybe Mommy bloggers won’t save the world, but I’m willing to bet that many, many other Moms are able to relieve some of the pain and suffering of their little ones when they are ill by learning what other Moms have done that worked. Good luck in the contest.

    Nat on behalf of the Ddrops team

  12. So beautifully said and so true! I really do love the connections that I feel with others through blogging.

  13. Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Thursday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  14. I remember well the isolation of being a stay at home mom – and I didn’t know a soul that also stayed home – and blogging did not exist. Mom’s today are very lucky to have this outlet.

  15. You should so win, you are like a drop of sunshine!
    I remember heading to a park with my 20 month old when we first arrived in Fl, to discover I was the only Mom … all the kids were there with their nanny’s!
    I wish I’d blogged years ago – but hey, better late than never!

  16. This is sooo true!! Being a mom can sometimes be isolating…blogging provides great support for those days when you would otherwise be on your own!! Well written, xx

  17. I agree. Most of my news comes from reading blogs. I sure hope these mom’s are getting it right!

  18. So well said. Best of luck for sponsorship!

  19. I so loved this post! And my youngest is 12 and my oldest is 23!! And every word of what you said is true through so many ages..Trust me!

  20. I so loved this post! And my youngest is 12 and my oldest is 23!! And every word of what you said is true through so many ages..Trust me!

  21. Thanks for your comment at my blog! This post is just too relevant and close to home. I have been a stay-at-home mom for two years come this Saturday. One that is stuck without a vehicle all day long. That has no one but a little girl and a housefull of dogs and cats to talk to. I find myself excited to go grocery shopping. I’ll end up talking to the man behind the deli counter as though my life depends on it.

    Thank goodness for mom bloggers!!!

  22. I agree! I just wish I had blogging when I first began staying home almost 11 years ago. Work will be calling my name in a few short years but hopefully I can work from home and continue this wonderful thing of blogging and continue developing lifelong friendships!

  23. Oh, you should WIN! 🙂

  24. Yup, I’m with you 100%!!

  25. Sooo true. Mommyhood is lonely when you have your first child and ugh those playgroups are so not for me either. It wasn’t until my second was born that I started to find a real circle that I felt good with. Blogging just adds a whole new layer to the friend circle. Have a great weekend xo Carol

  26. Gorgeous post and so true also. You had to hold hands at playgroup? Thats just plain wierd!!

  27. Very well written, you said it perfectly. Mom bloggers are such a wonderful support. I am so glad that I fell into the world of it!

  28. It does help, doesn’t it?

  29. I’m with ya lady. The blogosphere is a wealth of information!

  30. This makes me want to blog–I’m mostly a sahm, teaching part-time, and it’s lonely. I’m at the park twice daily and have NEVER met another family there–and we have 2 parks in walking distance. I haven’t found a playgroup that’s open and although I do have friends for my daughter, they are in daycare so we don’t see them during the week. It’s lonely being a new mom and worse when you can’t find someone who understands. Thanks for sharing how you coped!

  31. Aunt Kristina!
    I tried to find to find an e-mail for you so I could drop you a line. In all honesty the bloogy world is warm and welcoming. It is a place where you can air your troubles and shout your victories! If you start a blog let me know and I will be your 1st follower! In the meantime you might want to think about activating your e-mail on your blogger profile so when you leave lovely comments us hard core bloggers can comment back to you!
    Hugs! It does get easier!

  32. This is fabulous! I hope you get to go, you so deserve it, your posts are always so well worth the read!

  33. I just voted for you on D drop Blissdom ’11 contest entry. Good Luck to you!

  34. kathy downey says:

    I have learned many tips and tricks from bloggers

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