Car Stuck. Snow Sucks.

I’m not supposed to talk about it. 

Hubby is not impressed….um with himself!  Hello?  I am a blogger.  These are the moments we live for!

We thought we would do something special, something memorable with the kids.  The sun was finally shining so a plan was hatched.  Take the girls skating way out in the country at a private pond.  Just the four of us, our skates and some hot chocolate.  Sounds perfect right? 

That is not what happened. 

This is what happened.  We went off roading. Ya know, to get closer to the pond?  Just a wee bit off the beaten track, and those tires, they got stuck.  They just spun and spun, and dug us down into a big fat muddy hole. 

No matter what we tried, we were not driving away from this one.

SUVStuck SUVstuckTire

Was it as bad as it looked?  Nope. It was WAY worse.

We were stuck  OUT THERE (that white spec behind the tree)….for hours.  SUVstuck2 We had to call for help.  Apparently this is not very manly.  Men don’t like to call for help.

The car is in the shop.  It’s not funny yet. 

Well, at least not to him.  How many days until Spring???


  1. Maybe not the excitement that you were expecting but good Blog fodder!

  2. LOL. Glad you got out. I can’t wait for spring.

  3. It might not be funny to him, but it is to us!

  4. i wouldn’t want to be stuck out there either. we have a pond in walking distance to us but i am afraid to skate on it.

  5. Oh My! I just watched a story about Katie Kim a women who got stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere with her two kids and husband for ten days! The story was riveting. Consider yourself lucky.

  6. OH NO! But all that snow is SO beautiful! 🙂

  7. So did hubby learn anything? lol

  8. It is great when you can see the humor and of course, the blog post potential in these things!:) I enjoyed reading it, wouldn’t have wanted to be there but it makes a good story!:)

    Hope you are having a great day!

  9. I don’t know why he can’t see the humor in this. It made me laugh a little…ok a lot!

  10. Oh my! I’m glad you all are okay. But it did make me laugh!

  11. Ya for snow and ya for getting unstuck!

  12. My husband would totally do this if I haven’t told him I would castrate him.

  13. Hee hee…been there too. Nice to meet you (and a Fellow Canadian as well!) Cheers!

  14. You’re right, great blog material (Not fun though!)! Hehehe…

    Can I just say, “Um, what was he thinking?”

    Yay for getting unstuck. Yay for spring being just around the corner! 🙂

  15. So. I WOULD think this was funny -really, I would, because you are a funny gal – had I not recently had an incident like this all by my lonesome. Ummm…in my own neighborhood. After an evening of cocktails with girlfriends. While wearing flip-flops…yes, on a snowy evening.

    So maybe that’s funny, too, now that I think about it. We can compare notes sometime over a glass of vino, K?

  16. Yuck, being stuck is no fun. It is something that I’m sure you all will be laughing at someday. Ah, the memories!

  17. oh i am hanging my head in mad shame…but only because i know the feeling..smiles.

  18. Your kids must be better adjusted than mine because all I could think was how grumpy the kids would have been to be stuck for hours. It is a beautiful shot though:) Carol

  19. Oh goodness but hun that is why we blog and you make it such much more interesting … lol that is what I tell Rick 🙂

    Glad you got out, bummer on the car 🙁

  20. OMG, you were stuck???? That’s crazy!

  21. But it’s an off roader…it’s exactly what it’s made for!!! Poor chap…although I am sat here chuckling to myself :0)

  22. At least you didn’t have to wait out there until Spring 🙂

  23. Oh no. That is no fun. Good luck!

  24. I’m so sorry your sweet idea took a turn for the worse. Hope the car is fine.

  25. Lol! You are so right things like this are perfect for blogging. Why did this make your car have to go to the shop though?

  26. Not quite the memorable experience you were looking for but something to remember none the less.
    Glad you got out safely.
    Thanks for stopping by. Take care and have a blessed evening.

  27. Hehehehe whoops!

  28. You have given the family something priceless: a basically harmless but embarassing story to tell about Dad.

    (Someday even he will find it funny.)

  29. You’re supposed to have rugs (welcome mats) in the car to put under the tires I think. But on a good note, perhaps the pond was not safe and you were saved from getting wet …?

    Or perhaps just a lesson in humility, ha ha Don’t we all get those.

  30. Ohh no! At least you guys were able to get out of there and didn’t have to set up camp for the night!

  31. oh no!
    hope your car is good now…

  32. That’s teach ya for going all granola cruncher on us!

  33. How long did he try to get unstuck before admitting defeat? My Hubs would have been at it for hours before calling anyone! lol Men.

  34. We were at it for over an hour before I reminded him it would take at least 30 minutes for help to GET to us. Then he hung is head in man shame and called for back up:)

  35. kathy downey says:

    I have gotten myself stuck a few times over the years it’s never fun

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