Valentine’s Day. It’s all about me!

Valentine’s Day.  It’s one of those days you build up in your mind.  You are going to have the “perfect day” full of warm fuzzy feelings, flowers and romance, loving moments and maybe even the perfect gift.  Everything is going to be perfect.  Yah right.  Uh..that is not what happens! Ever?

Despite best efforts Valentine’s Day is usually an anti-climatic blip on the screen.  Hubby and I don’t exchange big gifts but we do try and romance it up.  Just seems that since the kids, we have had to learn to adjust our thinking as to what constitutes a “perfect” Valentine’s Day. 

Some of the more glamorous memories from Valentine’s Day’s past would have to include the evening we had to give away concert tickets thanks to two sick kiddos, the night we ate popcorn and chocolate for dinner because the oven quit on us in the middle of cooking our fave meal, and of course the ever popular…called it an early night because we were just plain too exhausted to make it to the end of our rented movie. Yep.  Life with kids in the Suburbs. Sexy.

This year….I have decided to start a new tradition and I am so freakin excited about it!  I am buying myself some pretty for Valentine’s Day.  Brilliant right?  Don’t tell the Hubby but I already do it for my Birthday and for the “birth” day for each of my girls.  Buying myself a Valentine’s Day gift, this is just the next logical step!  The question is what to buy? Ohh I love this game.  A new little cocktail ring?  A travel book, or this little beauty…….BR-pink-leather-tote-150the Banana Republic Large Leather Tote.  Love!  Must have.  

Since it is Valentine’s Day, and shouldn’t be entirely about me, I’m thinking about picking up a couple pairs of these little babies for my pre-teens.  Seriously, how cute are they! 


Even the name is cute.  Glitter Sneakers by Old Navy.

Oh and must not leave the man out…..

Gap-Mens-79_50-SkinnyJeans   Gap-Core-100ml-38

What?  Don’t be judgey.  Just cause he will look hot in the Gap Skinny Jeans and smell all kinds of great does not mean the gift is for me!  It is all about him I swear.  Kinda.

Now when Valentine’s Day rolls around, I will still try and create my perfect romantic moment, but if life in the Suburbs ends up throwing me a curve ball this year, I will be ready!  



PS  This is not a sponsored post, just a girl dreaming up another reason to shop and lusting after some good ol on-line shopping.


  1. Love those glitter sneaks. And I think that buying yourself something is a grand idea!

    Good Luck this year.

  2. OMG those shoes are awesome… I usually juet tell the hubs what I want that way he gets it and I know its somthing I like hahha..

  3. We don’t celebrate Valentines day or sweetest day…or any other “hallmark” holiday.
    Good for you though going out and buying your own.

  4. I like those sneakers. If I paired them with some cute undies the husband would totally think I had done it for him………

  5. What cute shoes for little miss. I think I need some! 🙂

  6. Love that tote! That’s the way to do Valentine’s day, in my opinion.

  7. loooove that bag…
    but oh those shoes! love them!!!!!

    buying yourself something for v-day… not there is an idea i think i would LOVE!!!

    you are just so smart… lol

  8. Sounds perfect. But I’m not really a VD fan. In a lot of ways.

  9. Sounds perfect. But I’m not really a VD fan. In a lot of ways.

  10. Anytime we try to do something for V Day someone gets sick. 🙁
    I think buying yourself something is an awesome idea. That way you get exactly what you want.

  11. You are a genius! I love this idea – might adopt it for myself too. We deserve pretty things!

  12. I think your plan for this year sounds great! Buy the bag. I love it. I think I may adopt your idea and do the same thing over here.

    Funny post!

  13. smiles. thanks for the early reminder….

  14. You, my friend, are a very wise woman!

  15. How fun! Enjoy- We’ve always kept Valentine’s day pretty low key so kids didn’t really interrupt our routine much. This year though we’re using it as a good excuse for hiring a babysitter so we can go out and enjoy a quiet meal together. The fact that we have a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants helps out too!

  16. How fun! Enjoy- We’ve always kept Valentine’s day pretty low key so kids didn’t really interrupt it our routine much. This year though we’re using it as a good excuse for hiring a babysitter and going out and enjoy a quiet meal together. The fact that we have a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants helps out too!

  17. You really are a romantic girl, aren’t you? Since the kids came along the emphasis on VD is usually about trying to make home made valentines instead of store bought and even that doesn’t always work out:)

  18. I support this 100%. 🙂

  19. Buying your own gifts….hmmmm I just might try that. Our Valentine’s Days have always been a bit of a joke. Stuff happens. You deal with it. We do Post Valentine’s Day now. haha.

  20. I think I want those pink sneeks for myself! Adorable! 🙂

  21. I’ve been buying myself presents for years. Christmas, anniversary, birthday…I buy a little something I KNOW I want and hand it to my Hubby to wrap.

    When left buy gifts on his own–failure. He bought me a heating pad, a set of flashlights, and some Victoria’s Secret panties for Christmas. I believe those were all actually FOR him.

    I guess I should start thinking about what I should buy myself for V-day. I’ll have to check out your suggestions.

  22. Brillant. I, too, will shop for myself this Valentine’s Day. I relate all too well to not making through a rented movie.

  23. There is nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves….and our peeps!

  24. Valentine’s Day falls right in between our birthdays. His is the 9th and mine is the 19th. Really kind of sucks. I can’t remember the last time we did anything fun for Valentine’s Day. Maybe 1999, the last V- Day before kids.

    I like your ideas!!

  25. I don’t care about the flowers, they die too quickly. I like going out to dinner but it’s always crowded which doesn’t bother me but my husband doesn’t like it. I already bought myself something small for him to give me. I think I will be buying him his Dolce Gabbana cologne. At our age we pretty much buy what we want so just a nice evening together would be fun.

  26. OMGosh you crack me up! I do that too!!! We totally need to hang out…because I justify “me” gifts all the time.

    With 4 little dudes, our Valentines day is usually ho-hum. Hubby rarely does anything for me…but I try to do his fave meal, send flowers, give him a cheesy card. THen he feels like crap…and I look amazing. Win-win, right?!!

  27. I think that’s a great tradition. I may have to follow in your footsteps!

  28. Same thing here…I love getting the kids some fun things but hubby and I don’t do much. I am doing a Valentine’s Day event with a friend so am getting some fun things just for me!!

  29. good idea! I love the bag:-)

  30. Absolutely you must buy a present for yourself.

  31. I am totally behind the idea of purchasing a gift for yourself. Last year Doodles started school and found out about Valentine’s Day…so, the shopping began – at the local gas station. I bought him M&Ms and he bought me a R’s Peanut Butter Cup (because Mommy it’s your favorite, I do have one of the sweetest kids on the planet). Yep, me and the 7 year old may just go crazy and shop at the grocery store this year. 😉

  32. Love the shoes!!

  33. Ya we haven’t been able to celebrate and afford V-day (especially since our anniversary is 2 weeks before it.

  34. Who says those glitter shoes have to be for preteens?? I would rock those as a twenty something 🙂 Oh that tote – to. die. for.

  35. Yes on all accounts. Great choices.

  36. I was a judge in the Canadian Weblog Awards this year and was rooting you on!!

  37. Great idea to buy something for yourself! I have to admit that I do that for my birthday. Just don’t tell my husband. LOL

    We have 4 kids so I completely can sympathize. We’ve had some lackluster Valentines Days too with sick kids, etc.

    Thanks for the follow! I am now following you back.

  38. I’m sure you will rock the purse while wearing the sneakers.

  39. *high five*

    It’s settled, imma gonna spoil my own self this year and let hubby off the hook 😀

  40. I loved to see Jim in skinny jeans and smelling like a million bucks. Oh a girl can dream.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  41. Love the stuff! You can send some my way too!

  42. I love this idea! I say go with a new bag or at least something fun!

  43. This is a fabulous idea! I’m off to online shop for my gift to myself. Although, pretty sure my NYC trip falls into this category.

    Awesome items, you have great taste!

  44. Ummmm, best idea ever to gift yourself on heart day!

  45. Love that shoe

  46. Oh yes, husband is all about the “Val Day is a commercial holiday.” I love the idea of getting my own gifts! Hmm I’ve always wanted diamond earrings … 😉

  47. kathy downey says:

    Those glitter sneaks are sweet,i do love Valentines Day….and yes it’s all about me!!!

  48. kathy downey says:

    Hubby and i love spending the day together,i don’t care much for all the flowers and stuff…..for me it’s all about quality time

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