These Migraines Can Kiss My A$$

drugsI’m not looking for sympathy….just need to rant.

Migraines suck.

If men were affected by these bleepin headaches that knocked you to your knees as often as women were, there would be a cure already.  Just saying.

Headaches that make your vision blurry, the world spin, your stomach lurch, and make you want to cry.  They must be the work of the devil.

I know I am not the only Mama suffering so thought I would share this.  Every trick I know:

Nail that headache with Liquid Advil (or your drug of choice) as soon as you feel that familiar twinge of pain.

-Take your migraine meds right away, don’t be a hero.

-Drink a ton of water.  Drown that nasty beast.

-Try caffeine, sugar, a quiet dark room if you can get one.

-A hot shower or a cold ice pack might help.

-If you have to go out, embrace your inner movie star and wear those dark sunglasses.  Shades help. 

-Remember, this too shall pass.

After it might try and come back.  Migraines are very tricky beasts. You stop the drugs and end up with the lovely “rebound” headache.  Keep drinking the water. Also:

-Avoid aspartame, mushrooms, all the fun cheeses that you love, say no to wine…all booze really.  Remember MSG is not your friend so no deli meat, hot dogs or prepared food. 

This past week, frankly, it sucked.  Thank goodness I have a good man who sent me to my room and made me lie down.  Rubbed my back and told me I was going to be okay.  ( I did wonder for a while)  You can’t be a good Mama or partner while trying not to cry from pain.

Note to self, probably shouldn’t write a blog post while heavily medicated. This is not funny nor entertaining.  Hope my tips help someone…PLEASE add you own!

Wishing you all a healthy happy week.


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  1. Since having my boys my migraine frequency and intensity have changed in my favour, but I do feel for anyone that goes through them. There are people that lose Days of their life. My sister has had them so drastically she appears to have suffered a stroke. The worse part is that most of the meds are so very dangerous.

  2. I always get migraines. I don’t know if it’s a side effect of my pain meds for my arm or just my body trying to get me to stop what I’m doing. I find the Walmart brand of Excedrin migraine works pretty good!

  3. I have suffered from migraines since I was 15. They are the worst ever. Last year I finally decided to see another doctor who of course found nothing wrong. Just keep taking your meds. I decided to see my eye doctor to see if my prescription was too strong or not strong enough. They changed them, nope still migraines. I quit wearing my contacts last summer, and the migraines which were once 4-5 times a week are now down to 1 a week. I have never felt so good. For some odd reason my contacts all these years were not doing me any good, and causing these head pounding headaches, which bring me to tears, make me throw up and curl into a ball. Hugs.

  4. That sucks. Hope you are headache free now.

  5. so sorry. i always get them when i am pg then they go away. but they are the worse.

    dark rooms. no light. pillow over your head. block out all sound too.

  6. Hope you are on the mend momma! NO FUN!

  7. Oh geez! I hear ya! I’ve been getting them for years…they can be quite disabling. Just got put on Sumatriptan… hoping it does wonders!

  8. Poor you. Nasty, nasty, nasty! I hope you’re on the winning side now!

  9. ugh…have them infrequent thank goodness…will get cracking on that cure…

  10. Oh know that is know fun.. I hope you feel better soon..

  11. I don’t suffer from them (thank God) so I have no tips – just wanted to send hugs.

  12. My dad and I both suffer from occasional migraines. They mimick a stroke. I usually can’t talk at the outside and then my vision is block by “clouds”.

    I hope your is better soon.

  13. I feel your pain. I agree that the quicker you get those painkillers in, the better. I find the after effects are just as bad. It takes me the rest of the day to recover. I feel like I”ve been beaten up. Hope you’re fresh as a daisy today. xo

  14. My 12 yr-old son has migraines and they are “beasty” as he calls them!

  15. A few years ago I had a streak of them, my trick, I started downing Dr. Peppers like a junkie when I felt them coming on. Feel better soon.

  16. Poor friend.
    I have only had a few in my life; really horrible.
    I feel for you.
    Take care, Suz

  17. It must be the weather or sinuses but I’ve been having them all week! Yuck!

  18. You poor thing! I’ve never suffered with migraines but have heard they are killer. I hope they go away and leave you alone very soon.

  19. I hear ya! I had a bad week last week. Headaches just about every day. I’m thinking i’m having the rebound ones, cuz I’ve been taking too many fiorinal with codeine.
    I do agree, must take as soon as you feel it coming on. Many the day I can kick myself for waiting too long to take my meds.
    If you can’t get comfortable laying down, try resting sitting. I just find the best position and cry myself to sleep.
    This week i’m trying to stay on bayer aspirin. Wish me luck.
    Hope you get a break too!

  20. I’ve never had one, but I have heard that they are INCREDIBLY painful so I am SO sorry that you’re suffering with them. 🙁

  21. Migraines suck. My best remedy is Excedrine Migraine and a hot shower.

  22. Good tips. I had a couple last week too. Not as bad as yours sound. I am sending virtual hugs and advil to you!

  23. The first time I had a migraine and my vision started going blurry I totally freaked out. Good advice, the dark-if possible- always helps me a lot.

  24. Oh my hell! There is nothing worse!!! The only thing I really do is retreat to my dark bedroom and try to sleep. That’s not usually an option, depending on the time of day, but it’s the only thing that really works for me, since I opt for the drug-free route.

  25. Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear that you get migraines. Thankfully I haven’t had any, but I can only imagine how bad a they can be since I HATE it when I even have a little head ache.

  26. Oh my goodness I feel you on this one!

    I have been bothered by headaches/migraines/sinus headaches for as long as I honestly can remember!! With all of the lovely symptoms you describe…

    I have found no miracle cure in all these years, when it gets that bad, I cry, which only makes it worse, and TRY to let myself fall asleep, anything to escape the pain!

    I have been really bothered for the past month, it must be the weather?!

    Hope you’re feeling better!! Hugs

  27. Migraines are so evil. I usually take advil and drink mt. dew as soon as I feel it coming, then drink mt. dew the following days to help prevent the rebound.

  28. Migraines are so evil. I usually take advil and drink mt. dew as soon as I feel it coming, then drink mt. dew the following days to help prevent the rebound.

  29. I have them…thankfully I finally have a preventative that works to cut them down from the 17 a month to 2 or 3 a month. Biggest downfall to getting them that often is that I hate to let them win. A trick that I learned that really does work, but you have to catch the bugger before the crazy light show, Snickers – 4 Advil – 1 Can of Mountain Dew (or the strongest dose of caffeine soda you can stand – I hate Mt Dew but will do it for this). Slam the Mt Dew and Advil, chase it with the Snickers and it makes the headache subside to get you through the work day.

    otherwise it is a cold cloth and dark room for me…and my medication.

  30. I feel I’m very lucky that I do not have migraines nor sinus problems. I’m sorry for those of you who suffer from either (or both).

  31. The sinuses used to be my nemesis until I gave in to the monthly allergy shots. Well worth it.

    Sorry you have to endure the migraines. I saw something on TV today that described it just as you have here.

    I’m sure your advice is helpful to many.

  32. I used to have horrible migraines when I was younger…I still get them but only a few times a year. Hope you don’t get another one for a long time!

  33. So sorry you suffer from them. I will remember your advice if I ever get one. ((HUGS))

  34. I hate migraines! Mine are usually so bad I throw up. Fortunately I got prescription meds, just in case. For the most part I can stave them off by taking an Excedrin migraine when I feel it coming on. I need darkness and sleep. That really helps. Hope you are better now!

  35. I didn’t know you also suffered from migraines…

    (( hugs )) from a fellow friend!

    I have tried so many prescription meds to get rid of the pain when it hits and it just makes the nausea worse if I can’t fall asleep on time.

    I missed so many days of work I lost count :-/

    Mine stem from either neck pain or, more importantly, hormones – yep, PMS = migraine time.


    I have heard that rubbing your temples with Tiger Balm and then taking a hot bath helps but I’ve not tried it yet.


  36. I was told by two of my friends that caffeine and chocolates are enemies of migraine…im not sure about this now though.Having read your tips (of coffee) and some fellow readers (mountain dew)…chocolates like snickers…hmmnnn come to think of it, that’s a nice treat!

  37. I have daily chronic migraines-working on 6 years now. They suck-and I’ve tried almost every medication they have out now. I’m stuck doing nerve block shots every month (as fearful as I am of needles I’ll suck up 10-16 shots monthly if it helps with the pain) to try and help. Being a stay at home mom of a very active toddler…and part-time teacher at a local community college, well that makes it worse. Sigh. I hope you find a way to get through this–I’m trying to really think about giving up work for the summer to see if less stress (well, work related stress…not financial stress lol) helps at all. HUGS

  38. I was knocked out by migraines 3 days last week! Luckily I don’t get them that often. I agree -migraines SUCK.

  39. oh Lordy I just had one – (hoping today it is gone – don’t feel it this morning) – 4 days – I was ready to cry – did vomit – I like the drown it in water – that is my remedy for sure! (it doesn’t work much though)

  40. kathy downey says:

    My husband suffered for years with migraines hours in the dark vomiting tell he started taking Liquid Advil ,now soon as he feels the eye twitch he can take the advil and away it goes within 30 minutes

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