Tween vs Proactiv & 5 Giveaways!

Yes..I have to admit it. I have a tween. You know the sometimes adorable, sometimes heartbreaking and oh so frustrating age that is no longer child, not yet teenager. Sigh. I have one of those in my house. This little tween means the whole world to me, so when she suddenly started having trouble with pimples I wanted to help. No Mama wants to see their baby struggle with self esteem, and let’s face it, you don’t feel your best with a big honking zit on the tip of your nose.

We went to the drug store, picked up and tried about four different face washes and topical treatments. Ug. Drying, abrasive, too much for this young one’s skin which is still so baby soft. Besides that, nothing really worked. proThen entered Mom Central with the opportunity to try the New Proactiv 3 Step System. I’ve seen this product line on TV countless times. Katy Perry uses it! Could this be the magic fix we are looking for? Something to help as my babe makes the transition from child to Teen? Also something to help me with the occasional surprise pimple. Not my kind of surprise thank you very much. Worth a try. We accepted the offer from Mom Central, and together are taking the 30 Day Challenge.

For 30 days we are going to use Proactiv’s three step system. It is designed to gently cleanse and exfoliate as it targets the blemish causing bacteria trapped in pores.

The super simple steps as described by Proactiv!

Step 1: Renewing Cleanser: A unique oil-free formula, with exclusive micro-crystal pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide, that contains smooth, tiny beads to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities.
Step 2: Revitalising Toner: A refreshing, alcohol-free toner with glycolic acid that helps balance skin tone and remove dead skin cells to reveal the vital, radiant skin beneath. Its special formulation to balance skin’s natural acids includes witch hazel to refine and purify pores and aloe and chamomile to soothe and soften.
Step 3: Repairing Treatment: A light, oil-free lotion containing exclusive microcrystal pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide. The Repairing Treatment penetrates deep into the pore to help heal blemishes and help prevent future breakouts. The advanced delivery system is safe for the entire face and any other blemish-prone areas.

Our system arrived, I paired it with some cute wash clothes and we are all set. Mom and Daughter are going to try this system together. Bond over skin care. Love.

Another bonus, I get to share the love and offer five readers a full size Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer! Value $33.00 Canadian.

Woo Hoo! Here is how to enter!

Mandatory Entry: Canadians Only

Tell me why you would like the opportunity to try Proactiv® Solution.

Easy Extra Entries

2. Follow me publicly on Google or tell me you already do.

3. Follow me on Twitter @SassyModernMom or tell me that you already do, and give this giveaway a tweet. Leave your twitter name! You can tweet once every 24 hours. If you like you may just cut and paste:

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Again, PLEASE…leave separate comments for each entry and make sure I can contact you!! Leave me a valid e-mail address!


My hope is to try this system with my daughter and then report back to tell you how it went! I would absolutely love it if some of you wanted to take the #NewProactiv challenge with us! I promise to let you know what I think of the system.

*Contest is open to Canadian residents only and closes December 17, 2010 *You are welcome to enter on multiple blogs but are only eligible to win once.

Disclosure – I am participating in the New Proactiv Canada program hosted by Mom Central on behalf of Guthy-Renker. I received a 30-day trial kit and a gift card a thank you for myparticipation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

*now closed

*image courtesy of Proactiv


  1. i would love to try this because – well, i have skin like a teenager 🙂

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  3. i like you on facebook too 🙂

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  5. I’ve had acne since my first pregnancy so I would love to try proactive to help it

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  7. My teenage son has been fighting acne for years, we’ve tried the drug store stuff and even some Rx stuff. I’d love to try Proactiv next!

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  10. I am now following you on twitter, I’m @dsfunctinalmom , and I tweeted the giveaway:!/dsfunctionalmom/status/13498449093726208

  11. Ill be interested to hear how it goes.

  12. I am interested in using Proactive!
    I follow you on twitter, and face book and on google publicly! And I’ve tweeted the giveaway!

    canadianbloggergirl at gmail dot come

  13. I use and love proactive system already, but have yet to try the green tea moisturizer. Could this be my big chance?

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  15. I am already following you on twitter under the user name @AugmentedGem and I tweeted the giveaway too! I am not on Facebook.

  16. I want to try it for myself as i get the occassional breakout.

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  20. Do let us know how it goes, there is SO much advertising on TV about proactive – hell, even Avril uses it! gasp!

    I like products that clear up my skin, who wouldn’t? yey!

    good luck!

  21. I would like to try this because I sometimes get blemishes during certain times of the month (TMI – I know). I would like to ward off the evil red dots if possible.

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  25. I would love to try this Proactiv moisturizer as I have problem skin and I tend to stay away from moisturizers. This Green Tea Moisturizer looks promising.


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  29. I want to try it as I’m pregnant and my skin is suffering

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  30. I have heard good things about Pro Avtiv but never tried it. My 16 year old would love it

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  34. I love proactiv! I am not canadian, so my following doesn’t enter me into the giveaway, but I will tell you I am thirtysomething, and proactiv combined with birth control pills is the only combo that helped with my severe acne problem. I’ve tried other cleansers as I age, since I don’t want to be using proactiv forever, but I always come back to it. It just works. I only use it at night, though, so I don’t have to worry about extra sun damage as much. And I use just my hands instead of washcloths or any other applicators. Love it. I hope you and your readers enjoy trying it.

  35. I have a 13 year old girl who is just starting to develop acne, and I would love to win this for her!karasceviour at hotmail dot com

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  38. I would love to try I have a few blemishes on my face and this is something I have always wanted to try!:)

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  41. I’m already out of my teens and my skin is still bad. I’d love to try this out, lol. eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com

  42. hi, followed you thru google friend connect.
    thanks for the nice comment.

    If your family like fried chicken, they will like the one I cooked. It’s easy, I can share the recipe if you want…

  43. I haven’t tried it yet but would love to for those weeks that breakouts are bad.
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  46. i’ve used this stuff for years! it is the only thing that helps with my skin.

    hope some lucky person gets to feel as good in their skin as i do 😉


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  49. I’m 42 & my tween is 12 1/2, for some reason I’m getting blemishes at the same time as my daughter! I’d like the opportunity to try Proactiv® Solution to clear both our skins and to provide a good example to my daughter.

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  53. I’d love to try Proactiv, since I still have periodic, mostly hormonal, break-outs at 40. And now my 15yo is having acne issues too

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  56. I follow you on Twitter and I just tweeted the contest

  57. the reasons I’d like the opportunity to try Proactiv® Solution, is because I have a (gulp) 13 yr old and an 11 yr old who have both recently started to develop acne (my poor babies),
    Today, the boy that my 13 yr old daughter has a crush on pointed out a “big zit” on her face. she came home from school crying 🙁

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  61. I would love to try this. I am curious to see the outcome of my skin.

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  62. I would like the opportunity to try Proactiv® Solution because ever since moving to dry Alberta my skin has been horrible. Dry and prone to pimples…. total opposite from my Ontario skin!

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  66. I would love to try Proactiv because I’ve tried everything to get clear skin and nothing works. I’ve wanted to try Proactiv for a while, but I’m sceptical about stuff advertised on TV

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