Pre-Christmas Rant. It’s A Tradition.

The holidays are just around the corner, the pressure is building and something has got to give…or I could just whine and rant right here.  Free therapy begins now.

Mother nature is freaking out and so am I. What is going on? My parents are in Naples Florida and are experiencing freezing temperatures?  Huh?  Up here, we have snow banks that are literally 6 feet tall and we have been told to brace for round too!  Enough. 

Flyer delivery boy. Honey.  The flyer needs to be placed on our doorstep.  Wanna know why?  Because when you leave it on the driveway and then it gets covered in three feet of snow, this happens.  Look very closely. Can you see the flyer?

IMG_5319 IMG_5321

Yep. She is stuck in there.  This type of snow plow jam leads to red veins popping out of my Hubbys neck and my dear daughters hearing words I would really rather they not!  Besides, chasing down the bits that did make it through the throwy part of the snow blower, NOT fun.  IMG_5324Speaking of snow..Snow plow dude.  I fear for your life.  Not because your job is dangerous, but because if you keep ploughing in people’s driveways, there will be a revolt.  One of these Suburban Daddy’s is going to chase you down and stick a banana in your tail pipe…..or errr something way more sinister and icky. 

Dear Neighbour.  Thanks for the Christmas card.  I’m happy to receive it especially since we talk like twice a year and hear the news that you will be in Florida for the next three weeks.  Ummm adding the “PS Can you please shovel my driveway when I’m away?” Shocking!  Not gonna happen sweetie! 

People are rude.  Yes I know this is not news. However, do you not find that near the holidays people become exceptionally self centered and jerkish?  Today Mr. Entitled snaked the parking spot I was waiting for, and then when he saw me walking huffing by 3 minutes later gave me a “How YOU doin.”  Seriously!  Give your head a shake.  How Rude.  and might I add not a chance!

Teachers. I love you.  No one works harder then you. Except my 9 year old kid that you keep piling assignments on. Enough already!  Can we please have some slack for just a wee bit.  No one likes assignments over the Christmas Holidays. That is so very Grinch like. 

Dear Turkey.  Yes, I am writing to/ranting about the turkey.  I buy you already stuffed and ready to go.  This is because I am a modern mom, not a domestic diva.  Please this year, could you thaw out overnight as promised and cook in a reasonable amount of time?  I would so love to feed my family before 8pm this year.  Thanks ol bird.

Ahhh Much better now. Ranting is good for the soul! Go ahead….try it!

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  1. Yes, the holidays can bring a bit of stress with them. Buck up — it will all be over soon. 🙂

  2. I think it’s much healthier to rant as the items happen rather than to save them up for one big rant. People have popped from less!

  3. Oh my goodness….snow just makes life crappy.

    Hope you can find some magic amongst the craziness!

  4. HA! As much as I love Christmas, I often find myself despising this time of year as well…the big crunch right before the big day. Hang in there, and I promise that I will, too.

  5. OMG! I would so laugh (from the window) if that happened to my hubby with the flyers. But see, he keeps asking for a snow blower, and I say nothing wrong with the shovel. I know I’m mean. He even wants a riding lawn mower for the pizza slice of a yard we have. He’s used to being on a farm and having all these toys at his disposal.

    I agree with the snow plow though! This is why I’m glad at our “outofshitville” home we will be on a side street and not a main artery of the base!

    Well your kids school seems to be on the ball. I’m sure they would know how many hands they have by age 8, or know their ABC’s by the time they’re six, unlike my little bastards I babysit!

    Turkey – if you need help with the easiest way to have a turkey ready by 6pm with even home made stuffing and not have to get up before 10am, email me!


  6. You crack me up girl … now head on down here, surely your parents are missing their grandkids and Naples is like 2 hrs door to door from me!

  7. LOVE your rant! And as if your neighbour had the nerve to P.S. you like that… shovel their driveway while they’re basking in the sun in Florida? No, indeed! Sigh. It is such a busy time, isn’t it?

  8. our teachers have been so nice…givng a homework moratorium until after the holidays…i am sure it helps them too…

    lots of little things to drain the holiday spirit…

  9. you’re right it’s so nice to rant.
    just breathe and relax even though you’re so pressured by the holiday madness plus the weather.

  10. People are so rude! And as I general rule, I just don’t like them.

  11. Merry Effing Christmas!

  12. Maybe you SHOULD help your neighbor out….. by adding ice on top of the snow they get so shoveling is more enjoyable when they get back! 🙂

  13. Thanks for the great laugh this morning! I know you are feeling better already…

    Merry Christmas!!

  14. So I’m walking out of walmart and I stop to look both ways before crossing the giant cross walk area because I’m good about not getting run over like that. This jerkoff in a big SUV gives me the palms up are-you-going-to-go-already gesture because he’s almost had to come to a complete stop.

    I turned and said, “Merry Christmas” to him, but I wonder, why the random un-jolliness? Tis the season and all that crap.

  15. They were kidding, right? Please shovel my driveway?

    Yes, right after you pay me to do it! Come on.

    And, this teacher? No assignments over the break here!

  16. Modern Mom ! I feel your pain lol… I first and foremost no all about the homework on the holidays… not fun at all…It seems very grinch like that they can do such a thing!

    and even the parking during christmas holidays at the mall! omg… I even witnessed a father get out of the car, go into the back seat to get his daughter and STAND INFRONT OF of parking spot with the babyyyy so his wife can drive in and get it…. yepppp he threatened the rest of the cars withhis child so if anyone tried to get the parking spot… the baby is at risk of getting it… messed up huh! ..

  17. RANTING is FUN! I would like to see the reaction of your not-so-demanding neighbors when they get home from their FLA trip and see that they would have to dig through their driveway. Priceless! Well, seriously, what kind of neighbor are you to not even consider shoveling the snow out of their driveway!??? ha ha

  18. Wow, I can’t get over your neighbor asking that! Also it kills me how mean people can get this time of year (or anytime, really). I was doing some xmas shopping the other day and this total a#@hole was having a hissy fit in the store because they ran out of gift boxes. Like seriously losing it on the poor salesgirl. I felt like telling him off, but I was actually scared of him. Merry Freakin’ Christmas, buddy!

  19. rant on sister!!!!

    though i CANNOT believe the neighbors asked you guys to shovel their drive.. seriously???

  20. Boy do I hear you on this one. I had a terrible morning so far. Won a gift card, placed the order for brownies and they only sent me six not 12. Then I find out that Target gift cards I send out had no money on them. Crap!! Is it over yet?

  21. Rant on! Hope you get some relief from the snow soon!

  22. “Modern Mom”… I love it! That’s what I am. I’m so not a domestic diva (aka Martha.)

  23. Awe man, that snowblower incident is terrible! wth! 😮

    I feel your pain, this time of year brings out the worst in many people… and thankfully the best in a few others, we need these people! neeeed!

    oh and booze too 😀

    drink up, sista!

  24. so very true this time of year! Why, WHY would her teacher assign homework NOW!? The LAST thing I want to be doing is correcting right now!

  25. Just let it all roll off you. Breathe and enjoy the time while you have it. Christmas will be here and gone and then you’ll wish for the rush of the joy and madness to come back when it’s over – we secretly thrive off of it 😉 Merry Chistmas Momma!

  26. Every now and than, everyone needs to rant a little! As lovely as Christmas and the holidays are suppose to be, there are most definately rude people, especially in the malls.
    I cant believe the piles of snow you are getting. Seems close to London, I was there a few days ago, and it was CRAZY, so I cant imagine how you are all coping with it!

    talk soon,


  27. There are rude Canadians? 😀

    Teachers like that…grrr! I agree with your rant list. Hope that’s the end of the flyers! And snow!

  28. Snow? What is this stuff you speak up? We had 80 degrees the other day!

  29. Oh my gosh!!! How rude of that neighbor! I’d make sure that no one plowed their drive way while they were gone!

  30. I so need to rant too…or I am gonna blow! Yikes!

  31. Your neighbor is loco!!!
    BTW: your parents will have a lovely weekend…the temps will be much milder.
    Take care…don’t blow your top!

  32. Ah – the one emotion that brings all mankind together, intense hatred of the snowplow man who piles up snow in driveways. The harmony of anger he leaves in his wake is almost beautiful.

  33. Boo to teachers who give homework this near the Holidays!!

  34. I’ve been out of town, last I checked in on you was day one of snow, not looking so fun now.

    I did add a link in my blog about you, may all your xmas wishes come true.

  35. Yeah, what is up with this time of year? On the one hand it’s all joyful and merry and there’s the excitement of the big day. On the other, there’s the horrid weather, the grumpy people and bad drivers. And the snow, don’t even get me started.

  36. Gotta love winter. Ohio is getting hit too, but not as hard as your area!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  37. Did the rant help relieve some of your stress? If so, maybe I should write mine down! 🙂

    And how dare all these people and things offend you!

  38. Definitely worthy rants!!

  39. kathy downey says:

    Hope your rant helped.Honestly i just think we expect to much of ourselves.this year i never shopped going with all gift cards.

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