Hugs Pet Products Winners!


Thanks to all my Pet Lovers who entered into to win these award winning prizes from Hugs Pet Products. A fabulous place to shop for your animal family!  I plugged all the numbers into the magic random number generator and the winners are:

First Prize: Dog Wash


Amy said… 17

I follow you..


Second Prize: HydroBone


**** April **** said… 47

i like you on facebook….

Congratulations to you both!!  Please send me an e-mail at to collect your fabulous prizes!

I sincerely hope that when you are shopping for products for your pets in the future you check out our caring friends at Hugs Pet Products.


  1. Thanks so much for letting me know I won. Congrats to the other winner. I e-mailed you my info.. Have an amazing weekend. I can’t wait to use this..

  2. Congratulations AMY!!!
    Congratulations April!

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