Goosebumps and Shivers

Not my usual kind of post.  One more Halloween tale before the spirit of the season is gone…

Have you ever been so scared you were afraid to speak. Been so frightened that words get stuck in your throat?  Have you thought to yourself that if you didn’t put it into words, then it wouldn’t be real?  I have had these very thoughts and that is why until very recently, I kept this little story all to myself. 

Our house is only about 20 years old and we are the second owners.  Eight years ago this week, as I sat nursing my second daughter I saw a “flash” out of the corner of my eye.  I shook my head and decided I needed to get more sleep!  I decided to put this little flash out of my mind. 

Then the flash…the movement in the corner of my eye.  I saw it again.  I was afraid to walk down the hall, I refused to leave my baby alone that night.  She slept with me.

About a week later I walked into my three year olds room and was instantly covered in a cold sweat as she laughed, pointed and giggled uncontrollably at the very empty corner of her room.

Later still, home alone, at dusk.  I was sitting in my family room downstairs, I saw someone, a child, run the length of the upstairs hall.  I nearly cried.  I was paralyzed with fear.

I was terrified and confused!  So scared that I did not even tell my Hubby I had seen anything.  Was I losing my mind?  Was I truly going crazy?  I spent hours researching the history of our house and found nothing that would explain a wee spirit coming to visit and roam this house in the suburbs.  I knew, these instances had to be ghost or spirit sightings, there was no other explanation. 

Then one day, again as I sat nursing,  I saw this little flash sit down.  It was a little boy.  He was see through?  Kind of opaque.  Yet I can tell you he was wearing a red and black striped sweater.  He sat with his legs dangling through the banister.  I realized he was always wearing that sweater.  He sat in that particular spot, legs dangling, feet kicking,  often.   I have no idea what his face looked like…just a vague image of him.

After that I saw him regularly between my daughters room and the bathroom upstairs.  A quick flash of image, bolting back and forth.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and broke down, crying, blubbering, shaking, and told my Hubby.  I feared he would think I was a sleep deprived nut.  I didn’t even get the full story out, he stopped me mid way through my rambling teary tale….  “You’ve seen him too.”  Was his immediate response.  Whew.

Now, I have to be honest, although we saw this little boy numerous times over the months that followed, and it startled and scared me every single time, I did not feel that he was here to harm me or my children,  BUT I did not want him in my house.  Something had to give. We talked about putting the house up for sale.  Some people think this kind of thing is cool, we are not those people. 

When my Uncle, the Baptist Minister, came to visit we braved the subject.  He was not at all surprised.  He said the spirit was stuck.  We needed to tell him, he was no longer welcome in this house and it was Okay for him to go home now.  (We made our Uncle say those words too)
I stood in the hall upstairs like a crazy lady and spoke to the air.  With tears in my eyes, I told that child he needed to go into the light.  That he was no longer welcome in this house.  I am covered in goose bumps right now, but I never saw him again.  My then 3 year old stopped laughing and pointing at air.  Hubby has not seen him either.

Call me crazy, go ahead and say it is not possible but I’ve gotta tell you …I believe! 


Hope you all had a happy and scare free Halloween!

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  1. GIRL, you are awsome! 🙂

  2. hi,modernmom!

    thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    I, too, believe in spirits that are stucked in our world. Maybe they don’t have closure when they died or they have something to say or forgot to say.
    In my country, we believe in these things. You did the right thing of talking to this spirit. There’s no harm in doing it right? As you’ve said you didn’t see him again.

    Just include him in your daily prayers.

    But still it’s scary!
    Take care!

  3. Wow I can only imagine how you felt. These things can be real, I believe people do not understand until they experience it. I am happy you guys got rid of it.

  4. Oh how I love a true ghost story!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! If this is a true story, you have me freaked. I believe in spirits although I haven’t seen one myself.

  6. Yes, this is a true story!!!

  7. Ok, this is creepy as hell. I am not sure how I really feel about ghosts and spirits.

  8. Oh, I fully believe in this kind of thing. That would be soo unsettling! I’m glad he listened to you. I will remember this story if it ever happens to me.

    My sister and I were just having this conversation on Halloween, she said she doesn’t believe in ghosts. I said, “Do you believe in guardian angels?” She said she did, and I said, well, those are just ghosts being really helpful! So now she believes in ghosts, too.

  9. oh yeah…i got chill bumps on that one…i grew up with a graveyard in my backyard…

  10. Ok, that story really spooked me. I had a similar circumstance, where my son as a baby was always pointing & smiling at something down the hallway of our old house. When he got older, he would ask me to cover his eyes so he wouldn’t see the “big ghost” at night. Thankfully I never saw “it” or I swear I would have died of shock!!

  11. I got the chills reading this. I would have freaked out.

  12. Wow, what a fab story!

    If you look on my blog I wrote a post a few days ago talking about people’s belief in the paranormal. I’ve spent many a night in an ‘alledged’ haunted house as I used to belong to a ghost research society. Absolutely loved it although I didn’t really experience anything I couldn’t explain. I guess this has made me more sceptical but I still long to be convinced! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing x

  13. Awww poor boy ghost. I would have been scared as hell too. But so glad the boy moved on. You still live there I gather. Are you scared? Have you seen anything else?

  14. i believe you since I have seen SEVERAL ghosts in different places throughout my life. and I also do NOT think they are cool. I think its terrifying. I can not watch those popular paranormal shows because of all the things I have seen in my life.

    One was when i was 10 at a sleepover party we thought it funny to have a seance and we did and we saw the ghost of a man in a suit from 1920 styles and he walked through the walls into the hallway talked to the baby sister in the crib and played with her and then walked away into the wall…

    In our first house we lived at we had a ghost that PEED!

    we also had a ghost that did the dishes

    a ghost that threw my 2year olds toys all over the room in a violent rage…

    we had a priest come and bless the house. the ghost/s left.

    i have no explanation for ghosts especially children ghosts…its freaky.

  15. WOW…love the story!

  16. I’m now covered in goosebumps. And very glad I live in a house we built!

  17. I loved this story! It inspired me to share my own story of the little friend I had as a child on my blog…

  18. Not sure how I feel about ghosts and spirits and all that…but I am thoroughly freaked out by this story.

  19. I’ve never seen anything as dramatic as that (okay my shih tzu just snored really loud just now and I almost pooped myself – reading this stuff freaks me out!) but in my parents house I used to get this really intense perfume smell that had no source or explanation. I think there was an old lady ghost that liked to slather on the perfume.

    Now I’m going to go do something that is not spooky so I’m not afraid of the dark tonight!

  20. well, now I am gonna die. I will not open my eyes at all tonight. Ever.

  21. WoW! That is amazing!

  22. I remember you shared this with me via email while I was reliving my own paranormal story.
    Love that you shared with all of us…this is the real deal.

  23. Oh. My. Hell. Thanks, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight!

  24. Oh, I believe.

    (LOL, you’re right –this is not your usual kind of post!)

  25. Totally get it…was creeped out…but totally get it!
    My first son was born two months after my dad past away from a sudden heart attack. The first day we brought my son home from the hospital, one of the windup toys sitting on the shelf, a toy that had been there for the duration of my pregnancy and never been wound, started playing the lullaby. It did that several times, until I said, “I know you’re here with us Dad.” Then it stopped. So yes, I’m a believer!

  26. Well, I am creeped out now too. I believe you! I have heard too many stories like this. Thank God I have never seen anything or I would have croaked!!!

    Honestly, I think I would have had to move out.

  27. Very cool story!!!!!!!!

  28. I believe you. Spirits have to go somewhere and sometimes they are not sure where to go.

  29. I totally believe you! How creepy…yet kinda cool

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    Take a *peek* at my giveaways if you come by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!

  31. i feel bad for you guys.. but also for the poor little boy.. something must have went on for him to still be floating about…

  32. I have personally never experienced anything like this, but I believe. The veil is so thin, its bound to happen.

  33. I’m glad that your hubby backed you up on this. We’ve lived in a couple of haunted places, and hubby was almost always in denial, it sucked. Babyzilla used to laugh at the corner of the living room, but she doesn’t do it anymore. So we’re having a break from it for now. You are so right about some people thinking it’s cool, but in reality it gets old real fast. Thanks for sharing and trusting us with this. xo d

  34. You gave me chills reading this.

  35. 😮

    is this for real?

    you’re not making it up?


  36. OMG! I do believe but haven’t really known anyone who experienced something like this.
    I don’t know what to say. What a visit you had! So glad he left.

  37. 🙂 I actually remember when I was a child, I used to experience all kinds of things.. My mother and father had a hard time dealing with it because at night I would see thing and feel things that would result in me getting severe fevers and sicknesses. My dad was never convinced I actually seen things but my mom told me recently she believed me. I had a bad childhood because my parents also locked the doors at night when I was scared so that I could not get into their bedroom, I would cry and cry and cry. My mom had to bring me to the doctors and my doctor clinically diagnosed me of course and said I just have a vivid imagination. To this day Im exactly sure what I had! but the doctor suggested to my mom that I should stop disbelieving me and comfort me whenever I mentioned what I saw. for example I saw a ppool of blood in the tub when I went to the washroom in the middle of the night! … my mom had to pretend to drain out the tub and that actually rinse it and I seen the blood go down the tub. Another incodent I was in the basment watching tv and I immediately just started screaming for my mom because I felt something sitting on me as I was laying down on the couch.. I can go on an and but after moving from that house to a new house freshly built, evertthing stopped. Who knows!.. all I know is I like to believe there is an after life… so why wouldnt there be ghosts?

    Amazing story Modern Mom 🙂 and by the looks of the comments, you and I are not alone!

  38. Wow. Makes ya wonder, right?

  39. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  40. creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy! I’m like you… I believe. I’ve never seen anything, however, but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe.

    I’d want it gone as well…even if it meant no harm.

    So… gotta you watch scary movies? Did you see Paranormal Activity? What’d you think of that?

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