Flashback to Flashing Lights & Uniforms

It has been nearly a year since I was almost dragged off to the city jail.  For real!  Imagine, all I was trying to do was set up for our annual charity event for the girls school, and this not so desperate housewife ends up spending a fun filled hour with the police.

It’s that time of year again, and since I think I am suffering from a little post traumatic stress disorder and I’m too crazy busy to come up with anything original today I thought I would re-post this oh so fun event. 

My SUV stuffed to the brim with silent auction items, minding my own business, singing along to the radio and then this happens….

Damn. Lost an earring. Got water on my shirt. Hair dryer broke. I’m running late. Now I don’t have time to stop and grab that Chi Tea Latte and the coveted Ginger Molasses Cookie. Starbucks is the ONLY place in the world where you will ever hear a man ask……”Can I warm that cookie up for you?” Oh well, better for my butt if I skip the sweets today anyway.

Sitting at the stoplight singing away.

“If you loved me then you should have put a ring on it…oh oh oh oh …”

LONG light.

Touch up the lip gloss.

Gee. My hair actually looks good today.

Green and away we huh?

Bleep bleep  bleeeep *flashing lights*

What on earth?

~not speeding

~Didn’t jump the light?

~OK, pulling over Mr Cop Man.

The officer approaches the car.

Ohhh …..Mrs. Cop Man. Sorry.

License and RegistrationShe says.

Sure. Um…Is there a problem?” I query.

“Yes Mam, your license plate does not match the vehicle you are driving.”   She is not impresed.

Huh??? And might I add a silent …What the Hell??

“I’ve only had this SUV for three weeks. My husband took care of all the paperwork, and you won’t believe this but I can’t find my ownership or proof of insurance.”

“Stay in the vehicle Mam”

This is when she gets on her handheld radio and takes my ID back to her car.

I start to phone my Hubby to find out exactly why my plates don’t match my new car. At this point a second police cruiser comes screaming up. Lights flashing. He blocks the street.

Apparently when you “steal” a car, you get a lot of attention.

Great. I’m going to be on “COPS”.

Hubs calls the owner of the car dealership.

Owner of the dealership calls me.

“ModernMom, we will get this straightened out, in the meantime “ He advises. “be sweet and flirt with him a little?”

“Dude! The officer is a chick!”

“Oh”..says owner man….”Is she wearing comfortable shoes?”

40 minutes and many many conversations later the officers decide to let the ModernMom with the shaking hands go free. It has become clear that I am NOT a thief, and that the dealership who sold us the car simply forgot to transfer the old plates to our new vehicle.

I have 24 hours to produce ownership of this vehicle and proof of insurance.

Done and done.

Today’s lesson.

Always make sure your plates are properly transferred when you get a new car!

Apparently in the Suburbs car thieves can look like soccer moms.

Thank the powers that be that the nice officers believed my story that I am not a thief, just a blond having a really bad day.


Hope you all have a fabulous day too! I’ll be back to visiting and commenting soon…assuming I survive the weekend:)

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  1. I would be peeing my pants!

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I speak to a police officer, I feel incredibly guilty and as though I’m trying to hide something. It is just me, isn’t it?

  3. yikes!!
    i so woulda freaked!!

    glad they finally let you go though!!

  4. LOL! Thanks for republishing this – I missed it the first time around. Man, those cops sure know how to scare the bejesus out of us unassuming suburban moms!! Now I don’t feel so bad about my little “incident with the law”;)

  5. oh snap…those lights make my stomach hurt…

  6. Hilarious. I really thought this was funny. I can remember being pulled over once for going 42 in a 35 and being surrounded by 5 cop cars (small town, I guess that was the higlight of our police forces day)

  7. Glad you were not dragged to jail. Hope things look up this weekend.

  8. Yikes, forget peeing pants. I would have done something much messier…

  9. Too funny!
    People steal plates here all the time! LOL
    Love the “Comfortable Shoe” remark!

  10. When I got out Id have to change my pants after I crapped in them!

  11. I would be bawling at that point…one of the worst things I can imagine happening to me. No wonder you have PTSD.

  12. That’s some brush with the law.

  13. No way! That would be so cool! you know, in retrospect, a year later… yes, suburban moms usually do steal SUV’s! Um? Wouldn’t we go for something FLASHIER!?

  14. Ohmyword, you poor thing!

    When I was 19, I was out with a friend and we were leaving another friend’s house. We got pulled over because someone had reported a “Peeping Tom”. SIX cop cars later, we were allowed to go. Because two 19-year-old girls really look like Peeping TOMS. *sigh*

  15. Oh man, what a story!

  16. Good grief. That’s quite a brush with the law. I was be shaking like crazy, too.

  17. That is horrifically hilarious!!

  18. Haha! I busted out laughing with the “Is she wearing comfortable shoes” question…

  19. I seriously would have died! (and probably cried too)

  20. Oh my gosh! Thats just crazy!

  21. OOOohhhh holy hell! I dont evenknow what to say….

  22. How scary for you. I guess that is a plus of living in a small town. All the cops know you or are married into your family.

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