You Know You’re Important When


If you are sitting there…I don’t want to talk to you.

Really, it can wait.

I’m out of town at the ShesConnected Conference and this is the toilet in my fabulous room at the ParkHyatt in Toronto. I am seriously not that important, but apparently there are people in the world that are?

Forgive my absence, I’ll be back around visiting in a couple of days! Then I can tell you all about the people I met and how honky the drivers in Toronto are.

Sheesh..I am so not a city girl.



  1. Have fun.. I love cities but not sure I would want to live in one

  2. I did a quick search to see if any celebrities have stayed at your hotel, none noted. But I did find out that Toronto is one of the financial centers of the world, which explains the phone by the toilet if you think about it.
    Enjoy your stay, you’ll be back home before you know it. xo d

  3. if i am sitting there i really dont want to talk either…smiles. have fun!

  4. Have a fab time … and ummm .. call me 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  5. Well at least you can call for help if you run out of toilet paper.

  6. Have a great time!

  7. IVE never understood this either haha! So funny!

  8. hope ya have loads of fun! and be safe too!!!

  9. Have a wonderful time!

  10. have fun! I’ll watch the excitement via Twitter!

  11. Quick, give me your number. I can’t miss your blog for that long.

  12. Omg, that is so funny! I had a similar one when I went to Las Vegas…there were two phones in the bathroom, one by the toilet and one by the jacuzzi (so you don’t even have to get out to answer the phone)

    Of course, I would NOT touch a phone there (other people were there before you!!)

  13. That is pretty funny! I hear you, it can truly wait, I DO NOT a phone in with the toilet!!

    Have fun!

  14. Sheesh, Id be worried about the sound effects in the background!!

  15. So funny. I hope you are having fun.
    We actually have TWO phones in our bathroom, one near the toilet and another in the shower area.
    We never use either of them..who would?

  16. I know, who wants to talk when your taking a sh*t!

  17. Haha! Have a great time in the city!

  18. Haaa that’s hilarious… I always wondered why hotels had phones next to the toilet.

    I still don’t know!


  19. LOL….who, why…I don’t get it. It really would have to wait.

  20. I don’t want to talk to anyone in the bathroom…no matter where they are. 🙂

    Have a great time.

  21. That is funny!

  22. OH I wish I was there, if not for the toilet alone! 🙂 Have a good time!

  23. I had so much fun with you – trying to park your huge white SUV was classic! You’re awesome, so happy to have finally met you!

  24. Hope you are having lots of fun!!

  25. How bizarre to have a phone by the toilet!

    It was great meeting you this week!

  26. I love the toilet phone…lol!!!!!!

  27. Hope you had fun!

  28. I think it’s hysterical that you took a photo of a toilet and then posted it here. I hope you had a great time at your conference.

  29. Yikes. I sure hope they sanitize the HELL out of that thing between guests. Can you even imagine the filth on that phone?

    Along the same lines, however, my MOTHER IN LAW when she built her house, had one installed in their “water closet” and my son (6) absolutely adores using it because it’s just the perfect height for him to run off and call me.

    Like, I know he’s over there visiting and the phone rings. “Hello?” “Hi mom.” “Hi Drew, what are you doing?” “I’m going potty.” “Then why are you calling me?” “There’s a phone in the potty.”

    Sounds reasonable enough to me.

  30. My parents had a phone next to their toilet when they were older. It always made me afraid to call.

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