Sales Prevention Department

It’s rainy, it’s gross, and my Hubby has declared “Scramble Season”.  I am a golf widow. Dear Hubby has been sucked into a rabbit hole of “three AMAZING” golf tournaments.  One each weekend for the entire month. 

Tourney’s I just can’t pass up”.  He tells me while sporting his best puppy dog face. What does this mean for me?  Duh retail revenge shopping of course.  Passive aggressive behaviour at its best.

This also means if I walk into your store you might as well paint a target on my back.  I am an easy sell.

Unless of course you are an idiot.

When I come into your sweet smelling bakery to stock up on fresh bread, you simply have to make sure there are bags available for me to put the bread in. Can’t bag it, can’t buy it!

I really wanted to buy those amazing boots that were incredibly overpriced, but when you tell me they make my feet look fat?  Sale fail.

When I walk into your “boutique” and there are 3 salesladies doing nothing, and no one can even bother to glance my way? I’m pulling a Pretty Woman and taking my money elsewhere.  Big mistake.  BIG.

I get that you have to lock the change room doors so you can keep an eye on who is going in and out…but if your going to do that, have some staff back there to let the serious shoppers in!  The more I try on the more I can love.

Oh and I do appreciate your opinion on the outfits I’m trying on but just cause I’m revenge shopping doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Even my 9 year old will tell you.  I look fat in these pants.

Shopping trip summary, managed to get earrings for the girls, gift card for a Birthday, hand cream from Bath and Body Works and a coffee.  Not one article of clothing for me.  Heavy Sigh. It’s okay…still three retail revenge shopping weekends to go.  I just have to steer clear of the sales prevention departments.


  1. My last shopping trip was similar. Pushy sales girls (I hate the insincere smiles and “let me tell you about our specials today”). Ugh. One sales girl asked me THREE times how it was going in the changing room.
    I wound up with a new sheet set and a necklace for my sister.

  2. I totally understand this kind of post. Shopping is fun but can be a pain. I just do not enjoy trying on things anymore. It is hard to find things that go with me. Have a great week.

  3. Loved the pretty woman reference!

    check out my contest:

  4. I need to try that, Revenge Retail! If only I could get him to play golf…

  5. my dh is big into golf too. I think it is the most boring sport ever and no I will never learn to like it. I just don’t see what is fun or interesting about it.

  6. I employ a similar strategy when my husband is away. Guess you have a few more weekends left to find some clothes! 😉

  7. Sales people should all have a special training class that teaches them how to treat people with respect. I hate the cashiers that act like you are bothering them. Honey, if people didn’t shop there, you wouldn’t have a job! lol

  8. Sales prevention. I love that.
    How can your feet look fat????

  9. this may be the single greatest reason i dont need to golf…besides potential property damage to peoples cars and people…

    these sales people are pretty clueless…

  10. What are those places thinking???

  11. I’m a football widow so I totally understand. I need some retail therapy too.

  12. Yep…gotta love the three women standing around. Either they won’t leave you alone, or you’re totally ignored. I agree. If they can’t even say “hi” no need to spend money in their store.

    By the way, how can you feet look fat in boots? Just wondering.

  13. lol.. I totally know what you mean about sales people like that. I have had things in my hands ready to buy and put them back because of aweful service. Love the pretty woman reference too 🙂 Hopefully next time you will have a more successful retail therapy revenge trip 🙂

  14. Customer service is terrible nowdays…I hate going shopping. I did do some shopping today and feel good about it, maybe it is because I had my hair done and I feel a little “hot”…lol!

  15. They really missed out then!

    Love the Pretty Woman reference!

  16. Sometimes you have to wonder about these stores. Can they not see that maniacal I must shop now look in a customer’s eye? Or do they just not care?

  17. I completely agree! If the sales people aren’t friendly etc, I leave and don’t give them my money!

  18. They know not what they’re not doing right.

  19. Ha! Great post! And too bad you didn’t get too much for yourself. Maybe we’ll just have to remedy that when I’m in TO for BlissDom, huh?

  20. I agree with you on all of those! I really don’t like it when they don’t even great you and same thing with the dressing rooms!!!

  21. If you haven’t shopped enough I’ll send you some more options. I’m selling Avon now. LOL

  22. LOL! That kind of behavior would make me walk out of a shop too. By the way, I love the whole concept of retail revenge shopping. May have to adopt that one!!

  23. Former golf widow until my husband hurt his knee. Love the retail revenge…kinda bummed that those days are over.

    Get some good shopping in for me 🙂

  24. Loving the idea of retail revenge! Doesn’t it stink when you have money and want to spend it you find nothing that you want….then when you don’t have money and even if you did you couldn’t spend it…that’s when you find all the cute stuff you can’t live without. Happen to you? Or am alone here?

  25. and… ditto to everything you said.. i WORK in retail and WORK with the public daily.. and it ALWAYS blows my mind how we, as customers are treated sometimes.. cause i always treat my customers more or less like gold!!

  26. I really dislike the stores where there is two or three registers, one cashier and the rest of the employees are aimlessly wandering the store while the line to check out reaches all the way to the door and you near the end and are already 10 minutes late for the birthday party!

  27. Uhh, that is my worst nightmare right there. Suck! Now, let’s hear more about these boots?

  28. Hmm The boots! The were just below the knee black boots…very long zipper. I should have taken a picture. They were super snug across the toes so guess they made my toes look fat?! Ha

  29. There is always a price to pay for hubby play time. I know this.

  30. That’s why walmart and i get along so well, LOL! 😀

    Half. Kidding.

    Good luck on your next shopping bonanzas and hubby totally owes you a weekend with the girls in vegas!!

  31. When will stores stop wasting money on advertising and hire better managers to train their employees to help people in the way they want to be helped? They should use their money to keep their happy customers instead a few possible customers from their silly commercials.

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