No More Drama Mama

My hands shook as I walked from the parking lot into the school where the big PTA meeting would be held.  The meeting where this women, this creature who had been bullying an entire group of volunteers, would finally be confronted and dealt with.  Why on earth was I so nervous?  Oh yes, because I am not that girl. I’m not the girl who looks for a fight, or enjoys the drama. I preach “Can’t we all just get along”, and “Life is too short”.  I usually avoid confrontation, I’m passive aggressive at best.  My biggest injury to you would be an attempt to to kill you with kindness.  Either it’s a genetic defect or I need therapy.  I want/need people to like me. I hate this PTA Drama.

Rather quickly everyone gathers in the meeting room, including two representatives from the Presidents of our Ontario Association of Parent Groups.  Yes, it has gotten that bad.  Drama Mama shows up.  Five minutes late.  Good start sweetheart. 

You can actually feel the tension in the room.  Oh how I hate this kind of stuff.

The meeting begins.

Drama Mama is allowed to start with her side of the “story”.  After an hour and a half of this she still has not gotten through her very first point…although she has done a lot of finger pointing.  Literally. Pointing right at people!  How rude.  Now everyone’s patience is wearing a tad thin.

Now I know this blog is anonymous, but we were all told that what happened next must be held in the strictest of confidence.  In other words, what happens at PTA that night, stays at PTA.  We are not to talk about the shaky and raised voices, and the ridiculous lack of respect.  The way women can turn on each other is shocking! So just this one time, I am going to have to stick to the rules. Let’s just say little Miss Drama Mama will not be attending any more Executive Meetings.  Whew.

I am on this Executive as a volunteer.  To help make my children’s school a better place, to have an excuse to get out with some intelligent women a couple of times a month, to hopefully have a little fun along the way.  When I went into this meeting I actually asked if security would be near by. I was past nervous…heading towards scared.  This is not what I signed up for.  It is no wonder that our children have such a hard time dealing with social situations at school if their peers have parents at home who think it is okay to manipulate, lie and bully.  Mean Mama’s create Mean Girls.

When the meeting was over there was a collective sigh of relief and an honest to goodness group hug.  My hands still shook for about 20 minutes more. Wimp.

I can let this go, move on.  The rest of the Executive are willing to just put it all behind them and begin a great year.  I’m just hoping Drama Mama takes a deep breath, moves past it and recedes quietly into the suburbs. 

Fingers crossed that we have heard the last of Drama Mama. 


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  1. My daughter hasn’t started school but I am already fearing the day I have to deal with PTA ladies!
    The good news is she is gone!

  2. i hope you heard the last as well..what a headache…

  3. Glad you all got it over with…there is no place for bullies in school!!!

  4. I can’t believe that you have to put up with this. Our Schools don’t sign up to the PTA organization simply due to the $ involved in using the name. It’s not worth it. Yes we have a hard time getting people to the meetings but until this year I let hubbie be the PARENT. I was the babysitter. 🙂

  5. Wow, how intimidating. I can only imagine what her kids will grow up to be like. Good for you for sticking with the PTA after all that. Hope the rest of the year goes smoothly!

  6. Hope that is the last you hear of her.

  7. Wow, glad you’re past that…people are crazy and you should have to take a sane test before joining the PTA.

  8. I am a teacher and I’ve seen what you wrote about. Normally the drama queen stays quiet for just a short time before there is another outburst of drama. At least it won’t be at your at your meetings.

  9. Whew!! At least it is finally over!! It is sad to think of what she is teaching her own children if she can’t even maintain herself at a PTA meeting!!

  10. Tough stuff, no doubt! I’m glad for you that it is (hopefully) over. Maybe, just maybe, in the end it will be a wake-up call for her. If not, at least you are rid of her nonsense at PTA. Have a nice glass of wine this weekend to unwind!

  11. your personality sounds exactly like mine…I hate confrontation.

    and yes no wonder girls are so mean these days when you look at their mamas

  12. Oh my! It sounds like it was quite a meeting. Glad she’s gone!

  13. That is some scary sh*t. I hope it’s over.

  14. i hope thay was the end too!!!!!!

  15. Yikes, That seems nerve racking. I would have never thought the meetings would be like that! … well arent you glad its over with! I’m glad for you too!

  16. Hope she does, but watch your back! I wish everyone realized that these groups are there for the children! Children First! Too many people want to take these type of meetings to air their own agendas!

  17. I never did anything within the schools. I always did the scouting instead. I have heard of the drama that goes on with the PTA or Woman of Today or any of those kinds of meetings. I’m glad I stuck with scouts.
    I’m glad things are over with for now and that Ms Drama Mama will hopefully settle down.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  18. I am so sorry! I am awful with confrontation too!

    I finally broke down and somewhat described the 2 years of bullying by a woman who should know better. It’s so rough!

    Glad this seems to be resolved for you!

  19. Luckily I haven’t had any run ins with mothers like that but I’ve heard about them. In fact a friend of mine was just telling me about a mother that was bullying my friend’s child – because the girls had a falling out!! It got to the point where my friend pulled her child out of the school and enrolled her elsewhere. Yes, you have to wonder what kind of people they are raising their children to be. Hopefully that will be the last you hear from this one.

  20. This is why I don’t get involved. I like to help out in the classroom – I rather deal with snot nosed kids than drama mamas.

  21. Wow! Sounds like a bad situation. I went to all the meeting in my daughters early years…now I am burned out and rarely go…it is always the same ol same ol. Maybe I should go so there can be some change! 🙂

    I am glad to see that Drama Mama won’t be around for future meetings!

  22. For everyone’s sake I hope she doesn’t cause any more drama. Kudos to everyone that stood up to her.

  23. So sorry you had to deal with that! Why do some people just like to start trouble? So glad it is resolved!

  24. Even though it was long and drawn out I am glad for the results you go. Did you have to take notes?!!!

  25. I’m glad it is done with! Hopefully she doesn’t cause anymore problems. I would be so embarrassed if that was me, but most likely she won’t even care. :s

  26. I don’t have one yet school age, but I am not looking forward to dealing with PTA parents like this. I had enough problems with stage moms & mean girls while coaching.

    I hope you’ve heard the last of her!

  27. Ding Dong the witch is dead!

  28. And THAT would be why I have decided that this will be my last year on the PTA board. I just don’t have the interest in or energy for the drama that goes with it.

  29. I’m the same way with confrontations… they take their toll on this sensitive soul.

    So glad this is all behind you now, did you relax with a tall glass of vino??

  30. Oh wow, it sounds horrendous. Glad its all over though.

  31. What a nightmare…I hope our PTA isn’t like this..but it seems more common that PTA is awful than a great place to participate. Yikes.

  32. What a pain! Hopefully she is gone from there for good!

  33. I don’t know why I just get SO surprised at the blatant disrespect some people have in volunteer positions that are affiliated with children’s programs.’s mind boggling. I can’t stand that kind of crap. I’m thankful — for you — that it appears to be over!

  34. I had been waiting for this story… I’m just a little late in reading it! I would have loved to have heard all the trashy details, but am SUPER glad that you are (hopefully!) done with Drama Mama!

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