Things I’m Not Thinking About During Sex

Yes you read that title right.  Sarcastic?  True?

You decide.

I am not making a grocery list.

I am not trying to figure out if I have anything to put in the kids lunches tomorrow.

I am not trying to remember if I returned that movie on time.

I am not trying to decide if that is a child crying or a dog barking.  Did I lock the door?

I am not trying to think up an excuse to get out of going to that dinner party tomorrow night.

I am not trying to remember the name of that song that is stuck in my head.

I am not worrying about how late it’s getting.

What?  Seriously, what are you not thinking about?

Unless of course I am on vacation, or like super well rested, or been wickedly bribed by …well none of your business, then really, I’m not thinking about it. 


  1. Haha. This post is awesome! And maybe “not” true for you….but definitely holds some truth for me everyonce in awhile!

  2. Hear hear sister! Are you reading my mind?

  3. bwah hahahaha!

  4. I wish I could get my brain to shut up once in a while.

  5. You are so hilarious! I can tell you a few things that I’m not thinking about during – the dirty dishes that are piled up in the sink, whether or not I put the laundry in the dryer, or whether or not the boys have underwear to put on in the a.m.
    You have a super day!

  6. I’m never thinking those sorts of things either. Always in the moment, I am ;). Great post!

  7. LMAO. You crack me up. I don’t think about these kind of things either…especially the one about the door being locked. I’m so paranoid like that! Glad you enjoyed your vacay!

  8. I’m not worried that we’re taking too long and possibly going to miss the weather report on the 10 o’clock news.

  9. haha! i can’t comment my hubby might read! haha

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Too funny!

  11. My thoughts exactly. Each and every one of them. And they wonder why we “are not in the mood”. They leave us to do all the thinking.

  12. Too funny!! The sad thing is there was one time my husband actually said…”what are you thinking about?” Oops…

  13. lmao, love it!

  14. finally someone has told the truth! ROTFL!!!!!

  15. ooooooh yes! fraid’ i go for the TRUTH!!!!

  16. The door being locked almost always crosses my mind among other things.

  17. Teehee! Glad I’m not the only one “not thinking” of those things:)

  18. whose got time to think?

  19. Thankfully my parts are still working, so I’m focusing on the prize.

    But there are times when there is a distraction.

    Can’t believe you’re making us tell all! 🙂

    You are so right…

  21. Hee! Love this.

    I think about Robert Downey Jr mostly.

    Did I type that outloud?

  22. hahahhaahah <3 you make me laugh!

  23. Hilarious! Never, ever do I think of anything else besides how my mister is “rocking my world.” Not! Of course I’m preoccupied most of the time, too. There are those times, though. Obviously special. 🙂

  24. Too funny! Its hard to stay focused sometimes!

  25. You speak the truth – and you speak it well for all of us I suspect!

  26. I’m thinking you should have sex all day long. Sounds like a great way to breeze through lifes crap!

  27. LOVE IT!! Ha Ha Ha!!

  28. I agree completely… I am usually not thinking about how late for school I am or shit can the kids here this…..

    Glad I am not alone.

  29. That is such a piece of reality pie right there!

  30. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are tooooooo funny! Love it!

  31. Sex? What’s that?

  32. Wait. What? I don’t know what this thing is that you speak of… sex? Not at all sure what that is.

  33. I know, right??

  34. Bwahahahaha! SO funny!!

  35. you are hilarious…and honest 😉 !!!

  36. I think I’ve heard these before. Sounds very familiar. LMAO

  37. LOL So very true. Or the fun thought of if any kids will walk in during the deed or if you are getting too loud & the neighbours can hear. LMAO.

  38. Haha! I’m not thinking about the fact that my 5 year old will one day walk in on us and then OMG what will I do?

  39. I think we share the same brain!

  40. What? It’s called Multi-tasking!!! 🙂 lol

  41. wow! it is JUSt like me!! Love it!

  42. I do not worry about how fast he’s going to fall asleep after. HA!

  43. Too Funny and oh, I’m Not thinking about Johnny Depp 😉

  44. I think all mothers teach this list to their daughters…or it’s a genetic thing.
    I usually think, “Hurry up! I’m at a good part in my book!”

  45. *tries to remember what sex even is… LOL!*

  46. had to comment on this one since i am actually crying tears of laughter…and yes i not think those same thoughts.

  47. Ummm, who has time to think?

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