Some Things I Know About Chocolate

There is always room for chocolate.

Need to come up with a quick I’m sorry gift?  Chocolates are always a good start.

Chocolate makes everything taste better.  For goodness sake they put it on everything from hot peppers to crickets!

I wish I had never tried Deep Fried Chocolate Bars.  I dream about their luscious hot gooeyness. 

A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips?  Worth it.

I have read that in a survey of 100 women asked if they would pick sex or chocolate, most preferred chocolate.  I was not surprised.

I thought I knew everything  there was to know about chocolate and then M &M’s came out with this…

product_pretzelmmsGood grief.  Pretzels INSIDE the m&m goodness?

My family’s response.  It tastes like more.

A light and salty pretzel nougat covered in that beautiful m&m’s taste. Sigh, just one more reason to adore chocolate.

Thanks m&m’s


Sponsored Post: I received samples of this new m&m’s product.  The reception of said samples in no way affected my opinion of this product.


  1. Samples? directme to your source!hahah you said chocolate! and pretzels are low fat I hear.

  2. mmm…these are good…have you tried the coconut ones?

  3. Mmmm… sounds good to me!
    me likes some chocolate!!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!!

  4. This is new to me. I don’t think I’ve seen any of these pretzel MMs in San Francisco. I know sometimes we don’t have the same stuff as you folks up there in Canada. Like ketchup Lays chips. I’m going to keep my eyes wide open for these MMs on my next shopping trip.

  5. They are very good!

  6. I know! We don’t have that in Canada yet. When I was in Florida in August, my son and I made sure we kept a steady supply on hand the entire trip!…of course now I have to quite literally run my ass off!

  7. I know! We don’t have that in Canada yet. When I was in Florida in August, my son and I made sure we kept a steady supply on hand the entire trip!…of course now I have to quite literally run my ass off!

  8. mmmm mmmmm gooodd, here is another interesting fact, more men than women actually hate chocolate… Its crazy to actually hate chocolate let alone just not prefer it!

  9. I haven’t tasted that one yet. But love M&Ms.

  10. Sex or chocolate? Definitely chocolate! 🙂 Yum!


  11. My personal favorite new M&M? Dark chocolate peanut. I wish I had never found them, because… I’m addicted. And they are hard to find… so when I found them the other day, I bought three big bags.

  12. I am a chocoholic but I’ve never enjoyed chocolate covered pretzels.


  13. The pretzel M&M’s are yummy but the coconut ones are even better!

  14. I just went and bought a big bag of these after reading this post. They’re good, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t my favorite M&Ms. I LOVE the peanut butter ones. I’ve wanted to try the coconut ones, and now I see two glowing endorsements above. Maybe I’ll look for them tomorrow… 😉

  15. I LOVE the pretzel ones too!

  16. I just tried those last weekend – they were like Pocky with candy coating. Yes, they are good.

  17. Stop over at my place, you have an award waiting. 🙂

  18. I’ve seen those but haven’t tried them because *hello* don’t mess with the tried and true! But I may have to now.

    But on another chocolate-y note – I did break my tried & true rule today and tried the Snickers Almond today and it was amazing!!

  19. I LOVE the new pretzel m&m’s! Luckily for me, my family doesn’t like them. More for me!

  20. I haven’t even tried these, because I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. Thanks for confirming my choice!

    Chocolate…mmmm…you have awakened the hungry beast in me *off to scavenge*


  21. This was pure genius – the person who invented this needs a special prize!

  22. I just tried those for the first time a month ago via my sister’s recommendation. YUMMY!! Although…I think I like just about anything chocolate 🙂

  23. I use to eat chocolate all the time. I still love it but I don’t have the same desire I had when I was younger. Those new pretzel M&M’s are so good!

  24. Are they really that good? A friend of mine in Nashville facebooked about them last spring, she said they were the nastiest things ever (and she’s a huge m&m fan) – now I don’t know whether to try them or not! gaaah!

  25. Those M&Ms are very yummy! I have never tried deep fried chocolate bars before. They sound yummy too.

  26. I adore chocolate too…except it gives me migraines

  27. I’m having a love affair. But don’t tell my wife.

    It’s with chocolate.

  28. I know, they are the best! Less calories, too! Yay!

  29. One of my daycare parents gave me 2 packages of chocolate bars for a sympathy gift for my grandpa dying. That was a perfect gift, really it was. Grandpa loved sweets and while eating a bar I sat on the porch and remembered him sharing with me. Chocolate is a perfect anytime gift/idea!!
    Thank you for sharing. Take care and God Bless!!

  30. I’m afraid to try them – I don’t think I’d be able to stop!

  31. So I jumped to this post after reading your PB post because I saw the word chocolate in the sidebar with the link right there. Oh yum. 🙂

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