The One Where I Poison My Child

I picked up my girls after school yesterday.  As usual SweetGirl came bouncing out still full of energy and smiling. How does she do that?  BlueEyes followed behind and I knew immediately, something was wrong.  Her face, normally a healthy pink, was white and covered in spots?  WTH? 

I pulled her to the side of the school yard and began a head to toe Mama style inspection..

Does it itch?  Do you feel sick?  Does she have a temperature?  Huh.  No to all of these.  What I did discover?  My 11 year old daughter was covered in hives from the top of her forehead down to the bottom of her neck and on her hands!  I remained calm, on the outside, while a silent stream of profanity rang through my head.  Had there not been one teacher, one staff member, one volunteer who had so much as glanced at my daughter all day today!  How had no one noticed this gorgeous girl was covered in some kind of bright red mystery rash? 

Grabbed my girlfriend, who is also thankfully a nurse, and we quietly and calmly drilled BlueEyes about her general state of health, and any extra snacks her friends may have given her at school.  Nadda.  Nothing new, so what was this rash?  If not hives from some kind of allergic reaction, possibly roseola?  Time to call in the big guns. (Um yes, I am a tad overprotective, it’s how I roll)

I sent BlueEyes to the car and walked behind her, stealthily calling the Paediatrician as I went.  Seriously, what did people do before cell phones.  I love my blackberry.  Anyway, thankfully Doctor Accommodating could see me.  Now. 

The verdict.  Allergic reaction.  To the nickel near the mouthpiece on her water bottle!  Well gee.  The only thing my dear girl has ever shown any kind of reaction too is nickel/metal.  She used to get little rings on her tummy where her newborn skin touched the snaps on her onsies.  Yeah, so I’ve only known about this allergy since she was about a week old.  More recently, cute little cami’s must be worn tucked into her jeans to protect her skin from the metal parts of zippers and buttons.  She is that sensitive.  So why did it never occur to me that this is a child who should never drink from a no-name water bottle with pretty little nickel bits near the mouth piece?  Der cause I’m an idiot. 

How would a kid who LOVES her new water bottle so much that she filled it up 3 times that day NOT have a reaction.   Sigh.

A quick dose of Benadryl and we were on our way.  My dear daughter survived yet another Mama brain fart. 

Eleven years down and how many to go?  Wish us luck. 


  1. I wonder if the bottle disclosed at all that it had nickel in it, or is it something that you can recognize? I feel so bad for you. I have been there, although not quite like that. My son is prone to accidents, so usually I head towards the doctors office and then I call. They usually make space for us anyways, and it usually a bog emergency.

    My older son has ADHD and when he was 2 1/2 jumped from the shopping cart into a freezer, while I was trying to pick a pack of meat. Needless to say he cracked his head, but from the inside. Internal bleeding is no fun when nothing is broken outside. We rushed to the dr. and then to the hospital. There were 3 accidents that same week, before that happened. Imagine being at your pediatrician office Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the same week, and being told by the third time that you have to be reported to social services!!!! These were accidents that happened when I was in the batheroom, whith my door open and trying to watch him fully. Most of the times I was not even done with my business!!!! He is better now with medication, but things still happen all the time.

  2. BAH! What bothers me most is that no one even noticed this. It’s OK to make a mistake, but not OK for those who are in charge of your baby all day to not be paying attention to her. I thought you were going to say you went into the school and let it fly! Did you??

  3. oh my. i never would have guessed it would be on a water bottle.

  4. Oh Anonymous! I wish you had left an e-mail so I could have responded to you. Raising these kids is no easy task. Sending you hugs:)

  5. Mia
    In my true passive aggressive style I did go into the school after I returned from the doctors. Just to point out to the staff that they need not worry, she was not contagious, she was fine, thanks for their concern. My hands shook the entire time.

  6. I can NOT believe not one single staff member at that school said a thing to you!! WTF?!?! I call my parents when their kids get a damn paper cut! That just pisses me off.

  7. I am sooo glad you went back in to school… that poor baby girl… you are my idol in self control… I think i would have choked the s#*t out of someone…….

  8. Oh boy, poor girl & Mama. Hope the hives are all gone & you can find her another new water bottle she’ll love. 🙂

  9. oh please don’t feel bad over it… seriously.. who’da thunk it??

    so glad she is alright!!!!

    but come on now.. i am so pissed for you sake.. i CANNOT CANNOT believe the school didn’t do a DANG thing.. helloooooooo do they NOT have eyes??!!??

  10. Oh no! At least you were able to get it figured out pretty quickly!

  11. gosh where we are they so much as see ur kit look at you funny they assume they are sick and you get a call…idiot teachers for not even paying attention…spank em!

    as for the nickel…..that is wild…who would have thought!

    wonder what is making my finger break out…my ring is white gold…and the other ring i tried was sterling silver…i guess i’m just pregnant hormonal! i’m a freak…but i knew that!

  12. Aww, oh no! I can totally understand your worry though, at first, how scary. And that is too bad about her allergic reaction. But you’re a wonderful mom! Don’t feel bad at all!

  13. the good news is that you found it…i would have never thought to look at the waterbottle…hmmm…

  14. I doubt I would have figured that out either!!! It’s not your fault!

  15. I wouldn’t beat yourself up over this – as mom’s we are only human and who would have thought a water bottle would have caused it? The school on the other hand? Totally inexcusable that no one noticed!

  16. Good for you for going back into the school to point it out. I can’t believe no one said a thing! As for your brain fart, don’t sweat it. I wouldn’t have thought about nickel in a water bottle either!

    PS I checked for the whipped peanut butter at the store and couldn’t find it! Tell those folks up north to send some my way!

  17. Seriously! I can’t believe the school did nothing!!! I would be ticked…you handled it a lot better then I would.
    Glad she will be ok and don’t beat yourself up too much….honest mistake.

  18. Thanks for sharing that story. I’m sure someone reading will benefit from the info, even if it’s by telling someone else.

    And yes, we all miss the boat on occasion, but another one comes by and gets us back on board.

  19. It is hard to believe that her teacher didn’t send her to the nurse. She is really allergic. I can’t believe that the little snaps would irritate her when she was a baby. Glad you found out the reason.

  20. WoW! That is wild! Glad everything ended so well!

  21. What a good doctor that he figured that out and so quick!

  22. totally would have been outright engraged with the teachers not having said anything to you.


  23. Awww modern mom don’t be so hard on yourself! When I was your daughters age I too had an alergic reaction to medication. My mom could not figure out what was wrong with me when clearly the only thing that I was on for about a week was a new medication. Sick kids Hospital asnwered that for her but ! I understand and love her even though my head was the size of a beach ball and I was swollen in hives from head to toe!… You are a great momma and there are always going to be momma brain farts, coming from a daughter thats 22 and still sees them 🙂 Have a good day, you deserve it!

  24. I can’t believe no one noticed this.
    I would have not thought of the water bottle as well…and LoLo has had a nickel allergy since she was a baby too!

  25. Don’t feel guilty about it. Who would have thought there was nickel in a water bottle. Just take it as an eye opener, and tomorrow’s another day.

  26. Sorry about this… I am shocked not one teacher or anyone picked up on this… It is crazy really just how much stuff has nickle. My mother-in-law was allergic too, vitamins, earrings, lots of stuff.

  27. I’m glad everything turned out okay and she is going to be fine.

    I’m a little neurotic, too, so I completely understand. It’s all part of being a mom. So is some of the forgetful stuff. We’re only human. Don’t beat yourself up. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!

  28. Wow, I thought I was allergic to nickel– I only get spot rashes, never all over hives. Poor thing, I am cringing for her.

    A good mama might not know every problem, but she does fix it right away. You’re a great mama!

  29. Wow! How would you have known there was nickel in the water bottle? Don’t beat yourself up! I would be beating up a teacher..for not sending her to the school nurse or calling you.

  30. and nobody noticed!? are you right? Did no one look at her? Poor girl!

  31. Allergies are awful! The worst part is not knowing what is causing a reaction…I would have never guessed the piece on the water bottle! My oldest and I have skin allergies too but not to metals thankfully..and my whole family has seasonal allergies…its awesome-sauce

  32. Aw, poor girl! I would have been mad that no one at school even noticed it!!! Where was her teacher??

  33. I didn’t know that was possible. But I distrust those water bottles anyway, with their plastic linings and mystery metal content. My daughter naturally has 3.

  34. lordy 🙂
    Ive had a similar stresstastic experience and I still have flashbacks…but allergies are SUCH SUCH SNEAKY things.

    no way of know at all huh?

    xo xo


  35. Wow! that’s quite the reaction. I do hope that you can find a way?
    For the buttons on jeans, can you use nail polish? with colour so that you know when it wears off?

  36. i have never heard of such an allergy! but at least she was ok, and the problem wasn’t a larger ordeal.

  37. You’re a good momma, relax!


    OK I would have panicked a bit too.



  38. Poor girl, what a horrible allergy to deal with!

  39. That’s awful that none of the teachers notified you – that would make me so angry too. But at least you got it figured out – don’t beat yourself up over it. (I know, it’s our mother’s guilt that makes us do it;)

  40. That really stinks. Time to get her a new nickle-free water bottle. Who knew?

  41. Oh my goodness, who would have ever thought? Poor thing. And poor mommy!! I’m sure you’ll be able to find a new – and better – water bottle.

  42. WOW you must have been so worried. I bet a lot of kids have this allergy. Maybe you should start a company selling the nickel free water bottles –

  43. Seriously, the teachers can’t tell the difference between acne and HIVES? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!?

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