It Takes All Kinds & I Milked A Cow?

Have you ever seen a 17 year old “parent” yelling at their kid to “cut the line” and “dodge to the front” while a lit cigarette dangles from their mouth?  Classy.

Have you ever paid $5.00 for the privilege of having the pants scared off you as you ride in the sky much higher then any human person should be ….with nothing but a few cables keeping you from certain death …on the “Sky Ryder” over 2 miles of packed parking lot turned carney heaven?

P5250301Have you ever had to tell your kids it’s not polite to stare…. Yes even if that Mama is taking her baby’s blanket out of his stroller and using it as a shawl to keep herself warm.

Have you ever wondered why you need a license to drive a car but anyone can have a kid?

Then you were probably at the same county fair I was this weekend!  What is it about the fair that brings out the different and the strange?  I witnessed screaming matches, finger wagging and foot stomping….and that was from the so called parental figures. 

On more then one occasion I bit the inside of my cheek so I wouldn’t offer unsolicited advice…like you know, “It’s freakin cold out chic, put your kids sweater and coat on and stop blowing smoke into her precious pink lungs.”  By the end of the night all I could do was giggle and exchange conspiratorial looks with my Hubby. We are far from perfect parents but we do at least try and put the kids safety and needs first.  Sigh. 

In other news, I know at the very least, I gave my girls one good belly laugh on Friday night.  I was pulled from the crowd at the Pig Races to compete for a Dinner for Two.  I had to complete an obstacle course and then milk a cow?  Oh crap. 

Here I am “Blondie” as I was dubbed, getting my instructions, my wheelbarrow and meeting my competition.

P5250264 P5250265

Then I milked that cow.  Thank GOODNESS this cow was made of wood.  This girl from the Suburbs does not have any country in her, but I won that contest!  Dinner for 2 was a can of Pork and Beans with a candle taped to the side.  Humiliation complete. 

P5250266By the time the night was over we were stuffed with over priced fudge and elephant ears, and our arms were overflowing with a ridiculous number of carnival prizes that all the  good suckers  parents win for their kids.

P5250307We came, we laughed, we humiliated the Mom.  We will go back next year and do it all again!  Long live the Fair.


  1. Oh how fun!!!!

    I agree, you do see all kinds of folks at places like this…oh, why can’t all parents be good parents though?

  2. I haven’t been to the fair in ages. Only thing I like about it is the junky, fattening food! Funnel cake, yum!

    You milked a wooden cow, lol! Did you eat your pork and beans dinner?

  3. I avoid our county fairs for the same reason. You are a better woman than me!

  4. They do bring out all kinds of strange people. That’s the beauty of the fair, though. Great people watching!

    So glad to hear the cow was made out of wood. It actually looks like you had fun milking it. The prize of course, made it all worth while. LOL…only at the fair!

    Have a good day!

  5. Were you at the fair or Wal-Mart? Because the people you described, they hang out at WalMart, A LOT.

    LOL, it looks fun, and you still managed to look fabulous milking that wooden cow!!

  6. Glad you could entertain your kids in several ways.:)

    Oh, and the stuff you witnessed…nothing like a fair to bring out all the various types of human beings. It’s like being at Walmart. But we love’em anyway…maybe?

  7. Our Fair starts next week!! I can’t wait!!!

  8. This is just fantastic.

    Longtime lurker, first time commenter.


  9. You go farmer girl! Yes, those places can be quite the awakening to the “real world.” Glad you had fun, though.

  10. oh county fairs are so fun…they are like a social experiment…lol. nice job milking the cow!

  11. Western Fair is such a great time! But you’re right, they do bring out some unique type people! Congrats on dinner for two!

  12. We went to the same fair. Or least we saw those same types of folks. We spent a small fortune to have all that fun.

  13. i’d kill to go to our fair and see Big Tex, but alas hubs isn’t a fan (not only that…but i’d be afraid to find my car stripped down to the studs since the part of town is freakin scary)

    as for the biting ur tongue moments …shesh those were tough….esp the lady who took the blanket from the kid to keep warm! (*#$**#)

  14. Oh GOD. The things I have seen at the fair! The most ickiest of people, seriously. GROSS ME OUT. And yes, I wonder all tlhe time why people don’t need a license to have children. ALL the time…

  15. LOL!!!!! I wish I was with you when you saw these people… you crack me up!!! HUGS!!!!! Im glad you had a great time!!!

  16. HA!! i love this! sadly, i see it all the time on the school bus.. with the parent with the cig dangling from the mouth wanting to know why the bus goes A instead of B etc….

    i’m glad you wont the dinner for 2…. it sure looks like you had a wonderful time.

  17. Are you kidding me – beans + candle! That’s just not fair.
    Yes I have wondered all those things. Nothing like a fair. I am sure you had fun and ate some great treats.

  18. ooooh you are such a good sport.. if they had called me out.. i so woulda ran away… lol!!!!

  19. Fun, indeed. But, yes, the fair brings out all sorts of…interesting…parenting choices. Oy.

  20. that must be interesting! not everyone gets to milk a cow haha… I was at the ex a few weeks ago and yes, i noticed very similar situations … hope the best for the less fortunate children and people out there!

  21. I am laughing so hard, I was at a carnival on Fri night too!! Everything was the same, minus the pigs!!

  22. white trash heaven it is! I met my cuz’n, I mean husband at that there fair! bwa hahahahaha

  23. Hey! New girl here and loving the blog (as well as the name of it)! Your so much fun and can’t wait to read more! Hope you have a fab week and I am a new follower! XOXO

  24. I hope you enjoy those beans by candle light. That is hilarious. Our fair is the same way, but probably a little worse. All the thugs tend to migrate to our county fair on the weekends (LA). I usually go there during the week, in the middle of the day because it an get pretty ridiculous.

  25. Nothing better than a county fair!

  26. The State Fair is coming in a few weeks – hmmmm wonder what wonders we will see?

  27. For a minute there I thought you were describing Walmart

  28. I bow to you…I couldn’t milk a cow if my life depended on it!!!

  29. ha ha, we also went to the TN state fair this weekend and we enjoyed the people watching….the smokers, not so much!

  30. That was great, thanks for sharing!!
    Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you are, the fair, Walmart or your in-laws house…oops, did I really say that?!
    We aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination either, but you are soo right, the kids come first!
    Love that you included a the pics of you and the cow too!!

  31. Haha, that sounds like the best fair ever! It sounds and looks like you were a good sport!

  32. I haven’t been to a fair like this in years. Gee, look what I’m missing.

    I love the cow thing. Even with the humiliation, sounds like a good time was had by all.

  33. Yes! We just went to the fair on Friday. I was really hoping to see some animals getting busy, but sadly, it wasn’t meant to me.

  34. You definitely do get all kinds at fairs. We just recently went to one, and I was shocked to see that we were actually a minority, because we had manners. It’s amazing what must go through some peoples heads! It sounded like you had a great time though!

  35. How fun!! I love that game… I would have been in it as well.

    We had the fair here as well but we didn’t go.. It does bring out all kinds of people. If nothing else you can get a laugh at it.. those poor kids though..

  36. thank you for reminding me why I don’t take my children to fairs!

  37. We have an annual carnival that comes thru town here. You would not believe the people who show up. It’s like an outdoor Walmart of people. LOL

    You got me for a moment, thinking you milked a real cow. But the dinner prize sure does sound inviting.

  38. Please tell me you had a deep fried _____? (fill in the blank with anything remotely unhealthy: mars bars, twinkie, bacon…) – what’s a fair without the calorie-free treats 😀

    he he

  39. Sounds like a blast!
    And yes, there is nothing like a fair or an amusement park to bring out the nut jobs. (Not you, of course.)

  40. My first time visiting your blog… loving it! I am now following you. I would like to invite you to stop by and visit my blog @ would appreciate a follow back. Take care, Amy

  41. We haven’t bothered to take our kids to any fair! how bad are we?

  42. i love fairs like that but my dh refuses to go for exactly the reasons u mentioned….so we don’t go to them anymore. BOO! But I would have loved to win that pork and beans prize…lol what a riot!

  43. It sounds like an absolute blast.

  44. kathy downey says:

    haha it certainly does take all kids,like the young woman i seen standing in front of Tim’s with a stroller with baby her belly ready to burst smoking away and drinking her coffee

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