Did you Know I’m On Twitter?

Yes I joined the little bird. At first I will admit, I didn’t get it? Now….it is the biggest time suck of ALL TIME! There are some super crazy intelligent funny people on twitter, and they can crack you up in 140 characters of less! I am doing my best to keep up (read..poking fun at my Hubby and people I see on the street) and meeting some incredible tweeps along the way. See I can speak Twitter now.

So yesterday, the coolest thing happened to me. I found out I was on this list! It’s Babble’s Top 50 Twitter Mom’s. Now I am NOT in the Top 50 and do not ever expect to be, but it is nice to be on the list. Amazing how something like a little “thumbs up” can make your day.
If you are feeling like making me feel all gushy and lovey..head on over there and “like” me. Just sort it alphabetically, I’m @SassyModernMom and on page 3ish? Let me know if I can “like” you back…oh and if we are not chatting on twitter? Why not?


  1. Hey! Very cool! I added you to my twitter, follow back here: http://www.twitter.com/bearabledeals

    See ya there!

  2. i have an on again off again affair witht eh bird…

  3. Happy to add another thumbs up to start your day off on the right foot!

  4. I ‘liked’ you in twitter and you went up to page 2!! Love your blog.

  5. Doing the Likey! I haven’t really thought much about the twitter!

  6. I follow you on twitter!!! (jmomiller)

  7. I’m off to “like” you lady! How exciting!

  8. I have to admit that I am on twitter but just don’t “get it.” And mostly I forget to tweet. Sigh.

  9. check me and my sisters out @travelingtatas

  10. I almost signed up the other night. I don’t know. I have this strange objection to twitter that I can’t even articulate.

    I’ll give you a “thumbs up” here!

  11. @modernmom taken, huh? Great profile picture!!

    I’m on too (@workgal) but I mostly tweet about talent management and social media. I’m not not a very good mommy tweeter. . .

    Although… I did recently write a post about working moms: http://ls-workgirl.blogspot.com/2010/09/poor-working-moms.html

  12. I’m following you now!!!

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