Advice For The New Girls

I live in a University town.  Every September we get a huge influx of students.  Truth be told it feels like our little city is being taken over by 18 and 19 year olds.  You can almost smell the extra hormones in the air. 

As I watch these babies strut around with their new found freedom I found myself suppressing a quiet scream or twelve.  Usually it starts with…You idiot!

Let me explain.

Young thing.  When you start out the year Yes, it feels like you have the world on the string and nothing can hurt you, this does NOT mean you should get ridiculously drunk downtown and run in and out of traffic without your shirt on.  Sigh.  Your Mama would not be proud.

Little one.  When you go grocery shopping at the beginning of the year, you feel like you have the freedom to go crazy and buy anything and everything you want! The best cuts of meat, brand name everything!  Quick, get that in check, because I guarantee by the end of the year you will be living off of soup and pasta.  Hope you like Kraft Dinner!

You know that kind of geeky guy that you keep shooting down and being just a wee bit rude to?  BIG mistake. One of these days, most likely the night before the biggest assignment of your life is due, that sweet little laptop of yours is going to crash.  You are going to wish you were a little sweeter to Mr. Tech Whiz. 

Oh one more.  A long shirt with a belt.  This does not make it a dress.  Put on some pants. 

You want to survive University life?  It’s easy….use the brains your Mama gave you.


  1. Living in Boston, as I indeedy do, I hear you on all of this, lol!

  2. All of my kids are taking classes:
    My son, 28, takes film courses at Temple.
    Oldest daughter, 26, takes nursing at Lehigh-Carbon.
    Youngest daughter, 23, is presently taking international business at Bucks.
    I think those new comers to the universities are just as annoying to the older students, like my kids. My oldest daughter was on the receiving end of some very “high school” behavior, which she completely disregarded since she’s also a working single mom, but she found it annoying to say the least.

  3. That’s cute. I have seen that when Brainerd CLC starts up. I never had the chance to go to college so never did get to experience that. It sounds “interesting”. Mike will get the chance next year, hopefully I’ve instilled a few better judgments. We’ll see I bet.
    Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s been ages since I’ve heard from you or you me. Sorry about that. Life…well you know. I’m off to read some more and try and catch up some.
    Take care and have a blessed day today.

  4. no joke!

  5. YES!!!!! this is happening here in town!!Also all the neighbours can see your porch, yep! they can, they know you are either drinking under age, and also? They now know your boyfriends name because you just Yelled it across the street! (REVERB!, take some highschool Physics)

  6. Amen to all of this.

    For the record, I’m out of school but sometimes I still get a craving for Kraft Dinner– all that fat and salt. MMMM….

  7. Ahh to relive those days. And seriously, the shirt w/ a belt thing I have never understood-yet it sometimes just seems like a good idea? And Kraft dinners are saved for the hungover days when the girls got too drunk to enjoy their expensive food they didn’t even know how to cook properly, and probably threw up anyway 🙂

  8. Ah to be young and dumb. Hope they learn quickly.

  9. Oooo…. I have one!!

    Sweetie- Just because you go to a party, and have a few (several) drinks doesnt mean it should be a nightly thing, nor does it mean you have to sleep with the entire football- soccer- baseball- debate- etc. teams….

  10. Amen sister!

  11. So true, if only this could be added to the college application and acceptance letters! I totally agree with you on the Long shirt thing.. NOT a dress… no one wants to look at that, except maybe the young college guys that have nothing good on their mind..

    Also about the tech geek, one day they may end up married to one.. the jock most likely will end up in a dead end job, the geeky guy will have a future… OH my how our views change as we get older!

  12. I am in Ottawa so I see the same thing…. ahhh how I miss university every September when I see them roll in.

    Another tip is, wear a coat to the bar, the dollar charge will be well worth it while you are waiting in line and again at 2am when you are stumbling home 🙂

  13. OMG memory lane…lol!

    I lived in a dorm for 2 years, and one girl’s parents moved her in with a case of Kraft Dinner and Romain noodles! It’s insane the diet of a college freshman, hell the whole college experience. I’m still paying for it 7 years later!

    But you’re right in most cases (not all) the newly released “children” come otu into the world and make asses of themselves. I try to think back to when I was in their shoes and give them a break.

    As for fashion…..its all gone to hell in a hand basket!


  14. So very true! There are also some older women out there who could benefit from this advice. 🙂

  15. I live in a university town too and I see some of the same shenanigans!

  16. I almost miss the old days of wearing a long shirt as a dress!

  17. I could not agree with this list more!!! We’ve all been there…and none of us listened either. 🙂

  18. i have to admit that i too wore next to nothing in college. Once my dad picked me up from school for dinner and saw what I was wearing and got all embarrassed and said, did you forget to put on pants?

    lol no I thought the long shirt was a fashion statement for a dress.

    That style must be coming back.

  19. i know quite a few that would do well to read this…

  20. Hehe. To think I used to be one these girls. Though I take pride in the fact that I never wore a backless shirt nor did I go out in the dead of winter with no coat to show off said backless shirt.

  21. Put on some pants is my favorite word of advice. Girls ages 15-25 in my town think this is an acceptable everyday outfit.

  22. lol…
    i sooo agree!

  23. so agree with you on the pants thing! leggings.are.not.pants 🙂

    We live in a university town too – and it is so easy to tell when school is back on 🙂

  24. Amen! Seriously..the shirts with belts? Ick!

    And, please, please, tell me that you haven’t really seen a drunk girl in the street. That’s just too much.

  25. This makes me feel good about living far from the hormonal habitat of the college kids. I had to laugh about the grocery store bit and the suggestion to put on pants. Very true!

  26. Haha! LOVED this. Post it somewhere where all these silly girls can read!!

  27. I live in a small college town. I need to print these off and hang everywhere! Great advice!

  28. I never thought how it might look to a resident of a university city…I am sure we took on our little college town with vengenance! lol! Yikes!

  29. I hear you. I live in a city with a well known and respected university. It is the very reason you rarely catch me out with my adult friends to go dancing. If I am out it is on a night where more than likely the students are not out.

  30. Ahhhahaha, Loved this Modern Mom! … as a University student can can say you are so right! 😉

  31. I attend a private university and it always amazes me how the experience is wasted on the young. They party way too much, spend more than is humanly possible, and never go to class…the best part is that it is all posted on facebook…. The party is great till the drunken pics are discovered by their future employer when they do a web search … Live it up now, because it’s only fun till you’re sober.

  32. LOL Too funny!

  33. Sigh. Was that me a mere 22 years ago?


    And I miss being that stupid sometimes.

    More sigh.


  34. We too live near a big college and every year when the new crop of freshman show up it makes me realize how old I’m getting…they look like such babies.

  35. Oh that is all so TRUE! I loved this post. From your fingers to their ears! They will feel this pain in due time.

  36. Oh, to be young and foolish…

    Come by before you get too mad at brainless college students…

  37. How true! Also: Miss Skinny Minny Toothpick – enjoy all that fast food & sugary alcoholic drinks now, ’cause, trust me, once you hit 30 it really will catch up with you!

  38. So true, I lived in a college town for several years and would laugh at the same types of things.

  39. LOL! How true!

    Happy Wednesday!

  40. As I sat there laughing my way through this post, I realized that….uh, well, that was me, like 20 years ago.

    Sad but true. All of it, so true.

  41. If only they would listen!

  42. this is hysterical! really? drunk and topless? HAHAHAHA!

  43. Smiles. I’m in a college town too – I am surrounded by BABIES. I couldn’t possibly have looked that young when I was in college! 🙂

  44. Boy I’m glad I’m past all that! But, now I have children to worry about!

  45. All true. All true. AND, you’re gonna wanna marry that geeky guy someday too.

  46. What scares me is that there are two towns where people may be saying this things about my kids!

  47. kathy downey says:

    haha oh to be young again…..

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