Too Quiet Upstairs


Note to self….if the only noise you hear upstairs is the occasional giggle and some water running, don’t assume your sweet girls are doing something productive


like brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. Turns out they could be giving poor kitty a tub. If a cat could look angry…that would be his face!


Is it wrong that I think it’s a wee bit funny? One clean kitty that smells a tad like Aveda shampoo, one destroyed bathroom, one lesson learned. If it’s too quiet upstairs, run!

Ahh the joy of a rainy day in the suburbs.

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  1. That’s pretty funny! It could have been worse….They could have been painting a mural with toothpaste or cutting each others hair. A bath never hurt a cat (although, I’m not sure your cat would agree) 🙂

  2. Will your girls come to my house to wash my kitties. How I wish that they too smelled like Aveda shampoo. I can’t promise that blood won’t be present after the bath (because I have attempted and it didn’t turn out too well for me)……

  3. Well.. it IS kinda funny!
    That being said, after the pictures were taken, there would be a stern conversation with my kiddos!

  4. LOL! To cute and funny! My girls are sneaky like that too. For that matter, so are my boys. I’m always suspicious when they get too quiet!

  5. Oh dear! Poor kitty. I couldn’t stop laughing about this either. The pictures are precious.

  6. Poor kitty! I’m surprised there wasn’t noise from the meowing and scratching 🙂

  7. That is so funny! I love the kitty’s expression post-bath!

  8. Poor kitty!!!

    I’ve always subscribed to the notion that if it’s quiet upstairs – then someone is up to something…..

  9. Well, kitty is sparkly clean and if they used Aveda I know she smells terrific! 🙂

  10. Poor pusscat, my cats would have shredded the girls, so I think he deserves an extra bowl of his favourite food for good behaviour. Give him a stroke from me.

  11. I hope that cat was declawed! ha ha! the last pic is gorgeous 😀

  12. I thought cats hated bathes and they bathed themselves?

    I am so cat clueless.

  13. OMCUTENESS. I love it. poor kitty.

  14. OMCUTENESS. I love it. poor kitty.

  15. What a cute (and clean) cat you have!

  16. awww the poor moggy.

  17. Quiet is almost never good.

  18. This is funny…looks like the kitty survived though. My cats are so lucky, no baths for them. yet.

  19. Modern Mom! I have been away lately and just popped in to see how you were doing! and it looks like the girls are keeping you and the kitty busy! haha awww he looks so mad… well at least he’s squeeky clean? haha … enjoy your day to day modern mom! I look forward to coming back and reading your posts like always<3

  20. LOL…It took me a long time to figure out if my kids were quiet, it didn’t mean they were reading a book and behaving.

  21. teehee! my cat would so kick my boys @ss….

  22. Poor cat! At least he smells clean. I learned growing up with my brother and sister (twins) that quiet is only good when they’re sleeping.

  23. Poor Kitty! Our cat once got baptized!

  24. So true! If my son is quite, he’s probably discovering something:) Poor kitty!

  25. Poor kitty does look a little upset!

  26. That’s hysterical!

  27. Yep, that is funny all right!

  28. Poor little kitty! That’s so funny.

  29. I’m pretty sure you owe them $15 plus tip now. That cat looks so pissed. I can’t imagine how they pulled this off!

  30. OMG…my kitty would have LOST his mind!

  31. hehe.. love the pics

  32. Oh my kitty so needs a bath but she won’t tolerate it at all! I have some dry shampoo I think I will try on her soon!

    I love that your kiddos did something productive! It could have been really bad! …and I don’t think this is too bad!

  33. Sad to say… I did that to my cat when I was their age. I also rubbed him down with Avon Skin So Soft oil… the whole bottle. His coat was shiny for the rest of his life! If the cat didn’t at least tolerate it, you’d hear hissing and meowing… right?

  34. she looks cute after her bath!

  35. Poor Kitty… but I have to admit I laughed out loud and thought to myself “been there done that”.
    Gotta love it!

  36. Oh my goodness…poor kitty..but it’s too funny!

  37. kathy downey says:

    Oh no poor kitty,it’s kind of funny…

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