I Have The Gimmes

I gave up my career more then eight years ago and I rarely regret it.  I know I did the best thing for my family at the time.  When I figured out commute times, daycares, business clothes and lunches, I wasn’t exactly making a ton of money. 
Suddenly today, I’m wondering if I made the right move.  How much further ahead would we be if we had that pay cheque every two weeks for the past 8 years?  Then again, I have always been happy that I am the Mom that could always be counted on for field trips, that I could always be reached if one of my babies needed me, and that I always know where my kids are and what they are doing.  I digress.  This is not about justifying to myself why I quit my career, or to examine the road not taken, it’s about the fact that today, I have the gimmies.

This next year is a big one. I will turn 40.  NEXT May!  Gulp.  Suddenly I have all kinds of things I want.  Need! Kind of like a mini bucket list playing over and over in my head. 

I want hardwood floors.  Yesterday.


I want to re-decorate the girls bedrooms.  Now.

I want to remodel the main floor and master baths.  Today.

I want granite in the kitchen and a gorgeous backsplash to finish it off.

I did not want to replace the air conditioner and furnace.  I did not want to fix the roof.  I sure as heck don’t want to spend money resurfacing the driveway.  This house is a money pit.  Sometimes being a responsible suburbanite sucks. 

I want our annual trip to Florida for March Break.

I want that 40th birthday trip to London and Paris with my Hubby in May.  Oh to buy shoes in Paris!  Le Sigh.


I want to go to BlogHer’11 in San Diego.  That’s August.  Air fare is outrageous from Ontario!!

I am a greedy girl and have the gimmes. 

Hmmm….. Guess I will just be thankful that the house is still standing, my  kids are healthy, and I still think my Hubby is kinda hot.  I’ll plan that dream vacation to Europe….even if it’s only to dream and never happens, I’ll let the rest go. 

For now!!

Someone pass the cake. I’m having a pity party.

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  1. Trust me… You made the right choice. You have the right idea…Wisdom is in appreciating what you have. Thank you…my word for today is gratitude!

  2. I go through phases where I feel this way too. It will pass! Until the next time, at least.

  3. I’ll have a piece of that cake too, please. I totally feel you. I have my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. Turns out I could do almost all of them this weekend if I had the money.

  4. I’ll have a piece of that cake too, please. I totally feel you. I have my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. Turns out I could do almost all of them this weekend if I had the money.

  5. I decided not to work when we had our babies. I have done some work here and there but nothing long term. Currently I do not work. Although I think my husband is expecting me too. I always said that when the baby was in school that would be the time for me to go back to work. Well the time is here but I have no desire to find a meaningless job.I can’t make up my mind what I want to do and I feel guilty for that because I too have a case of the gimmes. My house needs so much updating it’s not even funny. The cabinet doors fall off on a regular bases and I know if I went to work we could remodel the kitchen.

  6. OMG! I think we are twins!! I lost my job 2 yrs ago. I love being here for my kids when they need me and I babysit to make up for the lost money. I want a ton of things like yesterday also. I really miss being able to take a day off, long wekend trips, and vacations. I try to save but house is a major money pit! need new couches desperately, new central air system, I want I want…it just never ends

  7. craig and i have talked about this, too. how different things would be if i didn’t stop working, yet there are a lot of downsides to how things would have been if i hadn’t stopped working. 🙂

  8. T just returned to work after 8 years…we have a list as well after doing without for so long…but i doubt we will fill much…it will just feel nice to breath a little easier come bill time…that trip sounds really nice!

  9. I always figure that it makes a person appreciate things more to have to struggle and save a little to get them.

    This is at least how I pacify myself when I start to lust after granite in my kitchen.

  10. You made the right decision. You can always go back to work once the kids are gone, but you can’t get those years back when you were home for your family. I did the same thing and don’t regret it for one moment.

    Set aside a little money and try to live on less. Before you know it, you will have enough to do one of the things on your list.

    Chin up. What you’re feeling is perfectly normal.

  11. I get the gimmes, too. But, if I went back to work, my paycheck wouldn’t give us any of the things I want anyway.

  12. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to – Leslie Gore
    It’s o.k. if you want all of those things, your priorities are still fine.

  13. having the gimmies isn’t bad…
    anywho.. truly i think it’s sorta healthy.. lol.. that’s what i say anyhow to make myself feel better…

    lol.. being a responsible adult can SUCK sometimes..

  14. i don’t ever regret quitting work. i probably wouldn’t have any extra money any way, so it’s all good.
    i get the gimmes too, but my nine year old has it bad, lol.

  15. Gimme a (HUG), we’ll figure out how to get you some of your well deserved goodies.

  16. I have a bad case of the gimmes too. Unfortunately no one is giving me the money to satisfy the gimmes!

  17. The gimmies are contagious. I am eying my ugly floors and now wanting wood. 🙂

  18. How ironic. I went for my walk this morning and stayed in the sub division. As I looked at some of the homes with upgrades. I thought about the same thing. What if I was still working. THen I remembered all the expenses and headaches. You mad a great choice. If, you were working you wouldn’t be home enough to enjoy all of your gimmes

  19. Pity parties are a necessary part of life sometimes. I live in a total money pit too. New roof, new ac, new oven….new every single thing I didn’t want to spend money on. I recommend a heavy dose of grateful, followed by dreaming for the heck of it, maybe a bite of chocolate….and the gimmes will pass 🙂

    Gosh….I would love to knock out the ugly tile from around my fireplace and replace it with travertine….oops…I guess I follow my advice…lol.

  20. If you want all of that then I say GO FOR IT!

  21. I think that we all have the “gimmes” from time to time… I always have a list going in the back on my mind and sometimes in my cell phone. Most of them don’t happen but sometimes I get to cross one off.

  22. start planning that trip now… it’s not all that horribly out of reach, write it down and open an account just for your trip funds.

  23. I would pretty much love all of those things too!!!

  24. Drive over the border, then fly out of a US city to another US city. Much cheaper.
    I am still too cheap to do this though. Passports cost money!!

  25. BlogHer 2011 is in San Diego? Good! I didn’t do New York, wanted to do New York, but heard it was the bedbug capital of North America so I made myself feel better for not attending by repeating that to myself.
    Now, for the mini-bucket list: definitely floors, trip to London and Paris, and BlogHer lady!
    Oh, and love the “le Sigh”…very clever!

  26. You’ve got your priorities in order and that’s what matters. And truth be told, even if you were working, you’d still have the gimmies – because even when we are both working – there just never seems to be anything extra….

  27. I posted about Wants today also!!
    I am having fourth thoughts about staying home. I am missing work.

  28. oh dear, do i ever know what you mean… so much to wish and pine for, so little money to do it with! grrr!

    still, it’s a pretty good life eh? 🙂

  29. You totally made the right choice and we are all allowed to have pity parties every now and then. How else do we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and realize how lucky we have it. Have some cake. In fact have the whole cake to yourself while hiding in the closet from the kids if you want.

  30. I want everything too!! Can I pity party with you???

    Come by when you can…


  31. Most things I don’t even want anymore, but BlogHer, that I do!

  32. I’ll take some cake. While I eat it I’ll think about all my gimme’s too. Then I’ll let some of it go as well. Maybe two pieces of cake 😉

  33. It is OK to have the gimmies…every once in awhile. You have made the right choice – raising children is the most precious, demanding, rewarding job ever. I watched a documentary once about couples who both worked (they were not CEO’s raking in 6-7 figure salaries of course) and what is cost them in day care and family time, etc. their actual income was like $150 more.

    I’ll send cake…I have lots of pity parties myself.

  34. I sooo know what you mean! With the budgeting and everything, I feel like we deserve to spend a little, but I guess it’s the end goal in sight that keeps us motivated.

  35. ah, we all get these. I have to say? I want most of yours too!

  36. I have had the gimmes for a couple of years now!! Gimme a new roof! Gimme a good paint job! Gimme a new car! Gimme some new clothes! Gimme a landscaped backyard! Gimme!!!

  37. I’ve been going through this right now especially when I see my older brother whose children are now in their times, thriving financially with all the toys. Our rolls used to be reversed. I keep hovering between going back to work to help out but then struggle because my youngest would end up being the only one that had to go daycare. How fair is that? He finally gets me to himself and I go back to work?

  38. *dreams* that would be an awesome way to spend your 40th.

  39. ill take a piece of the cake too… ps im dying to go to blogher next year….dying

  40. Put up a Paypal donate button, I will put something in! I think that the best thing you can do is be home with your children. Maybe I can meet you in San Diego. Do they let people go who don’t have ads? I am only 2 hours away. Remember that things are just things, having your family well and happy is important.

  41. kathy downey says:

    I believe you made the right decision.

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