Does Martha Set Her Kitchen On Fire?

A rainy Sunday afternoon turned into a family meal we soon won’t forget.  IMG_4380

A quick trip to Sobeys to pick up the necessary ingredients for a family favorite.  Hamburgers.  Except these hamburgers are  super tricked out Ultimate Burgers.  You can find the complete recipe in the free pamphlets at every Sobeys.  With lean and mediums ground beefs, Compliments Worchester Sauce, Compliments Louisiana Hot Sauce, salt, pepper, and Sensations by Compliments Roasted Garlic Seasoning Paste. Yummmmm


Threw it all together and …..yah…..out BBQ decided it would not work.  Grrr. It’s okay, we threw in the trusty indoor grill and kept on going.

The smell of delicious started to fill the air, and then um, a wee bit of smoke?   Eeeek Fire!

IMG_4459 IMG_4464

Ha!  Just a little one.  Not to worry.  Hero Hubby blew it out and saved the burgers!

Mixed up a savoury Ranch topping with Compliments Balance Ranch Dressing, fresh dill and a squeeze of lemon.  Watch out Martha!


Opened some windows to share the fabulous smell with the neighbors to let the smoke out and we were ready to plate.  Topped the burger with that savoury sauce, a slice of avocado and some alfalfa sprouts.  It looked good enough to eat! (Seriously the pictures don’t do it justice)

IMG_4468 IMG_4470

So here is the thing.  I may be a Mom, but this does not make me the queen of domesticity.  I just pretend to be a domestic goddess.  This is truly the first time I have made a homemade burger that is this good!

My entire family loved these burgers!  I can’t wait to make them again.

Martha Stewart may have nothing to fear now..…but I’m getting there.

Disclosure: I received a Sobey’s gift card in exchange for participating in this program and doing this post. The opinions expressed are my own and are in no way influenced my the receipt of said gift card.


  1. A fire? Yikes! Glad it was just a small one.

    Those burgers look divine. I think I’m hungry now!

  2. I think most of us are just wingin’ it!!

  3. How was the “Compliments Louisiana Hot Sauce”I haven’t tried it yet or seen it in the Sobey’s stores here? I usually end up using Franks for everything but if Compliments is cheaper? I’d do it! BTW tell them to send me Free Food $ eh? :p

  4. Looks yummy!

  5. mmm…those sound great…got my mouth watering…

  6. I set my toaster oven on fire… but I’m NO Martha Stewart!

  7. I am hanging by the seat of my pants most days. I do like a burger with LOTS of veggies on it. I bet it smelled pretty darn good.

  8. Ah, what’s a little fire – just adds to the flavor:) They do look delish!

  9. Well I’m glad everything turned out great! I was kinda worried because of the title.

  10. Those burgers look yummy. It’s funny though because I actually picked up that phamlet when I was at Sobey’s recently. 🙂

  11. that burger looks heavenly!

  12. The fire probably helped with the flavor! 🙂

  13. That burger looks so great right about now…

  14. Those burgers look SO GOOD. And, in my opinion, a fire outside doesn’t count as a kitchen fire.

  15. Aw, I light my appliances on fire all the time.

  16. oh god now im strving they look delicious!!!!!!

  17. Yummy! I can’t even pretend I’m good at any of this Mom/House stuff. LOL I just buy the frozen ones! 🙂

  18. Looks yummy!

  19. Looks yum-a-licious!

  20. The funny part to me is that when the fire broke out, you don’t grab the fire extinguisher, you grab the camera and start snapping pictures! LOL

  21. Sorry about the fire but those burgers look awesome!

  22. I always set the burgers on fire. The smoke alarms going off in my house is how the family know to come to the dinner table :0)

  23. I *knew* I couldn’t possibly be the only one who set things on fire in the kitchen. phew… 🙂 Those look really good by the way.

  24. Now I’m starving.

    Dang you!


    I made burgers last night, I was so tired I forgot to top them with pickles or anything nice. Dry burgers. Um.

    Trade ya?


  25. They look great and no one says you cant burn the burgers and still be the best Mom in town..!keep up the great work…and Ill be over for dinner this week..Lol..!

  26. They do look great!!!!

  27. My Ramen noodles now seem pathetic.

  28. That looks so so good! The coleslaw loooks good too.

  29. Whoa, glad all is okay, of Course Martha has set her kitchen on fire, all self respecting cooks have!
    Umm, do you all have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and do you know how to use it??
    Also, a box of baking soda is a good extinguisher for the kitchen.
    Oy vey.

  30. Damn those burgers look good.

  31. kathy downey says:

    There is nothing i like better than a juicy burger like this….yum

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