Today I Was A Bitch

It ticked me off when I came downstairs to the kitchen and the crap magnet counter was covered in toast crumbs, butter knives, half empty glasses and PB &J.  Not the sandwiches, the actual peanut butter and the jam.  Gross.

Every single light, in every single room, in the entire house was ON.

The TV was blaring, but the kids were playing on the computer.

The Dog had no water.

I asked my 11 year old to have a shower and she stomped her feet like a toddler.

Both girls decided they did not like the brand new clothes I had purchased and chosen for them to wear today.

I heard toooo many  times“I want”, “I need”, “I don’t want to”.

They were fighting with each other about EVERYTHING!

I snapped.

PUT your own dishes away, I am not a maid.

Turn off all those lights NOW.

NO more TV.

Turn off the computer. I don’t care if you’re in the middle of a game and all your villagers are going to die! 

Listen to your Mother!

Get YOUR pets some water!

BlueEyed Girl, Get Your Butt into the Shower and stop stomping your feet…like this…waa waa waa   (Yes I even demonstrated…very mature of me..ever seen a 5 foot 9 blond have a temper tantrum?)

Get Dressed and LEAVE ME ALONE Mommy needs 5 minutes!

Then I huffed my way upstairs and felt…miserable, teary, sick.

Have I turned into one of those yelly short tempered parents that fly off the handle for no good reason?  I had a few flashbacks to my own childhood.  Crap.

Apologies were made.

I will not run a house where my kids feel like they have to walk on eggshells.  Where they don’t know what to expect from one moment to the next.

I may have had a headache, been ticked at my Hubby, frustrated with the world and had a million other excuses. 

I may have been a bitch today, but I really am not that Mom.

Sorry Girls.


  1. You deserved it! I would have done the same thing!

  2. It’s the adjustment to kids being home all day, every day…with an exception here and there for all the entertaining places they go (that we drive them to).

    You’re allowed! 🙂

  3. If I have a nickel for everyday I have experienced this actual seen, I would have a lot of nickels! The good thing about it is that children do not see these days as being as bad as we do…

  4. This happens to me to some days, but it’s ok I know that we are normal and that someday are just going to be better than others!

    Hang in there it will all be ok!

  5. This happens to me to some days, but it’s ok I know that we are normal and that someday are just going to be better than others!

    Hang in there it will all be ok!

  6. You are so not alone! I think any full-time mom who says she doesn’t have an occasional meltdown is lying!

  7. You’re not being a bitch at all.

    My sisters and I can be like this when we spend time together, yet we’re neat and tidy in our own homes, weird!

  8. Aw! I’m sure your girls appreciated the quick apology. We all lose it at some point!

  9. i am huddled in the corner sucking my thumb at this point…let me know when it is ok to come out…smiles.

  10. You managed to make me actually laugh out loud…twice. No apologies needed, every one needs a moment like that when they’ve reached their wits ends. Right now the only recipients of my occasional crazy’s are the dogs and the husband, but I’m sure once I’m a mom the kids will see the wrath once in awhile too!

  11. It happens to everyone. My poor hubs gets a mouth full sometimes!

  12. Been there. I don’t want to be that mom, either. But our kids learn so much about our apologies and our ability to brush it off and move on.

    You are such a good mom for doing just that.

  13. I hate a messy counter so I would have done the same thing……….. or say something like: I can’t possible make supper until the kitchen is clean.

  14. Hey I lose it too sometimes, it is only natural!!

  15. I have been that mom… not all the time mind you but I have on occassion been that mom. In the long run… you are teaching your kids a valuable lesson!

  16. Next time can you record your impression of the tantrum for us all to see? All seriousness waking up to all that would set me right off as well. We all have our moments. Hope your day improves and the headache goes away.

  17. i grew up with a mom like that.. and it’s SO not cool…

    eggshells.. oh yea! i know about eggshells…

    and i’m sure after apologies and such.. your girls are all good…

    have a lovely wkend!!!!!!!

  18. all those little things add up and can be very frustrating and overwhelming!

  19. We all have those moments. I know I get tired of it too.

  20. We have all been there and feel for you. Being in a new town with hubs a million miles away in the dead of summer has me yelling more than I ever did in London..and each time I feel just crummy afterwards. the best thing is to hold them close, tell that how much you love them and know that they know you love them. Sending you a hug my darling.

  21. I am not that mom either, but last week, I had an episode. I felt horrible afterward. Major mommy guilt, but at least you are being an example by apologizing. And maybe they will remember to fill the water dish! =)

  22. No you aren’t THAT mom – but you are allowed to lose it once in a while; we all are. Because sometimes, that’s what it takes. And you know what – you are human.

    And the apology? Totally the right thing to do – it not only teaches the kids to apologize when necessary but that you respect them and their feelings.

  23. I’m sorry, I think you had every reason to react that way. I would have done EXACTLY the same thing, and HAVE plenty of times. You are NOT a maid or servant of any kind. I see NOTHING wrong with children being expected to clean up after themselves. If they were toddlers, it would be different, but they’re not. If they don’t want to hear it, then maybe they shouldn’t take you for granted. Sheesh, maybe I’M the one being a bitch today….

  24. Actually, I think you’re entitled to that once and a while. Letting them know you mean business isn’t always a bad thing. But what do I know.

  25. Actually, when my mother would act out how my behavior looked from her perspective the way you did, it worked. I’d feel pretty silly and would actually adjust my attitude.

    You know. For a day or two.

    I didn’t mean to imply I was a decent kid or anything, just easily humbled.

  26. Well, they did have it coming… they have to learn to assume the consequences of their behaviors or else how will they cope in the real world out there?

    You’re an awesome mom 🙂

  27. I don’t think it’s cool that you get to see what’s going on in my house. LOL Same thing here on many days. Just no dog.

  28. I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to act like your mom – lately I find myself turning into my screaming crazy-woman of a mother, but it doesn’t even seem to phase my son. sigh. We all have those moments so don’t be too hard on yourself:)

  29. You know sister…sometimes, even the kids need a dose of bitch to keep it real. Seriously, there IS no June Cleaver! 🙂 And, one dose of bitch won’t make them walk on egg shells (for too long) but someimes, they need a reminder that someone is there to keep them in line!

  30. Uggghhh!! I can so relate. Sometimes everything just goes wrong at the same time. And yes, I feel guilty too for raising my voice and demands immediate action from them when I say “NOW!”. I do take the time to talk to them when I’m calmed down to unshock them and reiterate house rules and I always need to see my kids smile and laugh in the end so I know they’re fine.

  31. Some days it’s really hard. We are in the midst of potty training our oldest and he’s been doing great (so we know he has control). Yesterday he kept wetting himself because he didn’t want to stop playing with his toys and I finally snapped, too. And then I felt terrrible. I don’t want to be that kind of mom, either. I just had to tell myself that today is a new day and I have to work hard at having patience and being the mom I want to be.

  32. Apologies and humour. great! We all seem to have a cranky day now and then.

  33. I grew up in a house where my Mom was always ranting. It really did suck.

    Sounds like you just had one bad day, though!

  34. I have these moments and I am as calm and collective as they come when I teach my first grade class. I get home and my boys are acting up and I fly off the handle.

    No worries, you are not alone.

  35. Awe, that sounds like my day! I don’t want to be ‘that’ mother either. Here’s hoping I can get it together!

  36. Everyone snaps once and awhile. I think I probably would have to under those circumstances.

  37. sweetie ive been there.. dont worry your a great mom.. everyone has a moment.. i think thats why God invented Wine.. its my

  38. I think we would all be liars if we said we weren’t that mom ever. It happens.

    And, seriously…with all of that other stuff they were doing and had going on..I’d say they might have deserved your response.

  39. That mom is reminding her kids to pick up after themselves and behave respectfully. Feels right to me.

  40. No worries, we all have those days! Hopefully the next one was better 🙂

  41. Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get a little attention, and what an awesome example you set by apologizing.


  42. A moms got to do what a moms got to do! I have had hundred of those days over the years. Sounds pretty normal to me 🙂 However apologies are always a good thing.

  43. I think we all have those days!

  44. hmmmmmm u sure you weren’t in my house?

    let me know how the 8 yr olds sleepover went!

    basically did you survive?

  45. kathy downey says:

    Honestly sometimes you have to be the bitch to get things back in order….

  46. kathy downey says:

    I would say most Mom’s are guilty of this at some breaking point

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